What Clients Say: Praise and Raves

“You give me the space to listen to myself.”  ~Joy D.

“I truly appreciated the session with you today. This feels like exactly what I’ve been looking for at this time in my life.You are a gifted coach and I am so happy to be working with you. Thank you.”  ~Kathy A.

“Your gift is that you are able to distill something that I say unconsciously and make it  into something I can consciously work on.   You’re like a duck on a bug!  You hop right on it and hold it until I can get it.  It’s powerful stuff. You are really good at what you do!”     ~Penny B.

“Your coaching helped me tremendously! It’s hard to put the feeling into words but I feel like a profound shift took place inside.  I feel so much freer and happier. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”  ~Ruta A.

“I like your forthright style, which suits me. What a life changing session, Morgana. You were spot on with your coaching work, thanks again. I have recommended you to several people.” ~S.S.

Life is on the move, are YOU?

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