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First hand experience has taught me that coaching works!

Coaching helps you unravel stuck places and get there by being really here. Coaching gives you the tools and structured support you need to keep moving and to learn to trust you. I do this work because helping you create a vital joy driven life creates a planet of joy driven vital people.  Otherwise, why bother?    Read my coaching story below then let’s get started creating your own  story!

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My Coaching Story

Two summers ago, I returned from Morocco feeling more joy than I had felt in several years.  I had been on the trip of a lifetime, filled emotionally and spiritually — and then ——- I hit bottom.  I remember thinking “this is like Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) lying on her bathroom floor staring at the tile wondering if this is all there is.”

What I knew at that time was that I did not like my life. I felt nothing, only pain and numbness that I habitually deepened with food and alcohol and very negative thinking.  I felt no enthusiasm, no pizzazz, no reason to fly out of bed with a big “let me at this day” feeling. This was not new, really, as I had endured bouts of depression throughout my life.  What was new was seeing the contrast between the “morocco feeling” and the dismal feeling that colored much of my life again and again.

As magic would have it, a friend asked me if I would talk with someone she trusted.   My first response was:  “I don’t need a therapist– been there done that — this isn’t that kind of crisis.”  Well, it wasn’t a therapist and so some twenty months ago I met my first coach, said yes to coaching, and began digging my way out of a lifelong prison of should’s, have to’s, and what’s wrong with me’s.

I experienced such a profound shift in myself and my life over that time that a renewed me bubbled up, irritatingly evangelical in nature, shouting:  “This is too good to keep to myself. This works!”  — So, off I went to train as a Martha Beck Coach and get it so I could give it.

I have lived a life of many colors thus far with suitcases for feet! I have traveled and lived in North Africa and the Middle East. This travel bug influenced the name of my practice, Momentum Coaching, highlighting my choice to see life as always on the move and to flow with it or risk mucking about in dissatisfaction and needless suffering.

The variety of  life paths I have chosen directly influences my abilities as a skilled coach. I have been a nurse, an anesthetist, a counselor and a trainer of clowns.  As a nurse, I learned that being a healer is more about helping people remember who they are as healthy well beings and less about pills and symptom control.   As an anesthetist, I learned to midwife people into a deep sleep state and bring them out the other side to an awakening. This same process I use as a coach to guide people in creating new options for their lives. Counseling trained me to listen with all my senses, to be right now and right here and mirror back to people the story they were living either successfully or not so much.  As a clown, I still teach the power of the lightness of being.  I teach people to take off the shackles of the too serious gene and allow the right brain self to speak clearly and creatively in designing their lives.  Clowning teaches trust in instincts and intuition.  I used it to access my life purpose.  Now as a Coach, I use the integration of all these aspects to help you access yours.

The education credentials that I have earned:  the BA, the BSN, the RN, the CRNA, the MA, and the Certified Coach mark milestones and testimonials to my lifelong action steps to learn and grow.  They all contribute to my coaching tool kit and now I give back the richness I have received.

Life is on the move, are YOU? 

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