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As a writer, my purpose is to IMAGINATE, ELEVATE, ILLUMINATE, and DEMONSTRATE…..all I “SEE and SHARE”…..morganamorgaine


Police report that Patriarchy was found dead this morning in numerous locations throughout the world. The body was discovered by the group known as “Hundredth Monkey” and its associate group, “Tipping Point”.


Initial reports described the body as markedly decomposed, lying in its own refuse, and suffering from ‘naked’ exposure.

A spokesperson for Hospice, who had been attending to the Patriarchy in its endless last days, stated that He, grudgingly known as “Mr. P”, had been suffering for some time from chronic systems’ disease. ”

His passing was quite laborious and intensely painful for all those involved”, said she. She subscribed this to Mr. P’s continuing inability to accept His prognosis despite a rapidly accelerating course of bodily corruption described as “polarity paralysis”,  leading to impotence and a decimating inertia.

Experts were shocked by subsequent autopsy findings which revealed the magnitude of the ravages of His disease. Widespread rumors concerning Patriarchy’s growing internal disintegration and over-all dementia were unequivocally confirmed.

During a news conference, the Medical Examiner described the autopsy results in detail. Stomach contents contained 80% of our country’s optimism, energetic spirit and forward thinking economic programs in the interest of all (both national and global, we are told).Death of earth

Efforts to offer the American people a life affirming alternative were found in a largely unrecognizable and partially digested state. Specifically, attempts to move government to a people responsive agenda had been quickly undermined by forces described by the Medical Examiner as Congressional viruses masquerading as helpful enzymes.

On closer examination, these forces were identified as fueled by self-serving aspirations for power, dominance and personal aggrandizement; the same forces found in systemic cancers, the Examiner hastened to add.

The Gonads were significantly disfigured, reportedly caused by years of incestuous strip mining of the young and undeveloped natural resources making up the social fabric of our country. Congenital misconduct by the Patriarchal Fathers, from all walks of life, was listed as a probable cause.

Examination of the Heart revealed an unexplained absence of soul, further confirmed by microscopic analysis which concluded “no traces of light anywhere in the body”.

Medical experts postulated that the years of moral shock waves surrounding preachers of the “religious road show genre” compounded by the ongoing indictment of Catholic clerics has left soul devastating cracks in the Patriarchy’s spiritual mirror.

Patriarchy crushed

Identification of the Brain and Nervous System was reportedly difficult due to the signs of telltale circuitry overload and repetitive episodes of opioid induced blackouts.

According to professional sources, these findings explained the circular thinking so characteristic of impending obsolescence as well as the lack of any real visionary potential.

Blackout was cited as a last ditch effort by Patriarchy to cope with an inability to adapt to needed changes in the systemic landscape.

The unrelenting stress created by an obsessive need to control and to view all reality as essentially competitive and adversarial directly resulted in the final “official” cause of death: Polarity Paralysis. One official described it as an ebola-like assault.

Sources close to the Patriarchy reacted to the autopsy results in disbelief. One junior partner of the Patriarchy, in charge of the “Department of Business as Usual”, is reported to have said:

“How could this have happened? Dad always believed that there was one MAN- one CEO who could “make a deal” and turn the company around. We believed Him. How did this happen, he repeated, sobbing into the cameras.

Another source, not wishing to be identified, countered by describing Patriarchy as “consumed by a gnawing despair at the growing deficit in HIS power and influence; for these reasons, we should not rule out suicide,” she said.death by euthanasia

death mourner not expected


A memorial service is pending and expected to draw few mourners….poor Mr. P!

The Crucified Venus…The Shot Ignored Around the World…


Lindsay Norman, Australian Artist, 1912

Music Man-Flim Flam Man-Don’t Trip on Trump!

Music Man 2Have you made the connection between the Music Man, the Flim Flam Man, Tripping over Trump, and the Iowa State Fair?  

Way back when….1962, Music Man, the musical, turned up giving us the flim flam man, a salesman extraordinaire, who comes to IOWA to sell a bogus band, a cadre of instruments, stacks of ‘patriotic red’ uniforms of every size and shape, and music lessons transforming the bored kids of River City, Iowa into “Suzuki Kid” wonders.

Oh, what a splash he makes.  He wows the grown-ups of Iowa City with his promises of a dazzling 76 trombones’ marching band that will distract the kids from the sins of the time, like pool (billiards) and booze and corruption and horror of horrors, the brazen slang that is creeping onto the lips of Iowa’s youth, like: “soze your ole man”, a real shocker to Midwest parents.

He is so convincing, this Professor Howard Hill, ‘music man cum flim flam show man’, that Iowans sign up right and left for the bogus dream of the band…but… are they buying a band? 

NO, they are buying exicitement, hope, optimism, and the promise of change or at least a release from the straight and narrow of forced decorum (behavior in keeping with good taste and propriety) and corseted emotions!

They are buying what they long to hear–“we can be great, our kids can be great, Iowa City can be great!” 

And so, even though a few see through the flim flam, the Iowa City folk just don’t care. They love the show. They love the uncensored chutzpah of this music man selling them dreams and days of just feeling good about themselves and their town!

Well folks, there you have it. Music Man to Flim Flam Man to Tripping over Trump as he barkers his way through the Iowa State Fair in August, 2015, dazzling the many. They show up in droves.  He gives the kids helicopter rides and they too start to believe in billionaire futures, no doubt.

He sells the grown-ups generalities (nothing wrong with that) and points up the sham of the many other flim flam man/s!  He says what he thinks. He promises good times ahead and to love and take care of everybody while making us big and tough in the world once more.

Yep, there is nothing wrong with making people feel good; a new day is a comin’, Trump-style!

And…there is nothing wrong with being a generalist about your politics especially when historically, “we the people” know that even when politicians lay out a very detailed- methodical- left brain- serious- no smiles- no happies- plan, we rarely see it turn into a real action plan. We are usually bored silly.

That’s the cosmic humor of it all.  Emotion feels good. Dreams feel good. Showmanship pulls us from our sleep. The details often bore, assume that reality is immutable, and leave out the backbone of real governance, creativity, that is!

Even in the movie, Professor Howard Hill pulls it off, finds his moral compass (to a degree), and the kids really do march down the street tromboning exuberantly and the grown-ups really do cheer for a new day in Iowa City!

I guess the only fly in the ointment might be if we truly believe that one guy, one leader, one anyone (female or male) can be the Saviour.

Yep, that’s an archetype that seems to repeatedly trip us up and whose shelf-life is waning. Even Jesus had some very good news to sell, but well, the action plan has fallen a bit short.

It has worked for some for the last two thousand years, but… not so much anymore. Lots of promises. but no cigar and yet, we still look for the one voice that will redeem us.

Even many a German (in good faith at the time, I imagine) thought they had found a Saviour who would pull them out of poverty, hopelessness and return their country to greatness.  Look how that turned out!

And as for we democracy types, the past has been filled with voters running to the polls to elect the next Saviour to turn it all around…no cigar!

What’s the high frequency message?  There is nothing wrong with a bit of flim flam, a bit of showmanship, and making the folk feel good, but this does not a Saviour make.

Time to wake up and reach beyond this archaic one MAN SHOWOne Man Show IDEA of governance.

After all, it is the 76 trombones’ band that really made the music and the town proud!


Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.



3798318_thumbnail(2)Morgana shares an article by Greg Prescott.

My most current blog: “Somebody Tell Me Why Killing Is So Easy” speaks of the power and prophetic-like qualities of some movies. The movie Powder for one.

Now, Greg brings such a prophetic note by resurrecting the film, My Dinner With Andre which beautifully reminds us that “pockets of light”, new kinds of monasteries, new centers of light are so needed to keep us sane and centered.

 The enormous interest in communities, establishing living places for groups of people of “light-and-like” mind is an impulse gaining momentum and foreseen in this 1980’s film!



This Is What Highly Conscious People Talk About  in5d in 5d in5d.com www.in5d.com http://in5d.com/ body mind soul spirit BodyMindSoulSpirit.com http://bodymindsoulspirit.com/

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Editor, In5D.com

On In5D, we published an article entitled, “Moving Into 5D, Hidden In Plain Sight,”where Hollywood hid an inspiring message in plain sight regarding humanity moving to its next stage of spiritual evolution. While some may simply call this science fiction, others see how Hollywood lays out events that are about to happen, masking them in under the guise of entertainment and debunking the possibilities of these events coming to fruition as the overactive imagination(s) of the viewer(s).

The following is an excerpt from the movie, My Dinner with André where once again, an important message is hidden in plain sight.  Pay close attention to the part where Andre talks about the pockets of light appearing all around the world because this is happening right now as each person awakens.

And as each person awakens, it changes the outcome of probable timelines in parallel universes and alternate realities.  Right now, we are playing out the greatest probability of all possible scenarios in this particular reality, but as more people awaken and change their views on how they see reality, the reality changes with it.

If you’re looking for proof, look no further than events that haven’t happened such as Edgar Cayce’s prediction of Armageddon in 1999, the New World Order coming to fruition by 2000, and the failure of the North American Union to become a reality.

Negative timeline events are fading away quickly, as the ruling elite are very well aware of this.  This is why they are ramping up tensions all around the world in a last ditch effort to cultivate as much fear as possible, because through fear, they can control the masses.



WALLY: Well, why…why do you think that is? I mean, why is that? I mean, is it just because people are lazy today? Or they’re bored? I mean, are we just like bored, spoiled children who’ve just been lying in the bathtub all day just playing with their plastic duck and now they’re just thinking: “Well! what can I do?” [Cough in the background.]

ANDRE: Okay! Yes! We’re bored! We’re all bored now! But has it ever occurred to you, Wally, that the process that creates this boredom that we see in the world now may very well be a self-perpetuating, unconscious form of brain-washing, created by a world totalitarian government based on money? And that all of this is much more dangerous than one thinks? And it’s not just a question of individual survival, Wally, but that somebody who’s bored is asleep, and somebody who’s asleep will not say “no”? See, I keep meeting these people, I mean, uh, just a few days ago I met this man whom I greatly admire, he’s a Swedish physicist, Gustav Björnstrand? And he told me that he no longer watches television, he doesn’t read newspapers and he doesn’t read magazines. He’s completely cut them out of his life, because he really does feel that we’re living in some kind of Orwellian nightmare now, and that everything that you hear now contributes to turning you into a robot!

And when I was at Findhorn, I met this extraordinary English tree expert, who had devoted his life to saving trees. He just got back from Washington, lobbying to save the redwoods? He’s eighty-four years old and he always travels with a back-pack ’cause he never knows where he’s gonna be tomorrow! And when I met him at Findhorn he said to me: “Where are you from?” And I said: “New York.” He said: “Ah, New York! Yes, that’s a very interesting place. Do you know a lot of New Yorkers who keep talking about the fact that they want to leave but never do?” And I said: “Oh, yes!” And he said: “Why do you think they don’t leave?” I gave him different banal theories. He said: “Oh, I don’t think it’s that way at all.” He said: “I think that New York is the new model for the new concentration camp, where the camp has been built by the inmates themselves, and the inmates are the guards, and they have this pride in this thing they’ve built, they’ve built their own prison. And so they exist in a state of schizophrenia, where they are both guards and prisoners. And as a result they no longer have, having been lobotomized, the capacity to leave the prison they’ve made, or to even see it as a prison. And then he went into his pocket and he took out a seed for a tree, and he said: “This is a pine tree.” He put it in my hand and he said: “Escape, before it’s too late.”

You see, actually, for two or three years now Chiquita and I have had this very unpleasant feeling that we really should get out. No, we really should feel like Jews in Germany in the late thirties? Get out of here! Of course, the problem is where to go, ’cause it seems quite obvious that the whole world is going in the same direction. You see, I think it’s quite possible that the nineteen-sixties represented the last burst of the human being before he was extinguished. And that this is the beginning of the rest of the future now, and that from now on there’ll simply be all these robots walking around, feeling nothing, thinking nothing. And there’ll be nobody left almost to remind them that there once was a species called a human being, with feelings and thoughts. And that history and memory are right now being erased, and soon nobody will really remember that life existed on the planet!

Now, of course, Björnstrand feels that there’s really almost no hope. And that we’re probably going back to a very savage, lawless, terrifying period. Findhorn people see it a little differently. They’re feeling that there’ll be these “pockets of light” springing up in different parts of the world, and that these will be in a way invisible planets on this planet, and that as we, or the world, grow colder, we can take invisible space journeys to these different planets, refuel for what it is we need to do on the planet itself, and come back. And it’s their feeling that there have to be centers, now, where people can come and reconstruct a new future for the world. And when I was talking to Gustav Björnstrand, he was saying that actually, these centers are growing up everywhere now! And that what they’re trying to do, which is what Findhorn was trying to do, and in a way what I was trying to do…I mean, these things can’t be given names, but in a way, these are all attempts at creating a new kind of school, or a new kind of monastery. And Björnstrand talks about the concept of reserves, islands of safety, where history can be remembered, and the human being can continue to function in order to maintain the species through a dark age.

