Another Kind of Valentine – Hearts Hungry for the Softness of A Female Entrepreneur



Is Anyone Hungry for the Softness of A Female Entrepreneur?

 Rethink Just About Everything!

When I wrote the book:  Borderless Broads, New Adventures for the Midlife Woman, I was on a personal quest to define what makes for a woman of substance: a woman who values her soul self, sees strength in softness and treats the heart as the best guidance system for …….well, everything.  A heart that in its femaleness is by nature the heart of a lioness, the heart of a she-bear, a heart that stands firm and protective for the good of ALL life.


I see a deep yearning in many women to live from this deeply feminine place, to speak and act from softness and the courage of the heart.  It is our true nature, our natural habitat, after all; the source of our strength and ability to act with clarity and purpose.


Clarissa Pinkola Estes remarked that “the world is lonely for the comfort of the hips and breasts of women.”  This is not some sexual advertisement, but rather a reference to the deep transformative qualities of tenderness, softness and wise action that can help our culture to redefine itself through the heart.


I encourage you to claim this is as your female center, borderless broads!  It is a guide to your primary purpose as a woman of substance and a change agent at this time of so much upheaval on our planet.


 You are here to “rethink just about everything” knowing intimately, as you do, the sensibilities of the heart and knowing that “the mind is a terrible master, but a wonderful servant” so sayeth Asian wisdom!


A woman’s purpose is no great mystery.  It is simply waking up to the fact that our basic nature gives us the strength to help our culture chart a new course; our work is to re-envision everything that affects the common good and get on with doing it!


So, what does this look like?  Well, it looks like a 360 degree turn from the Dickensian Scrooge-like set of attitudes that Charlie Dickens novelized in 1842 in “A Christmas Carol”; attitudes definitely alive and well.  Can you remember Scrooge ranting and raving when asked for a donation to help the poor.  I paraphrase:  “aren’t their workhouses for the poor?  Don’t I pay taxes to support them? (begrudgingly).  Isn’t profit the only purpose of business?”, he infers.


Pure madness and yet we in the 21st century are no strangers to the hardened heart and the harsh rationalism of the intellect. We continue to believe that this is the way society must define itself and behave in business, finance, law, indeed all the major institutions established to so-called serve the people.


A borderless broad breaks through this clap-trap, calls on her lion-heart and dares to begin a culture of care in every aspect of her life.  She ceases to “see” adversaries and instead sees allies and help-mates to ensure her own well-being and the well-being of every other human and non-human being.


WHAT IF?   Just what if, borderless broad that you are, take on this mission of rethinking just about everything?  What if you question whether “the way” things are done is truly the most effective, the most successful even when it turns us into adversaries, us and thems, and cold calculators for a rigid business model, the hallmark of a win/lose economic system?


Are you a small business owner?  Do you truly believe the axiom that rolls off many a business tongue like a biblical truth:  “I run a business.  This is not a charity!” or “This is business, not friendship.”  It’s as if we believe ourselves doomed or weak or duped if the heart figures prominently in business transactions.  No one has proved that you cannot be successful and at the same time “care”, looking out for the common good, sharing the bounty!



What else might you rethink in your own business or as a major influencer in corporations and civic structures? Be assured you are a major influencer if you choose to be!


What about embracing a “sliding scale” mentality; a mentality that believes we ALL need to be cut some slack at one time or another? 


In fact, slack is a worthy value and strategy for keeping businesses viable, homeowners viable, a whole culture viable. The incredible rigidity and anger that wants everyone to “pay” for their (perceived) mistakes and be penalized beyond all reason:  “throw the bums out of their houses—shame the bums who are unemployed”—“this is a business, not a charity”–eventually chokes us all—it is a death knell for the very qualities that support vibrancy and growth in a culture. 


Who says that price structures must be rigid?  Who says that laws must be unbendable?  Who says banking practices must be unyielding, devoid of any hint of situation ethics?   Life is situation ethics!  Who says that debt cannot be forgiven unless the strong arm of legislation demands it?


The heart says: “There are circumstances. It is never a one size fits all world!”  The heart says: How can I work with this person, this organization for a win-win?  How can I help for the greater good?  The best kept secret and the most profound powerhouse of economic viability is:  “you win; I win, when we ALL win”. 


Borderless Broad, I challenge you to be fearless, to take on the heart of the lioness, but NOT alone.  In my book, Borderless Broads, I encourage women to form pods in order to maximize their strength, their influence and their personal success.


Your purpose is to “rethink just about everything” and use your very femaleness, your softness, your heart and your she-bear protectress within to change us from cultures of soul-less bottom lines to cultures of care, joy and believe it or not, greater shared affluence and success than we can imagine!


Go borderless, it’s a state of mind!




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