In other words we’re talking about an underground, which did exist in a different way during the Dark Ages among the mystical orders of the Church. And the purpose of this underground is to find out how to preserve the light, life, the culture. How to keep things living. You see, I keep thinking that what we need is a new language, a language of the heart, languages in the Polish forest where language wasn’t needed. Some kind of language between people that is a new kind of poetry, that’s the poetry of the dancing bee that tells us where the honey is. And I think that in order to create that language, you’re going to have to learn how you can go through a looking glass into another kind of perception, where you have that sense of being united to all things. And suddenly, you understand everything.

This Is What Highly Conscious People Talk About  in5d in 5d in5d.com www.in5d.com http://in5d.com/ body mind soul spirit BodyMindSoulSpirit.com http://bodymindsoulspirit.com/

For some people, activism is the best way to achieve results because through activism, we see direct results.  For others, holding the energy and vibration of love is playing a large role as we are all beacons of light connected to one another through the planetary grid system.  Many people, such as myself, will do both.

Regardless of what your choice is, do it in the vibration of love and continue to work on eliminating as much fear as possible.  The best way to do that is to not watch TV or read anything that is published by the mainstream media.  Connect and ground yourself with nature, even if it’s looking at pictures of nature.  Express gratitude and forgive those who have hurt you.

We can literally change the world overnight into something amazing!

Click here for more articles by Gregg Prescott!

About the Author:
Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit. He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. Gregg is currently working in collaboration with Michelle Walling, CHLC, in opening a holistic walk-in clinic called Alternative Holistic Healthcare (AHH) in Sarasota, FL with subsequent subsidiaries around the world based upon this model.Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D andBodyMindSoulSpirit. He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. His love and faith for humanity motivates him to work relentlessly in humanity’s best interests 12-15+ hours a day, 365 days a year.  Please like and follow In5D on Facebook as well asBodyMindSoulSpirit on Facebook!

Somebody Tell Me Why Killing Is So Easy! I’ll Tell You…



Chapter 1:

The ink is barely dry on my last blog,  “Trump On, Trump, Trump On!”,  and I continue to remain glued to world events, a temporary departure from my preferred “humor is healthier” personal signature.

But, NOW,  being psychically awash in shootings, killings, murders tied to movie theaters, traffic stops, road rage, and slaughter as a trophy sport (Cecil the Lion) in Africa (and in the USA), I am exhuming the seemingly eternal question of why?

Let it be said that looking for the why of events can be an insane exercise, nevertheless, the deeper relationship of killer to killing and the seeming lack of emotional connection to the act itself is so in our faces that I cannot leave it alone.

Let’s call it the intense global warming of humanity. No, more accurately, the intense global boiling point of humanity! 

I confess, I have not found the higher frequency message in all this… yet.

“Will I find it”, I ask? ‘It just may not be gettable,’ I reply.

Currently, I walk around saying to friends: “people are snapping, more reactive than ever with very little provocation”.

But a high frequency flip is possible, it is innate to our potential…and… part of that flip is up to us and the rest is up to the forces a-brew in the entire cosmic soup, of which we are a part.

Ok, so that is what I have been thinking, most often at 2AM when the quiet gives up its daytime denial.




Chapter 2:

As the Universe is want to do, I ask a mind bending question like why do most segments of humanity seem to have an obsession with killing (just about everything)….. and….. sooner or later answers come in image and story.

In this case, I flashed almost immediately on a poster from a rather obscure movie seen several years ago. Then, google magic served up the exact scene in that movie which captures, I believe, what is the potential for our continued quest to become human and which is so completely lacking in our present primitive state of  the bully boy pandemic.

Do I believe it was an inspiration sent? YES!

Movies often carry bits of futuristic truths not yet perceived by the majority of us or else we would not be able to imagine these so-called science fiction stories so beyond our present reality.

After all, film is story telling and story telling (in my world) comes from the collective mind/ heart that can be tapped into by persons open enough to receive (both muck and brilliance, that is.)

Chapter 3:

POWDER, 1995 Movie

POWDER, 1995 Movie Poster

The movie: “Powder” , (1995) tells of an unusual boy, Jeremy, who gives us a glimpse into our future (I hope) and personifies the complex energy fields we are only beginning to understand (quantum everything!).   He is attuned to Life and he is attuned to quantums of light, (resulting from a lightning strike).

His male peers do not understand his exceptional gifts and so resort to bullying and abusing him (egged on by the adult males in the group).

The focal point of the story occurs on a hunting trip when one of the boys’ dads kills a deer and Jeremy, the group’s scapegoat, witnesses the deer’s agony.  Anguished by the animal’s dying, Jeremy touches the deer and, at the same time, grabs Harley, the hunter’s hand inducing in Harley what the boys assume is a seizure. However, Harley admits it was no seizure and that Jeremy had actually caused him to feel the pain and fear of the dying deer.



The Killing of the Deer

The Killing of the Deer

The script reads:

“That kid, he lays his hand on the deer while it’s still shaking, and then he touches me at the same time. Now, I can’t figure out why — till my heart starts pounding, and I’m shaking, and I’m feeling myself hurt and scared shitless, slipping away in the goddamn dark. That’s the worst thing I ever felt. Its like I could feel that animal dyingHell, it was like I was the goddamned thing!”

Here’s a teaser to what happens to Harley: He is so affected by actually feeling/ experiencing the deer’s agony as it dies that he can never CARRY A GUN OR HUNT AGAIN…..In fact, he is NEVER the same; some version of the macho male is knocked out of him.

Chapter 4:  I INVITE you (and I am attempting not to be bossy about this)  to watch this entire 4 minute segment.  Words just aren’t enough to communicate a passion about this and for you to experience it in image and story.

And yet, I use words because that’s what I’ve got to suggest that humans learn through EXPERIENCING, feeling, touching  and taking in, viscerally, the consequences of what WE DO!

Denial, rigid beliefs that only hide the fear, bullying that only hides the fear, separation that only hides the fear, unhealed personal abuses (woundings) that lead to the insanest of thoughts and beliefs remove us from emotional connection and prepare us to be able to kill LIFE.

Add to this the use of guns, bombs, drones and fighter jets and we are even more distanced from experiencing the kill.

Rape, fists, guns, bombs, arrows and war machinery beyond comprehension remove us from the human aversion to killing LIFE.

I do not think the film “Powder” is science fiction. I think it illustrates what we are capable of as energetic beings connected to the energy of all other expressions of life. Our work is to open to it..clear out the muck..become quiet enough to feel with higher level senses.

THAT’S WHAT THE FILM “POWDER” OFFERS–a way to imagine our next steps in becoming human and a clear intention to open to this realm of the energetics of light and connection; empathy more visceral, more intensely felt than we ever imagined.  It’s a way up and out!

Listen to the story told by the reed,
of being separated.

“Since I was cut from the reedbed,
I have made this crying sound.

Anyone apart from someone (she) loves
understands what I say.

Anyone pulled from a source
longs to go back.


Trump On! — Donald Trump — Trump On!

Trump On, Donald Trump!OK OK….first, my disclaimer: Donald is not the President for me, BUT…..oh, what a delicious town crier he makes!  Oh, what a delicious court jester blowing the cover off seats of power, he is,  and…..oh, what a delicious “party” pooper calling out to many of the presidential wanna-bes that they have the Emperor syndrome: NO clothes and just don’t know it!

Anyone who knows me or reads my take on ‘all things human’ knows that I look for the high frequency message in most everything…even when it takes me awhile to find it… which it often does.

By high frequency message, I mean the bigger story in events, the grand metaphor that may teach, inspire and guide our direction…if we are awake enough to “get it”.

Take Donald, for example. Over the years I have railed against his pomposity and general buffoonery cloaked in his ‘rich man is king’ rhetoric; a master at picking barroom brawls with the likes of Rosie O’Donnell (who please understand I am NOT incuding in the same gang of political pugilists with whom he loves to spar )… most recently Lindsey Graham and Texas light weight, Rick Perry.Barroom Brawls


But now…Donald has caught my attention.

He has been selected by the Universe to perform a much needed task: to be the perfect “man about town” to upset, defrock, and  generally emasculate all the sacred cows that America worships, the first holy cow being: “avoid plain talk at all costs and insulate every speech in a jumbled haze of mendacity!  Mendacity?  Well, that’s what Burl Ives’ character Big Daddy nearly burst an aneurysm over in his 50’s role in the film: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  There was Big Daddy surrounded by people-pleasing greed grasping relatives trying to curry his favor before he dies and he yells at the top of his lungs: “I am surrounded by mendacity!” (translation: lies and deceit).

So here comes Trump, richer than Croesus, and proceeds to unhinge the “people-pleasing grasping politicians trying to curry favor (translation: power) with anyone who will make them king”.  Now, Trump doesn’t need to be made king because he already thinks he is king (translation: Croesus the Contemporary) and therefore operates on the premise that “it is open season on all sacred cows”. Translation: “let’s get on with it and blow the walls of Jericho down”.

His strategy?  Two potent tactics carry his signature theme: irreverence about pretty much everything and plain uncensored opinion with just enough truth in each statement to make eyelids flutter. All of a sudden folk are coming out of the death trance of politics-masquerading- as- government and queueing up in huge numbers to hear the town crier say things they have been thinking for…well, years.

By the way, as an Astrology buff, let’s give the planetary energies their due as equal collaborators with Trump. Uranus who represents the energy of unheaval, ‘take no prisoners’ and a change NOW attitude is in full swing for months to come.  Add to this, Mars representing the energies of forward thrust and warriorship (not always expressed from the highest octave of the spiritual warrior, however.) careening through the human psyche this summer season.

These are just the planetary buddies a Trump personality needs to  thrive! “What luck, Donald, to be caught in such an intense astrological thermal!”

Now don’t mistake my analysis of Trump as endorsement or admiration for a new bully boy icon to set us all free….but do know that he is a welcome pawn on the chessboard of events that the Universe is orchestrating; a giant wind to blow the falsities out of our House and unhinge the pillars that collect like barnacles on what was meant to be a vibrant and open society.

So, in his bluster-full fashion, Trump takes on some of these pillars and busts the “common agreed upon stories” (I am sure there are more to come…)





Political Pillars are like red flags to a bull…..so, Trump On, Trump:

Pillar #1:  Patriotism looks like one man in Vietnam who happened to be captured and tortured like many many other soldiers, but somehow managed to ride his story all the way to Washington couched in an aura of what it is to be a hero and what it is to be a leader. Translation: hero/leader = a true son of the military might machine and and a steadfast carrier of pre-fabricated stories we have endured for years.

Pillar #2:  Immigration is indeed an unsolvable problem and the most creative solution we can come up with is to revert once again to the brilliance of the military might machine. Translation: think medieval times and build a wall. (remember moats?)



Don’t forget that Trump has no better solutions to the “wall-em-out” strategy and the bully boy model of just about everything, but he is opening his mouth and scattering the sacred cows of  lock step agreements; the sacred commandments holding up the current political strategies of many of the presidential wanna-bes: know nothing, do nothing and for godsake be incoherent about whatever it is you think you know!  True leadership and governance at its best.

Pillar #3: I repeat.  Mendacity, half-truths and ‘give the people what you think they want to hear or are dumb enough to swallow” is a mighty pillar of our politics; the way to maintain a top down culture and a nation of sleep walkers who will never guess at your true motives (except we do and Trump is appealing to our imploded anger with great success).

After all, people are simple folk and must be saved from the  truth, we are told, without actually being told, and politicians and so-called world leaders know best, we are told, without actually being told.  The inference is that skillful mendacity (lies and deceit) will keep “things” culturally catatonic and that’s good for all…well, for some.

And…guess what? Trump is appealing to our imploded anger about this too…also with great successs.

This is just a bit of what Donald has offered up in the last couple of weeks; enough to get me, liberal progressive maverick me, (omg!) more interested in the hazy lazy crazy days of politics than I have been for years.

I just want to say: Trump on, Donald Trump, Trump On!

Make us laugh and make us cheer.  It isn’t what you say, Donald, it is your carnival style barker bites that are blowing the lid off everything even while many of us see straight through your own arrogance and wrong-headed thinking.

We need a bulldozer right now and you are it!  You are good at it.

So, Donald, thanks.

You went to Oz and pulled back the curtain, it’s messy, but someone had to take on the roll of plumber and town crier.

It’s even possible that “tolerating the intolerable” may lose its holy commandment status and we will find sacred cows lying about like empty sacks in the halls of Congress, banks, churches, schools, and gun shops, just to name a few of the many.

Plumb with VigorAnd then, Donald, we will ask you to sit down.

Who knows, we might use the whirlwind you have created with your bombastic skill to actually throw the bums out of Congress and state governments and call a Cosmic Convention of regular folk who never dreamed of being politicians because they can do better.

We might even become heart-headed enough to ponder “just what model of true goverance might we design for the 21st century and beyond that benefits ALL LIFE, not just rich two leggeds or two leggeds with bully boy military might.  

Let’s hope, however, that we will have developed an alzheimer-like amnesia for the bully boy military model that has run the show since god showed up in our ‘sacred cow’ literature.

mad sacred cow


We might also want to fire all the Oz-like wizards who spend their precious talents behind curtains all over the world spinning realities for the rest of us to choke on as we attempt to maneuver around obstacles, complexities and confusion.

It is possible that Trump will be one of these casualties after his road show runs its course.


But for now…let’s celebrate Trump’s ‘rubble rousing’ and then folks, don’t panic, the best could just be yet to come!



Morgana Morgaine, RN MA Certified Coach

Author of “Borderless Broads, New Adventures for the Midlife Woman”

Cheers to all those Dreaming the BIG Dream!

Morgana’s Riff, Rant and High Dream

Morgana’s Riff…Rant…High Dream !

OK, first let’s soar….

I am seriously looking for playmates, a team of wizards, more playful project partners eager to enter undiscovered zones of play, fun, move the world to laughter/tears, inspired by “the where no one has gone before” factor!
It all started with a “kids-stuff” cartooning class for ages 9-16 yr. olds that I signed up for (the only adult to do so, sadly) at the local community college. Why? Because all the adult so-called summer fun classes offered boredom, or business or how to join the exercise grind, promising a new you in a new size 6 swimsuit (ok, a moderate exaggeration); however, fun and laughs were not high value for whomever wrote the class descriptions.
So, I went to the kids section where words like imagination and creativity and ‘find your inner cartoon self ‘ offered life, zest, dazzle.
Little did I know that Eric Teitelbaum, Pink Panther creator-cartoonist and frequent cartoon master for the New Yorker was teaching the all day “how to wake up” your cartoon alter-ego and see life with a pinkish pantherish tint.
It was fun. I enjoyed a man who said things like: “first, look at the real life situation, any real life situation such as looking at two gas pumps. One pump says Regular and the other says Super. Now change something to make it funny. Well, we came up with Regular and Diet or Regular and Vegan and the laughter started.
The shared pearl was that one does not have to be a cartoonist to begin looking for the humor ‘change’ in the every day. (A “pink-tinted attitude that has served the Panther well!)
Perhaps there’s a cartoon lurking for boring summer class catalogues. What humorous change could I make? hmmm…
Eyeglasses for the Odd and Unusual
Eric Teitelbaum works with his brother Bill.  They are a creative duo going off to their own studio at MGM or wherever each day to kick ideas around, look at world events, sketch a thousand drafts while asking themselves how Pink Panther might see the situation or some gal in a New Yorker cartoon.  They work together and this makes for a sustainable fresh creativity using the power of two or more; voila, genius has a foothold.
I was jealous, forlorn, envious just listening to this. I thought of other creative duos like Julie Andrews and her daughter writing children’s books, or comedy teams coming up with skits and improv ideas to make the rest of us laugh or Joan Rivers even, teaming up with her daughter. (well, not so much, but still……)
I thought of feisty, charmingly controlling, wired Elly, in the animated movie “UP” who at about age 4 imagined an entire life of creative adventure and then set off to find one kindred spirit, Carl, to round out this dynamic duo. I’d like a few more kin, but one is also good!!
Elly in all her Glory!

Elly in all her Glory!

Bottomline:  I am so over the solo creative act and… I decided to tell all of you this in case others are having similar yearnings and bottomless burnout looking for kindred upbeat souls with whom to share life, eager to find the play in whatever shows up and the humor in what is not so playful.
My high dream?
 To discover, invent, stage a coup or co-establish a women’s home-place; call it a House of Women, a Femyard, a pod or a brood, whatever… all deliciously diverse, mostly over 50 yrs of age, who want to experience a shared story where we write, produce, and direct a life of creative energy.  Some live there full time and others travel from far and wee as itinerant members of the community bringing fresh perspectives and loads of affectionate sharing.
All creativity is welcome in our Femyard and we are so dazzled by all the experiences we are envisioning and creating that there is just no time for anything but “seeking a softness in the world” *** in our own backyard.
And…just like in the rules that govern improv theater, all residential players lead with a “yes, and…..” meaning we buoy one another up, we keep the action of our lives going by always adding to the scene and never allowing the ‘no’/negative to take over or stop the action!
Our mantra: THRIVE, Women, THRIVE!
*** The poem about ‘softness in the world’ is  here .  It had such an incredible response that it ended up in a magazine for writer’s/artists and even found its way to people internationally…..why? because it touched a nerve of truth and yearning for infusing life with life; a ‘miracle gro’ for the creative spirit!
My next step in this quest?
 I am going to Europe in the Fall to visit the homeplaces of the Beguines, communities of women who thrived predominantly in the 12th-16th centuries. They were writers, weavers, artists, healers and spiritual mystics with an entrepreneurial spirit that helped them care for one another and co-create an artful engaging life for their time.
 “Listen up and be inspired by their legacy”, the muses whisper to me.
 Perhaps seeds will be sown on my journey, calling kindred spirits to join me in “living in the spirit of the Beguines”, a seriously humorous contemporary sisterhood!
Now, there’s an idea for a cartoon strip!

Hillary Clinton Throws Sanity and a Wrench Into ‘Politics As Usual’!

Shift Your Dimension, It Becomes You!

Shift Your Dimension, It Becomes You!


It was reported this week that Hillary Clinton tossed her sanity into the ring and joined the legions of men racing for the top spot in American government continuing to believe it to be a ‘seat of power’.


Having undergone an awakening to the forces of Light during her recent sabbatical from Washington, Hillary is now turning the art of campaigning on its head!


Speaking from her campaign headquarters, the Light House, she outlined a protocol for high frequency governing following talks with ‘The Trinity’, her carefully selected team of advisors charged with setting the tone for her campaign agenda and post-election win.


The team composed of Rumi, the Persian populist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, scientist, visionary, and lead facilitator for Cabinet post selections, and Virginia Woolf, writer and truth teller, championing the global perspective on 21st century leadership, provided the content for today’s news conference.


Hillary began by outlining the domestic agenda formulated by Rumi. He advised that a successful campaign must:

  • Skip stops at mean-spirited roadhouses and concentrate on the field beyond right-doing and wrong-doing’.
  • Conduct morning briefings when ‘the two worlds touch and the breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. The door is round and open, he counseled. Don’t go back to sleep’!
  • Embrace a policy of: ‘come again, please, come again, whoever you are… religious, infidel, heretic or pagan. This door is open to all. Come, come as you are’.
  • Remind the country that ‘reeds make a useful mat when woven together, but blow away when on their own’.

nasruddin 2 donkey

In answer to a journalist’s question concerning the make-up of the cabinet after she is elected, Hillary nodded warmly to Teilhard de Chardin and stated that:

 “There is an almost sensual longing for communion with others who have a larger vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendships between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality almost impossible to describe”.

Regarding her global sense of things, Hillary referred to her talks with team member, Virginia Woolf and their shared dedication to a borderless state of mind. Hillary stated that: “As a woman, I have no country. As a woman, I want no country. As a woman, my country is the whole world.”


A news anchor for a large Washinton media outlet asked Ms. Clinton to sum up her thoughts on middle class economic concerns. Her retort that “the lamp in the spine does not light on beef and prunes!” was a source of confusion for some and an en-lightened moment for others.


Of course, Hillary was unable to end the news briefing without the question being raised about her current views on the state of the Congress.


Addressing both Houses directly, Ms. Clinton looked straight into the cameras and launched her most impassioned comments of the day.

I quote :

“You are loquacious and mendacious,

pompous and predatory.

You have prattled and preened

until nothing’s as it seems,

and we’ve had enough,

enough of this stuff!”

With that, her team of advisors ushered Hillary out of the Light House and into a waiting van enroute to her next stop on the campaign trail.


She was heard calling ‘namaste’ to the crowd.

 Wonky Toothed woman

Morgana Morgaine’s Newsletter Archive: Never a Graveyard, Always a Hot Bed of Inspiration!


There Is A Softness in the World that I Am Seeking

dervish Baraka Phillip Page2

The Perspective of

An Uncommon Mystic


There is a softness in the world that I am seeking,

Being weary of hardened faces and harsh tones, my own and that of others.

I no longer seek to “earn” anything, trust, friendship, gentleness, a place at the table.

I no longer seek to explain myself or ask the same of you.

I am simply seeking a softness in the world, a gentleness of spirit, my own and yours.

 I am weary of stories about how I got to be the way I am or you got to be the way you are; all a fiction anyway.

What I am eager to experience is soft eyes looking through me and into me;

 Occasional adoration, even, like we most often reserve for young babes and lovers.

 A carefulness not to wound would also sit well with me.

I am increasingly weary of my intellect and yours.

I am much more curious about the intelligence of your heart and mine.

Intelligence of the heart comes in a variety of costumes. I find.

A Sufi engages an audience of strangers with an offer to listen.

“Tell me of your sadness”, he says—and then pauses.

Tears well up; a great hunger ripples through the group.

 The Grail King languishes in a barren land in a barren castle.

 Dry, brittle, hardened by inertia.

 Parsifal, Knight of the Round, arrives.

Approaching the king, he leans in, whispering in his ear:

“Tell me… what ails thee?”

The king stirs, comes alive. The lands green.  All is restored.

 Priestess costumed as cleric motions to an unhappy child, pats the seat next to her in invitation:

“Come, sit here, and tell me what hurts. I have all afternoon.”

There is a softness in the world that I am seeking.

I can barely breathe sometimes for the want of it.

Authored by Morgana Morgaine/February 2015 with a lot of help from the divine muse who is always seeking out scribes for cosmic memos that need to be shared!!!

And….inspired by encounters with a Sufi, a Global Activist, and a Mystic.



It’s the “Time of the Fall-Aways”, Have You Noticed?

Bak2moi's Falling Apart

Source: Bak2moi


SCENE ONE:  I am in it! Months of  watching friendships die away, certainties vaporize about future plans, and passions that kept the fire going in my belly disappear.

I am not alone.  I observe the disassembling of the worlds many have built, anemic now, from lack of enthusiasm and care.  Some leave households; some leave the skin of themselves that they are most familiar with on the trunk of a tree, like the locust or katydid, not knowing quite what this will mean or bring.

Call it ennui, a malaise, that has descended and put many of us in a holding pattern, waiting for a runway on which to land and feel rooted again. This too may be a wishful fiction.

I myself waver between periods of surrender and periods of combat with it all.

SCENE TWO:  One day a visitation, quite clearly from another dimension pops through.

I am staring into the face of an ancestral being engaging with me from some imaginal realm. It might be an aboriginal from downunder or a north american plains dweller or a Salish tribal member from the Pacific Northwest where I am presently living and feel most attuned.

At any rate, this being looks straight into me and wordlessly imprints the message:

This is the Time of the Fall-Aways”.  (That’s it!  That’s what I heard, nothing more.)

 SCENE THREE: An ocean of understanding opens up.

First, I see the great human comedy we live most every day whose plot varies little. It goes like this.

Something happens in our personal space, or we see a trend or we compare notes among ourselves on shared feelings or fears and then we go nuts!  

“What’s happening, we say?” What does it mean, we say? What shall we DO, we say?  We need a strategy, a plan, a vaccine against unexpected change”, we say. And while we dither about seeking meanings and remedies, those “things” continue to collapse or change or drift away, leaving us exhausted from our incessant need to have a say; an impact on our carefully cultured world.

The second, and most important realization implied that when ancestral spirits bleed through with bits of wisdom, they speak from the Big Story, like an eagle’s sky-heaven vantage point, rarely thinking through the lens of the Western eye with  “it’s all happening to ME preoccupation.  Big Story names what is, no frills, no speeches, no fabricated stories.

It ‘s that simple and I find it immensely calming. 

What a relief to be in the presence of a quiet sanity asking questions that are helpful: “why on earth do you question what is so evidently going on (like fall- away times, for example)  and make it more complicated, more contentious, more adversarial?  It is not the real way of things, you know, although Westerners have tried to make it so for- oh- so-long in your oh- so -complicated and convoluted history.  “We hope for your recovery!”

SCENE FOUR: The visitation changes me.

I decide to join up, letting fall aways be fall aways. The only requirements are two:

Adopt the practice of time-taking-and-noticing, naming what is really going on under the floor boards of everyday perceptions/assumptions.

And then… find the cracks where more light, more care, and more laughter can come into and through what is.


If I tell you it is the time of the fall-aways and I suggest you make relationship with it, create a ritual or an art piece, some deep sharing with another to honor this space and your bravery in naming it for what it is- head on- without falling into complexities and drama, would you understand that this is one way we transcend a consciousness of fear and begin to live by the heart’s far superior intelligence?

SCENE SIX: The Denouement.

“Take heart”, said  my messenger:  “It is the Time of the Fall-Aways”. Nothing is to be done. Just support what’s happening. Know that renewal of some kind always shows up.

When? Who knows.

Does the Earth require that we know in order to proceed? No.

Do we need to know in order to proceed? No.

The Ancestral Being smiles. “You  just might wake up to the light beings you are, if you keep it this simple.

Belly of Light








Just Maybe Being Human Isn’t Enough Anymore

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What’s it about? Cutting Edge Scientists say: “We are swimming in an ocean of light”! Human Beings Give Way to Light Beings!

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Bradley Paige, Artist "Expansion"

Bradley Paige, Artist

Frack & Distract…or…See With Spirit Eyes

Spirit Eyes

Spirit Eyes

It’s not news to say that one of your greatest tasks is to learn to “see” with  spiritual perception. This enables you to see your actions, behaviors and choices from a higher frequency perspective.

It is often called “taking the high road”, seeing beyond the obvious to an expanded sense of what is really going on.

It takes practice and a desire to support the spiritual evolution of all life, all beings.

It is also true that to “see” world events through “spirit eyes” can awaken fresh hope and optimism as you choose to “see” beyond the obvious in this dimensional reality that many of us try to keep small, homogeneous, and fearful.

One of the most effective tools that I have found for practicing spiritual perception is to ask: “just what is the bigger metaphor in this situation/circumstance?”  In doing this, you have let in spacious new possibilities and options for working with a situation, whatever it is.

A helpful key is to know that solutions that arise from looking through spirit eyes always involve a healing or mending of some sort which by its nature implies that you must dissolve something, release something; useless thought forms, behaviors and actions that get in the way of the mending/healing.

Spiritual perception turns you from victim or bystander to a full force light being seeking higher ways of working with destructive material in your own life and in the world.

So let’s talk fracking and distracting.   Like you, I have read headlines about fracking the earth and the process being used to  suck up the last drops of energy (a metaphor in itself!), what we reduce to calling oil & gas.

Earth fracking involves mega-businesses that willy nilly go about the earth drilling thousands (literally) of holes, running pipe deep into the earth, and then under intense pressure forcing water, sand, toxic and flammable chemicals into the earth so as to fracture, split, undermine, and generally disrupt the integrity of the earth, our very ground and our foundation!

I call this the gang rape of the 21st century. It tends to cause tremors, quakes, and flammable benzene ridden drinking water possibly breathing fire from your backyard garden hose!

 Take a moment to really “take in” these words describing the fracking  process: fracture, split, undermine, disrupt, separate. Now take the metaphor into your everyday life.

We frack everything. We frack each other, we frack whole groups of people, we frack animals and waters and air and hearts and minds.  We frack through wars and corruption and…… most of all, we frack ourselves.   We split, divide, force, undermine and disrupt relationships,  work environments, boundaries (personal and national) and we frack by gender, race and who’s got the power and the resources we want (personal and global); we force feed toxic training using education and social values to frack life into submission.


Most of all, you frack you!  I frack me.  We all frack each other.  You doubt, you diminish and you undermine your sense of self and split-off from the inherent light source that you are.

And what about this training? … It’s cultural and religious …. not innate! It’s not fate nor an unchangeable human destiny!


Far from being despondent about this or drowning in the catch-all phrase: “well, it’s just the way it is!”, I asked a higher frequency question: “how do I shift from a fracking consciousness to mending/unifying these habitual rifts inside and out?” And then, of course, the web of synchronicity provided answers…..

  • Shifting to spiritual perception is to take an internal vow to see with a higher octave sight.
  • It is to wake up to understanding that spirit eyes never accept as “normal or acceptable” the annihilation, subversion, undermining and fracturing of our human experience. Spirit eyes always moves us towards mending and healing the tears in the shared fabric of life.
  • It belongs to a new dimension of existence, a unifying dimension propelling our evolution.
  • I met Tsultrim Allione, a Tibetan Buddhist Lama, a North American Woman by birth and a mender of torn fractured energies (which in her work with western psyches, she personifies as our demons).  Tsultrim’s path is to bring forward the work of an 11th century Tibetan woman, Machig Labdron who essentially counseled humans to cease our knee jerk reaction to do combat, to slay, deny, obliterate, and separate from our internalized fracking (my words) demons that run rampant spewing habits of harm in any and all forms. Instead, her teaching invites us into a transformative conversation with these personal and collective frackers called: “feeding your demons“.

You learn this conversation through a practice and this practice facilitates a shift in your consciousness. It goes something like this:

In meditation, you find a particular demon energy that is fracking you right left and center; some nagging niggling destructive judgment, criticism, loveless message  or behavior that keeps you from your spirit eyes. You then imagine it in material form with characteristics that arise as you allow it to appear in your visualization.  It may have foul breath, big head, flashy sinister eyes, wicked nails….or not.  Next, in conversation  you ask: “What do you want from me (fill in your demon word: jealousy, hate, anger, loveless, cancer/illness etc.), ___________demon?  What do you need from me, _________demon?  And most crucially, you ask: how will you feel if you receive what you need from me, __________demon?  You then become the demon (helps to shift to a second chair so you totally leave your human self) and listen for the answer/s and most especially for how the demon will feel if it gets what it needs.

The demon will tell you (you simply listen with no agenda until the answer comes in words or an image or feeling).  The real psychic alchemical juice of this practice and what differentiates it from a western therapeutic technique is that after you hear what the demon says it will feel, you then visualize the dissolution of  your body into a nectar filled with the feelings the demon needs and “feed the demon” that nectar until it is completely full.

The absolute shamanic holiness and humility of dissolving your own body (your ego self) into food and feeding this rich nectar to what fracks you personally or fracks all life on a global scale can liberate you (overtime) from the consciousness that teaches us “to do constant and ineffective battle” with unwanted and fearful emotions and thought forms, obsessive divisions that distract and enslave us into reacting with an adversarial consciousness, always at war with everything!

Instead, in this practice, you have chosen to listen, to see and hear these split off fractured parts of yourself with spirit eyes and transform and mend the insatiable compulsion to frack: kill, judge, separate, demean, undermine, and overpower. (I enthusiastically recommend the book and audio practice) as there is added depth in Tsultrim’s teaching.

Whether on not you are inspired to try this practice, the essence of the thing is to become aware of fracking, to look for the larger fracking metaphor in world events and use this awareness to shift your own life from fracker to mender/healer  “conversing with” what you view as sources of division for yourself, your family, your workplace, your religion, your country, our world and beyond!

And… you need help to “see” differently, so……

I invite you to discover an ally who alerts you to fracking behaviors in your personal life, work life, life’s endless meetings, your kinship groups, politics/government on and on….  Your awareness creates shifts just because you are no longer in a “fog”, asleep to fracking energies!

Who is this ally? Ask for it to come to you as you do the “feeding your demons” practice. 

My allies are Raven and sometimes Quacking Fracking Duck; both have a keen frack-o-meter!

Quack Frack Duck

Quack Frack Duck

Frack Duck shouts at the top of its beaky lungs: Frack! Frack! Frack! sounding the alarm in the presence of any and all energies that insult my soul, your soul, and the soul of your HOME, first Earth and then the whole Cosmic neighborhood.

What a relief to dissolve your ego self into a precious nectar and feed that which has hammered you your whole life!


This is the stuff of mystics……

This is the stuff of a borderless state of mind!






From Muggle to Mystic–Next Steps for Borderless Broads


out on a limb 2

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Philip Seymour Hoffman and Saving Mr. Banks: What’s the Connection?

celtic soulAll in the same week, actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman died and Saving Mr. Banks came to my local movie theater, then I personalized both.

Jim Carrey, actor and comedic genius, commented in a tweet:  “Dear Philip, a beautiful beautiful soul. For the most sensitive among us ‘the noise can be too much’. Bless your heart”.

And then, I watched the storyline for the film Saving Mr. Banks unfold. The father of PL Travers (Helen Goff), who authored Mary Poppins, tells his very young daughter, “PL”, in a moment of  angry despair, feeling suffocated by a life that is “not him” : “we share a Celtic Soul, never let them take that away from you!”  He is a man who by nature is  whimsical, playful, and imaginative. He inspires his daughters with make-believe, turning drudgery into imaginary games and fanciful story. His daughters delight in it….. but, the need to support his family in the backwaters of Australia has him working in a bank, a manager of paper and accounts and people who speak a different language, driven by business and well… money. “The noise is too much” for his softer more lyrical nature.

Both these men, Philip S. Hoffman and Travers Goff succumbed to substance addiction as a way to cope with not being able to cope with “the noise that can be too much”.  It eventually killed both Philip  and Travers Goff, one with heroin and the other with alcohol.

The connection?  I think both deaths are related to the challenge of having been born Celtic Souls , a poetic term for highly sensitive people rather than something only the Irish can lay claim to!

I googled  “highly sensitive people” (some would call them empaths) and here are a few of the characteristics describing such souls among us: “these are humans that rarely “do” everyday 9-5  life with ease.  If they do manage to, it requires painstaking effort; a fake it ’til you make it (or don’t ) discipline while trying to make sense of an homogenized mainstream western culture that seems beyond bearable at times.

They are souls that do not fit the tough, stoic, go-get’em  ideal of success so glorified amongst us.  They are people drawn to finding a deeper meaning.  It is a need not a pastime, and often a source of painful yearning that goes unsatisfied leaving such souls bewildered, wondering if they missed the memo about “how to do the business of life” without an MBA in hand.

I would venture to say the world is rampant with “highly sensitive souls”, people who think they were dropped here from a distant star without a manual and often find self destructive ways to protect their soft underbelly: drink, drugs, depression, and isolation in an attempt to escape the noise.

 I have a feeling it all starts very young when we first encounter the rough and tumble world through our families, schools and later jobs that bore us silly and seem useless to all the delights we might pursue.  In my experience, it seems to require the better part of a lifetime for highly sensitive people to get their bearings (if they ever do). I have found it so for me.

Underneath all this is what  Roya R. Rad, Ma, PsyD describes as the characteristics of highly sensitive people:
1. Have great imagination
2. Have great intellectual abilities
3. Are creative
4. Have a curious mind
5. Are hard workers
6. Are good problem solvers
7. Are extremely conscious and compassionate
8. Are intuitive, caring and spiritual
9. Have a strong sense of aesthetic awareness
10. Respect nature, art and music greatly
11. Have profound and intense sensations
12. Can access important information from the unconscious mind
13. Have a depth of understanding and feelings
14. Are objective and can see the bigger picture

Some of these characteristics work in our present culture, but many do not enjoy the same degree of worth.  We might value hard workers and problem solvers, but find the intuitive, caring and spiritual to be “side dishes” to the goals of success.

For those of us who identify with the HSP label or its poetic equivalent, the Celtic soul, what is real is often much more in our imaginations, in artful image, in soaring music that stirs us to wonder and awe. We are drawn to story and may be actors or writers because a good story is alive, felt, and moves us.

If we are fortunate to discover Nature in all her wildness and bring it into our lives then we have moments of seeing our own true nature mirrored back to us: imaginative, curious, unharnessed, and profoundly spiritual.  Nature provides the “big picture” offering the incomparable yearned for intimacy that eludes many of us elsewhere, bringing a sense of connection and belonging.

Here is my disclaimer: This is a purely personal lens through which I write.  It is not an all encompassing “truth”.  Much of it is personal to me, but I am grateful to Philip and Travers Goff and others (Virgina Woolf and many other creative women) who seem kindred spirits and great teachers asking us through their own tragic stories to find a different way, a different path… where we call to us kindred Celtic souls with whom to play and love and share whimsy, imagination and authentic intimacy, all of which the world may or may not ever value as the bottomline.

  I write this piece in praise of  the Celtic Soul, in praise of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Travers Goff,  and the myriad of other creative souls, famous or not, who have sought “Spirit” mistaking “spirits” or other addictive substances for a way in, a way to feel a part of the bigger picture.

You are Earth’s treasures, but I venture to say, you come from the stars!

In Praise of the Wild God While Praising the Year of the Horse!

I invite you to Raise Windhorse in this Year of the Horse (January 31). 

Embrace it as your North Star to guide your path. Let it be a messenger from the god-stuff helping you to  access pure “horse power” this year.

 Windhorse is a Tibetan symbol for raising the positive divine wind that comes from being completely present and awake!

 It is a representation of chi, prana, the life force energy that animates the whole of the Universe.  The symbol of  horse represents stability and the sure-footed balance required to ride the divine wind and stay in the saddle!

Windhorrse says: “Ride the energy of your life….but…..know that your life is more than you.  Be aware that there are threads that hold all of us together in some kind of cosmic kinship group; a necessity for shaping totally new worlds together.

Be smitten with Windhorse because it is visceral. It is a wildly erotic animal and a structural beauty. It represents the power of action, but not as we normally interpret action, namely: “doing doing doing”.  It is more the” wu-wei-wu” of Asian philosophy: the “doing without doing”.

Power of Action encoded in Sacred Geometry

Power of Action encoded in Sacred Geometry


This is a year of movement and movement requires a light load so once again “get out the dumpster”, and let it rip: all the stuff–the old thoughtforms, the old language, the old expectations and assumptions, the stuff that clutters your creative space/home; it’s all motion now; morph or pass away.

I think we humans need a companion for this journey in 2014; a wild god who does not promise certainty, but does offer a consistent wisdom that says: let go, let go, let it all go!

So, in honor of the Year of the Horse, I offer you the poetry of two men who celebrate the wild god and who give a masterful insight into what it means to embrace wildness and unpredictability.

Hafiz, 14th century Persian poet seems to best capture this wild god by shattering pretty words and images that we associate with the holy and Tim Hirons, a contemporary poet imagines god as  a “messy” unrefined guest, shocking us from comfortable beliefs.


 “I would not want all my words

To parade around this world

In pretty costumes,

So, I will tell you something

Of the barroom view of love.

Love is grabbing hold of the great lion’s mane

And wrestling & rolling deep into existence

While the Beloved gets rough

And begins to maul you alive.

True love, my dear, is putting an ironclad grip

Upon the sore, swollen balls

Of a divine rogue elephant

And not having the good fortune to die.”


and if this is not enough, try this…….

Love wants to reach out and manhandle us,

Break all our teacup talk of god.

If you had the courage and could give the Beloved his choice,

Some nights, he would just drag you around the room by your hair,

Ripping from your grip all those toys in the world

That bring you no joy.

Love sometimes gets tired of speaking sweetly

And wants to rip to shreds

All your erroneous notions of truth

That make you fight within yourself, dear one,

And with others,

Causing the world to weep

On too many fine days.

God wants to manhandle us,

lock us inside of a tiny room with himself

And practice his dropkick.

The Beloved sometimes wants

To do us a great favor:

Hold us upside down

And shake all the nonsense out.

But when we hear

He is in such a “playful drunken mood”

Most everyone I know

Quickly packs their bags and hightails it

Out of town!”


Tim Hirons, poet:

“Sometimes a wild god comes to the table.
He is awkward and does not know the ways
Of porcelain, of fork and mustard and silver.
His voice makes vinegar from wine.

When the wild god arrives at the door,
You will probably fear him.
He reminds you of something dark
That you might have dreamt,
Or the secret you do not wish to be shared.”


Raise Windhorse! Prep the Path 2014


Celia Jackson, Artist


Just ordered a print of Windhorse from California artist, Celia Jackson, whimsical, colorful, and most importantly, it symbolizes the energetic footprint I choose for 2014!

December is an inner prep month for me.  It is a month where the waves of goodwill tend to increase due to many more humans focusing on spiritual matters of one kind or another as the month progresses. You could call it “waves of windhorse”, actually, freely available to support whatever part of your life journey you are attending to.  It’s a free perk from this time of year! Don’t miss it!

  So, let me introduce you to “Windhorse“, a Tibetan symbol of well being and good fortune, and more than that, an opportunity to ride the energy of your life.

The Tibetans speak of “raising windhorse”, raising the positive divine wind that comes from being completely and powerfully present (well, taking into account human mis-steps, that is). And the horse? It represents the stability and balance of a sure-footed, thigh hugging exhilarating ride on the back of this divine wind and being able to stay on course!

You cultivate windhorse. You evoke it within yourself.

Because it is not an aspect of the willy nilly ego, windhorse can carry you without distractions, without doubts, without second guessing–on a clean clear trajectory to your polestar , your north star, your high dream! Your present moment life.

How do you raise windhorse?  

  • Like most soulful practices, first, you empty!
  • This month, drop all unwanted, useless stories about present circumstances and past events in your life. Turn “it” all over to some greater flow of wisdom. Hold out for a better story, in other words! Then leave it alone to incubate!
  • Take a personal inventory like a 12 stepper and dump the dense and the negative.

As Walt Whitman counseled: “ditch what insults your soul”.


Now, here’s the gold:

Replace all this with one singular practice intended to light the light:  

Pineal/Third Eye Visualization


  • Pay attention to the light in your brain (pineal gland) and raise windhorse by activating that light ( click blog posts I wrote giving you lots of inspiration  and direction for changing your experience in 2014!)

That’s it!

Windhorse Awaits YOU,  

An Invitation to turn it all over to some greater wisdom in 2014 and thrive!  



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As a MYSTIC…  you aspire to celebrate direct connection, the essence of things, and the wonder of being.


As a MAVERICK…  you aspire to relish the unbranded and untamed. You are borderless broads, feeling no distinction between the nature around you and that within you. You speak through your deepest wildest self.


As a MAVEN…  you value experience and aspire to carry the legacy of wily wisdom which teaches:


Coaching Contemporary Mystics: “You Wake You Up, So Turn on the Light, 2014 Requires It!

lighthouse 2Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save;

they just stand there shining!”

(Anne Lamott)


In a previous blog, I wrote about the pineal gland, the light center within your brain. 

This post is a follow-up practice to learn to light the light!

All the time we hear about the need for humanity to awaken, to ascend to a higher frequency life.

It is helpful to know that you are a co-creator in this process and that  your body functions as a transmitter and receiver of energy, the light!

You can change from a dim, foggy and directionless “beam” to one of high intensity illumination and focus.

You can use this awakened capacity to assist others to wake up, to leave the numbed out habitualness many experience and clearly sense the vibrancy of life.

 Here is the practice I do daily (usually in the wee hours of the morning, a rarified time) to stimulate the light within, to awaken to new dimensions.

The intent is to activate this small yet mighty pineal gland/third eye;  the bridge between the physical and the spiritual.  (The image that accompanies this post is a powerful visualization for what you are intending and I suggest taping a copy of the image to the 4 walls of your bedroom or meditation room as a “remembrance” of what you are intending.)

What I experience using this practice of sound, breath, and image is a heightened sense of the “happies”, call it levity, call it giddiness, it is a  higher vibratory rate creating a more awake/alert feeling much like an animal “on alert” in the wild.

I enter a deep calm, a still-point that takes me into a different experience of meditation.  My mind is much more present to the stillness. (You will find your own experience, of course.)

I invite you to try this.  Initially I did it for the 3 consecutive days  and 24 hours apart as suggested. You might do it for the 3 days and then choose to continue as I have, finding it a great preparation for silent meditation.

The mystic within you is recessive and shy. You are inviting her  to take over your perception, to take over your life, to be the lens through which you see and feel experience.

This practice is one way in!

Click HERE to access the source article for this excerpt explaining the practice (below).


The Third Eye is closely associated with the “pineal” gland. The pineal gland is dormant in most people, as is the true Third Eye.

In the average person, the pineal gland is atrophied, [calcified] and dormant. The following exercise will change that.

 Opening the Pineal Gland/Third Eye:

This is done with a specific tone and chant. You only need to do this exercise for 3 days, afterwards, it is permanent.

The mantra to be used is “Thoh,” pronounced “TOE.”

It must be within the correct vibration.

Not deep, not high pitched, in between, like alto range.

You will feel it when you hit the correct tone. So play around and don’t second guess yourself. When you think you’ve got it, you probably do.


1. Sit with your back straight.

2. Breathe in through your nose and hold your breath as long as is comfortable.

Open your jaws so there is a small space between your top and bottom teeth.
Place the tip of your tongue between the space of your slightly parted teeth.

3. Put a very light pressure onto the tongue with your teeth.

This is like the same process of saying the “TH” part of the English word “the.”

Once your tongue is in position, release your breath slowly through your mouth, saying T-H-H-O-H-H in one long exhale.

Say the word one time per exhale. Your tongue will be vibrating between your teeth.

You should feel the air moving past your tongue and teeth.

If this technique is done properly, you will feel a pressure or sensation in your jaw and cheeks. The tone will also vibrate in your third eye.

It may take a few seconds to adjust this, don’t worry, just keep going.

4. Do the above 5 times in a row.

5. It is very important the above exercise be done for 3 consecutive days, 24 hours apart. Then it is a done deal.

Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save;

they just stand there shining!”

(Anne Lamott)

This is your “prep” and your intention for 2014 if you choose to light the light!




Mystic Matters: Reclaiming Foreplay, Why Short-Circuit Your Bliss?

Foreplay for the Rest of Us

Foreplay for the Rest of Us

I was doing a “let’s raise the god-stuff within” practice with friends and I said: “you know, I need more foreplay before we do this!  I need to prime the pump before I can go deeper with this.”  We laughed and then agreed to “take time” before going into the experience that brought us together; to prime the pump so that we could experience more deeply!  Voila, that’s fore-play!

What did that look like?  Well, I played the didgeridoo for some minutes, then  we read a Rumi piece which always moistens the heart, then we were silent for ten minutes and then….we began.

Foreplay is a practice and an art and although we associate it mostly with sex, it is essential for any creative/soulful/meaningful undertaking;  It is the “art of readiness”.

For example, say you are going to begin a creative project.  You must do something to start the juices flowing.  You might do a free association “anything goes” brainstorming session with others or you might use improv scenarios to explore how this creative something might come about, “the acting as if” until new ideas bubble up and the same ole same ole mind is out-witted!

Improv is a great form of foreplay because it  quickens brain activity,  stokes imagination, and hurls you over and over into present moment rapid response time sweeping away your ability to be distracted, a major downer for any successful foreplay in or out of bed!

G-Spot gives Way to Still-Point...

G-Spot Yields to Still-Point!

If you want to meditate, you know that achieving some stillness in your body before you begin is helpful to the experience, so, you might chant sounds that vibrate through your nervous system or sing  (row row row your boat is a great one–slow it down and really listen to the lyrics, profound, eh?) or move wildly about the room breathing fully, arms extended, repeating yes, yes, yes with gusto, laughing until you feel spent…voila, foreplay to still-point.

 The clown is the master of foreplay!  When I teach a class and people have no idea how to get out of their serious suit and find the inner heretic, I have them exaggerate their movements, throw arms overhead and say things like:  “I am so depressed!” or I have absolutely NO complaints!” or Everything is going my way!” until they dissolve in laughter.  Or…read “The Jumblies & and Other Nonsense Verses by Edward Lear.  Then….the clown begins to peak out, lost in the willy nilly! 

Lost in the Willy Nilly

Lost in the Willy Nilly

I invite you to become aware that the mystic in you loves foreplay because she is attracted to the essence of things and the essence is not the first to be seen, it must be charmed and cajoled to show itself because it is ephemeral.  It is shy!  Learn to milk experience until you find the joy in it, the humor in it, the light of it…there is a kind of nourishment here that you may not find when you just try to finish your list or get the job done!

Understand that foreplay readies you for the essence of what we often think of as just everyday stuff!

A silly song, a hearty laugh, a mind moment with the whales or the spinning earth or the sunflower fields of Tuscany readies you, “receptives” you!


I am learning that what we do is not as important as how we do it. Everything requires an entrance “into it”.  If you just barge in “to get things done”, you lose; the essence never has a chance to show up.

If you make love sloppily and mindlessly to anything, you lose.  You short-circuit your life. You dull the moments.



The Magic of 40 Days, What’s Up With That?

 Coaching Contemporary Mystics is a series of blogs I am writing as an invitation to you:  be my “companion on the  journey”, the journey of living in a new skin for these times, the skin of your own mystical nature.  It starts here with myself and with you!

40 days

“What nine months does for the embryo

Forty early mornings

Will do for your growing awareness.”  (Rumi)

40 days is a span of time that runs through many traditions.  It is seen as having a power that helps us change during transition times; a useful tool to support our efforts. You don’t need to believe it, just use it!

“In mystic thought, forty symbolizes the ascent from one level to a higher one, a spiritual awakening.”

It is also said that setting an intention and actively doing it for 40 days is what the subconscious requires to create a new behavior, a new practice in one’s life.

“Everything will be different at the end of 40 days, because you will be different inside.” (Elif Shafak)

In my research, I found countless references to 40 days as an important marking of time, no matter the culture. For those who pay attention and integrate mystical knowledge into their lives, we find certain practices:  it is important to mourn for 40 days, when a baby is born, it takes 40 days to ready itself for life on earth, when in love, we wait 40 days to be sure of our feelings. Biblical references abound: Jesus fasted for 40 days in the desert, Moses hung out on Mt. Sinai for 40 days, Buddha meditated under the linden/ bodhi tree for 40 days, and Muhammed was 40 years of age when he received the call to become a prophet. Egyptian alchemy believed it takes 40 days for the soul to be free of the physical body.  Such references go on and on…( befriend google to investigate further if you are a number junkie!)

Suffice it to say that so many diverse traditions must be on to something and… the intuitive in you senses there is power and shift in this “vow of 40 days”.

So, I have taken the 40 day challenge.  I am treating it as an experiment; curiosity and letting go of expectations are great helps!  Of course, this requires nearly moment by moment practice.

For 40 days, I am turning my life over to a wisdom and guidance greater than myself and believe me, this is giving my everyday ego a real workout as I continuously side step its advice and frantic warnings that such a lack of  “me-directed” control can only end in mayhem or worse!

 I mark each day in my journal:  “Day 5 of my 40 day vow” and so on.  I reiterate what my vow is and I go over the stickiest most difficult events or feelings that I wanted to side step, pole vault over, actually, or fix with a story that would make me feel better.

Case in point:  I submitted a children’s story to a competition (hate the word, but……).  My story was not picked.  I felt sad, disappointed, and poised to tell myself all the self-defeating stories that live in my repertoire of “let’s get Morgana” mind!

My 40 day vow, however, had created enough awareness that I could not allow myself to go there.  I had to shift to trust, I had to shift to turning it over, I had to shift to making up no stories to soothe my disappointment.

Next, I would make note in my journal of  the many times during the day that I would need to just breathe and exhale imperfect trust and the times I would rant out loud only to remember that here was yet another opportunity to “turn it over to a wisdom and guidance greater than my ego self.”

I cannot offer you any forgone conclusions about this practice, but I can say I feel more engaged and present in my day doing this.

I feel that I have tapped into a “current” that directs my willy nilly mind into something more in tune with well being.  My body likes the feelings of relief,  not needing to be the manager and ultimate knower of everything and my curious nature likes the “what next” of the 40 day adventure.

I encourage you to find your first 40 day vow and use it as a way of deepening your relationship with intentionality,  learning to shape your own intentional life.

The new normal is about flow and ease, so perfection has no place here.  This is not about doing 40 days perfectly–you fall off and then you continue, you fall off and then continue!

You are building muscle. I think you will notice that one 40 day vow will lead to another as you experience the purposeful feeling such a practice provides.

Join me?  The lights on for you!

the Lights On for You!

Coaching Contemporary Mystics In the Making!

“There is an invitation to do things differently than before; an invitation to something deeper.

 Invite yourself to the last unexplored wilderness which is the body,

Knowing it is the site of profound wisdom for us and the world.

Hear the whispered call to dwell on the wild edges within yourself for awhile.

Deepen into the undoing of your expectations of things;

Surrender a little further into the unexpected and the unknown;

Open to the surprises of the mysteries all around you

and the messages larger than anything you have heard before.”

(Christine Valters Paintner)

PinealGland woman Being  a woman of a certain age (in my 60th decade, that is) coming out boldly and with purpose becomes the primary task for those of us who choose to live in the skin of our essential nature.

Is this not what many of us want? Is this not what keeps us peeling away at the false skins so that we become what the Italians call senza trucco, women without makeup?

If it is, then the mystic is not far behind, goosing us towards our bare-assed selves! (This goosing has been happening to me for some time now and the bare-assed part has finally arrived!)

I am embarking on the journey of sharing with you “all things mystic” in the hopes of  reminding you that you are “tethered” to something so much greater than the every day walkabout you do in life as a gender, a profession, a nationality or even as a human species!

THUS, I have pared down my coaching practice and now willingly and joyfully coach mystics and mystics in the making.

So, how did this come about?

It started with a sentence that floated to the top of a recent dream.   I heard:  “We’ll leave the light on for you.”

Well, first I laughed  because I’m sure you recognize where this comes from; Motel 6’s comforting words to the weary road traveler in search of a bed for the night.

Here’s where I went in my efforts to unravel the dream message….

The mystic is all about light, an avid seeker of the light that imbues all things,  yearning to connect deeply with illumination/en-light-enment

We ourselves are made of light and intriguingly we carry a pea-shaped gland in our head called the pineal gland which resides deep within and between the hemispheres of the brain.

pineal gland

It is all about light.  The gland is activated by light and it controls the various biorhythms of the body, sleep and wake cycles, and seasonal light changes dancing with our circadian rhythms!

BUT…on a deeper less obvious level, the pineal gland is the connection between the physical and the spiritual, the seen and unseen! 

It secretes dimethyltryptamine, DMT,  the so-called spirit molecule which evokes dreams, near-death experiences, meditation, and visions.  Amazingly, tiny pieces of crystal (calcite) within the gland generate electrical currents and when exposed to an electromagnetic field such as the humungous EMF of the earth, the gland vibrates!

It is as if each of us has an inner porch light that continuously burns, vibrates, and radiates.  “We’ll leave the light on for you” is indeed a cosmic message!

The mystic knows that each day has an every day meaning attached to its experience, and then….. there are deeper levels to that experience.

The everyday self sees the pineal gland as a physiological organ for a physical purpose. 

The mystic sees its light-filled cosmic or spiritual purpose and seeks to connect with these higher frequencies of light deriving great delight from knowing there is more going on here than we can possibly understand or perhaps imagine!

OK, this is foundational stuff for understanding the deep hunger you may feel  for ” the more” beyond every day experience.

This is where I hope to engage you as a companion for the journey of living in a new skin for these times, the skin of your own mystical nature.

I start here with myself and with you!

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to…  imagine, visualize and hold your focus on the porch light in your brain!  Visualize going behind your eyes and IN to the region of 3rd eye located  mid- forehead)– then visualize also going in from the top of your skull (where the baby’s soft spot is) straight down and allow the two points to meet  at the circle (black) below–then imagine this circle not as black but illuminated with a constant light.  Use the labyrinthine image (below and left) that offers the quality of that illumination to help you strengthen the visualization.

pineal gland 2

This is your point of intimacy, your point of deep belonging.  Your light is “sourced” from “the” LIGHT reminding you that you are of infinite value to the entire womb of creation which says to you in every moment:

  “We have left the light on for you!”

Light Meditation Emily Carding, Artist

Light Meditation
Emily Carding, Artist










Latihan, Mystics and Holy Fools to the Rescue!


Human Drama Syndrome

I recently put myself into a crazed funk about all things political. 

I lost all perspective on what is real and what is not.  I so depleted my energy and optimism that I actually wondered if I was losing every shred of balance that I have earned through therapy, coaching, nature’s healing, and hard won practices learned to “suck the yuck” from my brain circuitry!

It happened as I sat at my favorite “java haunt”on Whidbey Island, having obsessed over news blogs and rancorous videos of DC’s government shenanigans, for the umpteenth day in a row, I might add. 

I knew this was the way to lose my soul and fall head over heels into the drama of other people’s messes.

 I drove home, asking the ethers how to shift my focus and hopefully see more clearly. 

Usually my default habits are to read something uplifting, take a walk, escape into a movie or lose myself in a carb-induced stupor!

This time, I broke with tradition!

I decided to go down an Alice-like rabbit hole seeking other dimensions within myself rather than scanning the landscape out there for relief… and that brings me to the spiritual practice called Latihan.

I had never heard of Latihan until a year ago when a friend mentioned it in conversation; the hairs stood up on my arms, a sure sign of truth or recognition, and I said to her: “tell me more” and she did.

In essence, Latihan is a practice of release, emptying, making room for the god-stuff (however you see that) to fill you, replacing everyday nonsense, one’s own and that absorbed from the collective, with a surrender beyond mind and beyond the personal “I gotta be me” self.

 It is a practice, not a religion.

The mystic would say that it takes the particles of your being and reorders them, sort of  like a cosmic reboot! 

And, surrender fuels “the way out of  the out there”, where the constant thrum of human drama scatters, divides, and confuses us, most of the time.

Latihan is practiced solo and in groups. I describe it as people coming together in a stew pot, each person adding their own surrender to that of others, allowing something beyond the contrived or expected to come through.

So, still reeling from the mind mess I had allowed to overtake me, I practiced Latihan alone in my living room.

I moved, I murmured, I took deep breaths hoping to shift.

“Not so fast!”, said my mind, stepping in, as if on cue, with frantic efforts to control the whole thing.

Nevertheless, I persisted……murmuring, moving, breathing and then… something began to change. 

Words flew in and around my mind and entered the room. I knew the mystics were afoot!

Sensing a crack in my armor, the bliss of irrational thought rushed in before I could regroup and take command.

First came Francis (of Assisi, that is) and his familiar words. I spoke them aloud:

“I hung upside down, I hung upside down, I hung upside down….

and then… I saw the world as it really is!”  

(Over and over I repeated it, eyes closed and body moving in sympathy with the delight of it.) 

 Holy Fool, the upside down and backward reveler in truth came next:

“I rode the horse backward, I rode the horse backward, I rode the horse backward

and then.. I saw the world as it really is.” 

 More words flying from my mouth…my feet turning me in expanded circles:

“I whirled like a dervish, I whirled like a dervish, I whirled like a dervish!…

and now… I see the world as it really is!”

I was laughing, a lightness of being taking me over. I felt like Hildegard of Bingen’s “feather on the breath of god”.

But then… full stop… the personal “I gotta be me” of me freaked out, endeavoring to regain control: 

YOU are going OUT of your mind, you are going out of your MIND!”

Delighted to be so accused and feeling it to be true, I nodded giddily to the walls and windows:

Yes, Yes, I am going OUT of my MIND!

Thank you!  Thank you!

I AM going out of my mind.

and…NOW, I see the world as it really is!”


It is so easy to get caught up in the unreal of human dramas. I make drama. You make drama. And when we humans all get together in politics and countries and the thousands of “isms”, we really make drama.

It all becomes sacred cows that we treat as believable, the truth and worthy of our emotional energy and life focus.  Unplugging is a necessity, but many times the “hey wait a minute, what am I buying into here?” takes awhile to sink in.

cow resting

Obviously, the mystics work for me!

And you, what brings you out of the crazed funks and the drama of human messes?







Practice ‘Remote Viewing’ the Very Best of Who We Are!

“In the starry expanse that has no dwellings: forces of the universe, interior virtues, harmonious union of earth and heaven that delights the mind and the ear and the eye, that offers an attainable ideal to all wise men and a visible splendor to the beauty of the soul.”
(From a dramatic work by Leconte de Lisle, 1857)

I wake up at 2AM, often, with a thought, an image or a gut squeeze of some sort related usually to some insane world (read American) event. 

This past week, it was a haunting image from the movie Agora the film detailing the life of Hypatia, scientist, teacher and astronomer in the late 4th century.  This was the time of the great library in Alexandria and the time when Jew, Pagan, and Christian were frantically trying to redefine the world “in their own image”, violently, little different from today.  Now that’s a chilling observation!

In the movie, an image is repeated over and over until its significance begins to sink in.  The Earth is  suspended in the vastness of space and we the observers, looking from afar, clearly hear only the voices of anger, screams of war and the agonizing torture preceding death; sounds resounding throughout the Universe.  Nothing else emanates from our home,  just vibrational waves of war, hatred and chaos.

The rest of the Universe is remarkably silent, reverential, in contrast.

Needless to say, this is an extraordinary way to get something across that we never think about or imagine; this disruptive signature of who we seem to be.


 Now, the good news is that a wonderful “what if” pops up as an option for changing our signature in the cosmic neighborhood. 

What if…. you, I, all beings devoted to living a higher frequency life, imagine only sounds of laughter radiating from our Earth. 

Imagine yourself “remote viewing” our planet in your meditations or night-time contemplations and hearing only the sounds of laughter mixed with joy, perhaps singing, perhaps dance, perhaps absolute glee…and nothing else.

Our major spiritual traditions teach much about silence and solemnity, but what if the absolute power is in laughter.  What if it actually is the “language of the gods”?

Call it the hundreth monkey banana moment or the tipping point, or an orgasmic shift!  Imagine what might happen. 

Imagine flipping the dominant energies we have come to expect by saturating cosmic sound waves with laughter!

Now, that’s a borderless state mind.

Download from the Universe, Cosmic Memos, Lions, Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

The most detailed map ever made of the oldest light to shine through the universe has been released by scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA).

I write this post because I am filled with “something” that I can barely contain or articulate!  I call it a quickening that has me restless, impatient, expectant, and bravely declarative!

I begin with the tired wornout Western notion that has had us denying, jeering, scoffing and eye rolling at the presence of other worlds, locally and cosmically. Presences we call “aliens”.  Could there be a more objectifying term to separate ourselves from the space, outer and inner?!

We laugh at the idea of the elemental realms, the fairies, air spirits, water spirits.  We scorn the idea of planetary beings from distant stars and galaxies….and….as a result keep our experience very very small and very very dependent on the human mind to provide comfort, safety, ideas of reality, and possible futures for ourselves.

Why should we care?  Because it is damn limiting and arid as a dust-bowl to live in a world that is so dependent on the present capacities of the human mind for answers to well, everything.

Perhaps so-called existential angst is more a product of us believing we are here “alone”, shutting out the greater cosmic neighborhood to which we belong, believing, “if you cannot see it, it does not exist”.

Give fairies, star people and galactic civilizations there due; it is only lonely here if we truly believe we are “it” and ultimately responsible for everything that happens.

Right now, we could use some help, some new input, some “there there”  energy while we “intend ourselves into waking up”  to the fact that there is tremendous help, support, and relationship available to us on the outer borders of our oh, too limited human minds.

Imagine.  Yes, the key word is imagine…not prove, not analyze statistically, not write a dissertation on…., but imagine accepting that the presence of unseen beings is vast, that the Universe is teeming with life (unseen and seeable) and that all we have to do is acknowledge and welcome, act as if….until relationship seems attractive to other beings who have been mostly met with skepticism and derision!

Imagine Genesis anew as the coming into being of something that we just have not been able to comprehend until now.

Forget doomsdays and armageddons and enemies at every turn;  products of old fears and wonky belief systems!

Something is quickening all around us, in me and in you.  Are you awake to it?  If not, dare to slow down and feel!

Be willing to take your human seeing to a higher octave, the octave of imagination.  This is not some fantasy activity, it is the art of conceiving something beyond and then living “as if” until the actual “something” shows up and reveals itself to you…. because you have opened to its possibility!

This is the stuff of mystics.  This is the stuff of borderless broads radiating a borderless state of mind.

Great riches reside here and for all of you who sometimes wonder where the wonder has gone, know that it is just an eye blink away when you dare to feel the quickening …dare to  clap … and …dare to welcome!

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

The Oracle Speaks Even at Book Clubs!

I recently attended a book club for the first time.  The topic was Journey of Souls from the book of the same name. I listened. I agreed with the book.  I disagreed with the book. I was present, but the wandering mind took over throughout the evening.

And then…..one of the participants said something that felt like a cosmic kick to the heart. It was one of those moments we have all experienced when goose bumples crawl up the back of your neck and send shivers up your arms.  One of those moments when the drone of normal conversation ceases and you say: “wait a minute, what did you say?”

This book club participant was telling a story surrounding his own birth and “early times”.  He described that “back then” his mother had been anesthetized to such a degree that she did not know what was happening, essentially dead to the whole birthing process.  The medical personnel were in full out biz mode doing “what had to be done” as well, and clearly not focused on this wee being who just entered planet earth.

At the end of his story, suddenly, as if channeling an oracle, he opened wide his eyes and clearly and with great authority said:  “it is very important that souls be welcomed into this world when they arrive” and then he cried!

I felt it. I felt the complete truth of it,  It was a message way beyond welcoming a baby with flowers and ‘isn’t she cute’ comments.  It was a “knowing” from a deeper dimension revealing more about who we are as humans.

It was like a Delphic revelation about the alchemy of “human falls to earth”.

We earth beings essentially get the road map for how to navigate “life in a body” and life on this planet in the very first years and it begins with the quality of the welcoming that we receive from the  (hopefully) wiser beings relegated to ensure our protection, care, and education.

Our soul job is not to just drop a human in a field like a foal or calf,  then wean it and walk away.

Our job is to tether this soul to the earth reality and the human experience here.

Our job is to be a tracker showing young ones how to belong, how to understand the emotional and physical landscape of their lives and how to be OK with who they are.  Most of all, to point out the gifts we see,  to be a mirror for all that is blooming:  their skills, talent, unique expression, their essential nature.

Our job is to comment on their laughter and moments of delight, their moments of generosity and bravery, their willingness to experiment and discover.

It is not our job to rein them in, assume we already know who they are or assume it is our right to choose their path according to our own history.

This is truly a job for the wise soul and less for the mortal human who relies often on the rough and tumble experience of their own upbringing to show the way.

   It is all part of the welcoming and tethering of a young soul, the “I see you”  from the spiritual bloodlines to which we all belong!




How do we know we have welcomed souls well and consciously?

We  no longer have kids that feel they don’t belong or kids that are homeless because they haven’t a clue how to find their home within themselves or without.

We do not have kids who bully or are bullied out of fear and their own despair at feeling lost.  We do not have kids who haven’t a clue how to thrive, but only survive …  poorly.

A young soul who is truly welcomed grows into a strong and self directed being who can afford to be generous and loving because its young world was filled with generosity and loving.

We have been quite slipshod in our dedication to the young in my culture. I share in that.

Many are not welcomed and many are turned into frenetic beings forced into lives of “how to be a successful toddler 101” pushed to early learning of  everything, yet deeply stressed and confused.

I suggest we pay more attention to the real journey of our souls, slow down, and offer a thorough welcoming as the hallmark of our first encounter with the new ones among us.

I suggest we take parenting to a higher octave and adopt an “it takes a village” perspective soul to soul and forget our more primitive allegiance only to bloodlines or family constellations.

  It is a new world acomin’ and this is such a pivotal piece of the transformation underway!



A Yearning to Reenchant the World — Randy, Horny, and Saps A-Risin!

We’re not quite at Spring yet in the Western Hemisphere, but I can smell it.  I can feel it. The winds are driving thoughts of  frantic pollination!

Wonderful words come to mind that express this quickening, like feeling randy or horny and most delicious of all, that Southern turn of phrase: my saps a-risin’ !

Too, my thoughts and reading have turned to a spiritual curiosity with sacred plants that “break open the head”, to quote Daniel Pinchbeck.  Plants like Amazonian ayahuasca, cactus-bearing peyote, mushrooms and the iboga mysticism of West African Gabon.

It is more than a yearning or fascination that draws me to this.  It is some deep knowing that there is so much more all around and within me and I am caught, unable to bust through.  Pinchbeck speaks to this restless state:

“Beyond early childhood, most of us learn to keep our minds shut to the possibility that other worlds exist beyond this seemingly solid, deterministic one that we accept as reality.

We are trained, indoctrinated, to avoid those aspects of our being that belong to the realms of insight, intuition, spiritual manifestation and dream.

The narrowed consciousness of “adulthood” is a kind of rigidly defined trance, continually re-imprinted on us by the world we have created.”

I personally wonder if everyday life has become more of a museum, a one dimensional flat-line event that we walk through in our urban walmart landscapes.

Claire Bell, writer for www.midlifexpress asks in her blog: “where have all the mystics gone?” and Graham Hancock also provokes us in his TED talk on this subject of unseen worlds and lost arts of connection, wonder, and amazement.

What I know is that there is this yearning in myself these days to  “re-enchant my world and “the” world!

It is a musing that has grown out of winter, but now has an obsessive quality that comes with Spring, to mate with something so much greater than myself !

  “For there is in consciousness, a Magic, with which one can go beyond things”, says Antonin Artaud.

All in all, I think our culture has demonized sacred plants used for spiritual “ET phone home” expansion because……..”how are you gonna keep ’em down on the farm after they’ve seen Paree?”

It’s a borderless broad state of mind!



Good Stuff from Huff Post –Brilliant Ways to Reframe Change!

Check out this article from Huffington Post and Ronald Alexander. Consider it an elegantly doable brain reframe!

Personal power comes from treating mind as a fluid, constantly morphing, entity that moves in and out of  “states of consciousness” like ocean waves or weather patterns.  The more you allow these fluctuations without getting stuck in obsessive mind stories,  the more borderless you become; suffering is minimized, defused!

Why is this desirable? Because we all experience habitual numb-dumb thought patterns, what I call “habits of harm”.  

When you get stuck, you suffer, your mind plays the “mouse running the wheel” thing….



But it is stoppable.  Alexander shows us 5 ways to remedy resistance to change.  You have it in your power then to “captain your own destiny”!


Definitely good stuff for borderless broads in training!

Go Borderless.  It is a state of mind…..


Another Kind of Valentine – Hearts Hungry for the Softness of A Female Entrepreneur



Is Anyone Hungry for the Softness of A Female Entrepreneur?

 Rethink Just About Everything!

When I wrote the book:  Borderless Broads, New Adventures for the Midlife Woman, I was on a personal quest to define what makes for a woman of substance: a woman who values her soul self, sees strength in softness and treats the heart as the best guidance system for …….well, everything.  A heart that in its femaleness is by nature the heart of a lioness, the heart of a she-bear, a heart that stands firm and protective for the good of ALL life.


I see a deep yearning in many women to live from this deeply feminine place, to speak and act from softness and the courage of the heart.  It is our true nature, our natural habitat, after all; the source of our strength and ability to act with clarity and purpose.


Clarissa Pinkola Estes remarked that “the world is lonely for the comfort of the hips and breasts of women.”  This is not some sexual advertisement, but rather a reference to the deep transformative qualities of tenderness, softness and wise action that can help our culture to redefine itself through the heart.


I encourage you to claim this is as your female center, borderless broads!  It is a guide to your primary purpose as a woman of substance and a change agent at this time of so much upheaval on our planet.


 You are here to “rethink just about everything” knowing intimately, as you do, the sensibilities of the heart and knowing that “the mind is a terrible master, but a wonderful servant” so sayeth Asian wisdom!


A woman’s purpose is no great mystery.  It is simply waking up to the fact that our basic nature gives us the strength to help our culture chart a new course; our work is to re-envision everything that affects the common good and get on with doing it!


So, what does this look like?  Well, it looks like a 360 degree turn from the Dickensian Scrooge-like set of attitudes that Charlie Dickens novelized in 1842 in “A Christmas Carol”; attitudes definitely alive and well.  Can you remember Scrooge ranting and raving when asked for a donation to help the poor.  I paraphrase:  “aren’t their workhouses for the poor?  Don’t I pay taxes to support them? (begrudgingly).  Isn’t profit the only purpose of business?”, he infers.


Pure madness and yet we in the 21st century are no strangers to the hardened heart and the harsh rationalism of the intellect. We continue to believe that this is the way society must define itself and behave in business, finance, law, indeed all the major institutions established to so-called serve the people.


A borderless broad breaks through this clap-trap, calls on her lion-heart and dares to begin a culture of care in every aspect of her life.  She ceases to “see” adversaries and instead sees allies and help-mates to ensure her own well-being and the well-being of every other human and non-human being.


WHAT IF?   Just what if, borderless broad that you are, take on this mission of rethinking just about everything?  What if you question whether “the way” things are done is truly the most effective, the most successful even when it turns us into adversaries, us and thems, and cold calculators for a rigid business model, the hallmark of a win/lose economic system?


Are you a small business owner?  Do you truly believe the axiom that rolls off many a business tongue like a biblical truth:  “I run a business.  This is not a charity!” or “This is business, not friendship.”  It’s as if we believe ourselves doomed or weak or duped if the heart figures prominently in business transactions.  No one has proved that you cannot be successful and at the same time “care”, looking out for the common good, sharing the bounty!



What else might you rethink in your own business or as a major influencer in corporations and civic structures? Be assured you are a major influencer if you choose to be!


What about embracing a “sliding scale” mentality; a mentality that believes we ALL need to be cut some slack at one time or another? 


In fact, slack is a worthy value and strategy for keeping businesses viable, homeowners viable, a whole culture viable. The incredible rigidity and anger that wants everyone to “pay” for their (perceived) mistakes and be penalized beyond all reason:  “throw the bums out of their houses—shame the bums who are unemployed”—“this is a business, not a charity”–eventually chokes us all—it is a death knell for the very qualities that support vibrancy and growth in a culture. 


Who says that price structures must be rigid?  Who says that laws must be unbendable?  Who says banking practices must be unyielding, devoid of any hint of situation ethics?   Life is situation ethics!  Who says that debt cannot be forgiven unless the strong arm of legislation demands it?


The heart says: “There are circumstances. It is never a one size fits all world!”  The heart says: How can I work with this person, this organization for a win-win?  How can I help for the greater good?  The best kept secret and the most profound powerhouse of economic viability is:  “you win; I win, when we ALL win”. 


Borderless Broad, I challenge you to be fearless, to take on the heart of the lioness, but NOT alone.  In my book, Borderless Broads, I encourage women to form pods in order to maximize their strength, their influence and their personal success.


Your purpose is to “rethink just about everything” and use your very femaleness, your softness, your heart and your she-bear protectress within to change us from cultures of soul-less bottom lines to cultures of care, joy and believe it or not, greater shared affluence and success than we can imagine!


Go borderless, it’s a state of mind!




When the Muse Bites, Don’t Miss It!



Every so often, when I least expect it, someone shows up in my life to open doors, to inspire and to show me the exquisiteness of the human soul.  It’s like a visitation from the muse.  It bites like a mosquito. I cannot not pay attention and follow its lead.

Recently, I met a young woman, quite by chance, who not only introduced me to the phrase, “senza trucco”  ( previous blog on my website),  but then led me on into the world of fado, a passionate vocal music of Portugal.  More precisely, she introduced  me to Mariza, the undisputed diva of fado.

What happens when the muse bites like this?   If you are awake and in the habit of saying “yes to life”, you jump at the chance for a new adventure, yet another opportunity to make life bigger, sweeter, inflamed in the best possible sense!

If you are feeling bored or ho hum, symptoms of a  mid-winter contagion, I invite you to listen to Mariza over and over again.  Be transported!  Then….. look out and within for the muse to show up in your own life and follow her lead without question.

You are cultivating a borderless broad state of mind!


Senza Trucco, It Says It All, Italian Style!

Senza Trucco!
(without makeup)
 So, here I am writing the most unlikely blog about makeup?  Well, not exactly!


 I am writing about a giddy love affair I am having with the Italian words “senza trucco” (pronouced trucho).


I met this woman at the MUK, a shortened version for Mukilteo, the local coffeehouse and my designated office, actually, on Whidbey Island. She was working away on her laptop investigating a website called Senza Trucco.


She tells me it is about 4 women alchemists, wine makers, in Italy who have excelled at the art of organic biodynamic wines. They are referred to as the women “without makeup”, senza trucco, which just may be the most refreshingly right on description of women who are without pretense, bold women who are “what you see is what you get” dynamos. They make natural wines from their own intuitive blendings and they exude the naturalness of authenticity as women, women without makeup!


I was so inspired and delighted by the phrase that I dove headlong into improv fantasizing myself  a full bodied, over the top, Italian woman gesticulating wildly, exclaiming to any and all women who would be my audience:  senza trucco, senza trucco, senza trucco –with all the gusto of an Italian opera diva!

Senza Trucco - No Makeup!  


Now, before you write me off as nuts, just imagine adding this phrase to your every day vocabulary, twitter it, make it the new catchword for, well, all women of substance.


“She is definitely senza trucco!”

 Then….Imagine you have a friend that is practically doubled over from being “nice”, never saying what she means; someone you love, but drives you to distraction with her doubts and fears and habitual who am I’s. (maybe it’s even you)


Look her in the eyes and in your best “midlife mama” Italian impersonation, arms conducting the air, eyes blazing, bosom shaking, ring out with:  “getta grip, be you, find that woman inside senza trucco!”


Isn’t it wonderful to find words that universally say it all, you know like: “I get it, no explanation necessary.”




What say you?


Wintering on Whidbey — The Sound of Deep Calling to Deep

Aboriginal Way  (Edited version adapted from the writings of Miriam Rose Ungenmerr)

Dadirri.   A special quality, a unique gift of the Aboriginal people, is inner deep
listening and quiet still awareness.

Dadirri recognises the deep spring that is inside us. It is something like what you call contemplation.

The contemplative way of Dadirri spreads over our whole life. It renews us
and brings us peace. It makes us feel whole again. In our Aboriginal way we
learnt to listen from our earliest times. We could not live good and useful lives
unless we listened.

We are not threatened by silence.
We are completely at home in it. Our
Aboriginal way has taught us to be still and wait. We do not try to hurry things
up. We let them follow their natural course – like the seasons.

We watch the moon in each of its phases. We wait for the rain to fill our rivers and
water the thirsty earth. When twilight comes we prepare for the night. At dawn we rise
with the sun. We watch the bush foods and wait for them to open before we gather them. We wait for our young people as they grow; stage by stage, through their initiation ceremonies. When a relation dies we wait for a long time with the sorrow. We own our grief and allow it to heal slowly. We wait for the right time for our ceremonies and meetings. The right people must be present. Careful preparations must be made. We don’t mind waiting because we want things to be done with care. Sometimes many hours will be spent on painting the body before an important ceremony.

We don’t worry. We know that in time and in the spirit of Dadirri (that deep
listening and quite stillness) the way will be made clear.

We are like the tree standing in the middle of a bushfire sweeping through
the timber. The leaves are scorched and the tough bark is scarred and
burnt, but inside the tree the sap is still flowing and under the ground the
roots are still strong. Like that tree we have endured the flames and we still
have the power to be re-born.

Our people are used to the struggle and the long waiting.
We still wait for the white people to understand us better. We ourselves have
spent many years learning about the white man’s ways; we have learnt to speak
the white man’s language; we have listened to what he had to say. This learning and listening should go both ways. We would like people to take time and listen
to us. We are hoping people will come closer. We keep on longing for the
things that we have always hoped for, respect and understanding.

We know that our white brothers and sisters carry their own particular burdens.
We believe that if they let us come to them, if they open up their minds and
hearts to us, we may lighten their burdens. There is a struggle for us, but we
have not lost our spirit of Dadirri.

There are deep springs within each of us. Within this deep spring, which is the
very spirit, is a sound. The sound of Deep calling to Deep.

The time for rebirth is now. If our culture is alive and strong and respected it will grow. It will not die and our spirit will not die.

I believe the spirit of Dadirri that we have to offer will blossom and grow, not just within ourselves but in all.

Go Beyond.  Go Borderless.

Borderless Broads is not just a book, it is a state of mind!

(The book cover for Borderless Broads, New Adventures for the Midlife Woman is an aboriginal image gifted to me by Bev Grant of the Wiradjuri Nation, New South Wales)

Wordlessly Whirling into the Borderless Broad 2013

Wordlessly Whirling in 2013  precedes this post.  You might read it first for continuity…….

These 2013 posts are a way of “fleshing out” in practical terms the practice of a borderless state of mind and a means to embody the “Borderless Broad” in your life……

It is all about connection, a hook up within yourself and with other humans  in ways that form an energetic web…far  stronger, more helpful, and more sustaining than those we make with words, words and more words.  It is quite revolutionary and evolutionary to awaken to this next step.

When you rely only on words to bond or “do business” or convey love or reveal who you are,  there are always spaces for  interpretation and separation.  There is always that place of  “mind noise” that distracts, taking you “away from yourself”.

What says the world right now?  Are more words clearing things up, taking us to brilliant solutions….. or does reliance on language send us all into mindless fugs, tuning out, nodding off,  because it has all been said before and usually with much boundary-making and belief- defending?

Once again, Rumi to the rescue to advise us to go beyond “where few humans have gone before”!

“Beyond all right doing and wrong doing, there is a field.

I will meet you there!”

  Imagine this field of being, this space for solidly bonding, wordlessly.  It takes some imagining for our brain weary habits!

First steps. Here is a simple practice to begin “the art of connection”  helping you to consciously weave threads toward the oneness you hear so much about.  Oneness means little as a concept, but as a wordless practice, it has great power to shift divisiveness, isolation, and loneliness.

Notice when you are experiencing some occurrence in your life.  Of course this happens non-stop each day.

Perhaps you are laughing, over-the -top breathless gasping sillies overtake you.  Pause and see if you can expand to an awareness of all the people laughing in the world  in this very same moment as your own.  Join with them.  Feel the laughing bond connecting you.  You are setting the planet alive with laughter in that joining.

Perhaps you have recently given birth to a first child.  Psychically find all the other new mothers on the planet, feel into your common experience and join with them in that profound mothering you yourself are feeling.

Perhaps you have just experienced a soul leaving the planet, death, up close and personal. Radiate your field out to all those who are experiencing this same event in these same moments.  Join the rhythm of these “comings and goings” that never stops.

Perhaps you have just experienced the thrill of getting that job you have been chasing for months. Go to that same moment with all the others on the planet experiencing  this same moment of relief and gratitude.

Your focus is to join up with the shared  “feeling sense” that accompany all events we humans share and expand into experience beyond yourself.

So, my joy and my personal learning is to begin to speak in the more primal tongue, the tongue of energy transmission because this is where our species is going.

 Our reliance on words and concepts to run our lives is shifting to something higher, a more rarefied expression…..

We can “talk” about oneness.  We can “talk” about the present moment, but……it is the real  felt sense of presence that shifts us, one and all; weaving the new world in every present moment,  moving from individual experience to a felt sense of a shared humanity, a shared experience with plant, animal, the elements, all life, really.   You are growing a “seed bed” for feeling into and feeling with…..!





 It is just possible that the only real work now is in other dimensions of our being.

It is just possible that this is a crucial focus in 2013.

Go beyond.  Go borderless…..





Wordlessly Whirling in 2013

Morgana Morgaine Coaching





A High Frequency Life

You have the great capacity to raise the speed and intensity of your personal vibration, 

The energetic footprint of your life! 

Whirling Wordlessly   
Whirling Wordlessly Like the Dervish  


 I have been musing for days about what to write that might inspire you in this new 2013.


I have been musing for days as to why the words have not come easily given that I am definitely a wordsmith, relishing words and ideas.


Then…I found this wonderful image of a Whirling Dervish from the Sufi tradition and I got it!  I knew what was bubbling up … and it’s a bit scary (for me).


When the dervish whirls she or he is in wordless experience, a silent communication with the mystery, the source, the great hoo-hah. Words would separate her from this experience. Words would take him into thought and out of connection.


Similarly, I seem to be entering such a period of less talk and more listen, of less thinking and more experiencing, of more electromagnetic heart sensing and less mind.


 The feral elemental world of nature so “in my face” on Whidbey Island is, no doubt, a huge influence! 


So, “Yikes”, I say.  How do I connect with you wordlessly when blogging is such a big part of my reaching out to kindred spirits?  What happens if I am now more about star gazing and less about personal coaching and self development?


Here is what I want to say to you.  Until telepathy of the heart becomes a reliable option, I will use words.  However …  I am taking literally the research from HeartMaththat says that the electromagnetic field of the heart supersedes that of the brain and we can summon each other wordlessly by energetically “docking” like two craft approaching a cosmic space station.

So, here is what I want to say to you.  Honor your whole brain reverently this year, but give a special wink and a cuddle to your right brain that loves images and story and the big picture of events both personal and cosmic. Honor too your heart and its mysterious power that we are only now awakening to in a mainstream kinda way.


Perhaps lean toward less efforts to “improve” yourself and more toward rediscovering the experience of living the holy moments that come your way.


A bible person I am not, but, I am always moved by these words: “Take off your shoes, you are standing on holy ground”.


Allow 2013 to be holy ground for you.  When you awaken each morning, you might remember to remove your shoes multiple times during your day, enter your life with intention, using the power of your incredible heart to guide every business deal, every encounter, every playful moment  … then go to bed …. and rest, really rest!


Take Off Your Shoes On Holy Ground

Go Borderless, It Becomes You!

Who Speaks for the Young Men? Today, I Do!

Young Man - Listens to A Cosmic Heart Beat

Today, I am sitting with the deep grief unleashed by the shooting in Connecticut to deal with something that has been niggling at me for a very long time.  (This post is long, but essential!)

What we fail to hear in the reporting of these shooting incidents is that Young Men are the perpetrators!

 Young Men: Columbine, Colorado, Arizona, Connecticut, to name just a few.

The reaction to these events seems to always go to the ” fix-its” that never really get fixed anyway, namely, changes to gun laws and mental health reform.

Neither of these are the root cause even though there is no question that both guns and mental health scream out for reform and a return to sanity. However, these still leave out the huge “elephant in the living room”, men are doing this and more importantly, young men are doing this!

Now, switch to the Arab world and the countless young men you see waving guns, apparently “high” on bloody conflict, suicide bombings, and general mayhem.  Switch to Africa, the Congo, Somalia, Sudan, young men running amok with guns.

This is not just an American problem.

What this is and I now speak for the young men of our planet is a result of cultures offering bread crumbs, very little support and paltry visions to our young in general and young men in particular.  It is in Europe.  It is here.  It is all over the Arab world.

The common denominator is limited opportunities, no work, little to no education for many, and inadequate models of what it is to be a male in the 21st century!  Every human needs to be needed, a sense of belonging, and a sense of personal destiny;  young men are not getting this in any positive and culturally valued way.

The old military model of the warrior offers little hope for a new world male,  non-violent and non-abusive and dedicated to life affirming pursuits.

In the West,  it is the military and its guns.  Here, they can belong.  Here, they can feel a sense of personal power.  Here, they have a PURPOSE.

That’s it!  There is simply no other societal function that values and supports young men with non-violent alternatives to feel needed and serve in some larger way.  If you are poor and uneducated, this is especially your lot.

Are you noticing how violence born of isolation and a sense of meaninglessness is spreading?  No longer just the disenfranchised, but  the educated and privileged also are lost and shooting, Colorado movie theater, for instance.

Who too can fault all the alcohol and drug use?  Why not escape this tired and worn out vision of manhood?

When there is no employment, no satisfying work, and very little attention positively paid to the young, the world gets smaller. Despair and rage take over.

In the Arab world, we see young men’s sense of purpose wrapped up in waving guns and sacrificing their lives for some obscure and distorted religious fervor that is not even a core teaching of Islam. We see thousands of uneducated young men without alternative hopes and dreams for lives of  “positive” purpose.

 It is testosterone run amok!  To paraphrase an old adage: “idle hands and minds and lack of hopeful dreams are the devil’s playthings”--and please do not take “devil” literally, we have enough of that going around too!

Who speaks a new vision for young men in our culture?  Who offers something so compelling that guns and rage cease to be the juice that makes young men feel powerful, alive, and purposeful?

Well, I think it is the women.  Women willing to show up and shame the dying, but not yet dead, patriarchy for its lack of vision for the young and lack of caring for the new male whose value and role in societies has yet to be articulated much less supported with resources and pride.

These women are ones willing to step up to the plate and take on the role of Global Mother, Great Mother energy willing to say “Enough,  you will do no more harm nor keep humanity small”!  Women willing to walk out their front doors all over America when these abhorrent events happen and wail and keen in deafening “shared voice” until all come out of the “numb” and begin to feel the madness of all of it, the pain of all of it both for the slaughtered and those young men doing the slaughtering!

Shame is a powerful deterrent and legions of women willing to be “on call” and speak the outrage and shame to those committing violence and those doing nothing to help deter the violence is a powerful female tool.  

It is the lioness, the matriarchs willing to say “enough” in every violent circumstance of rape, abuse and slaughter. 

And what about adult men, you, the fathers and grandfathers, uncles and male mentors???

 I recommend a healthy dose of self reflection on this male phenomenon of violence and killing as a source of identity.

It is not a woman’s problem other than that most often, it is women and children who bear the brunt in families, in wars, in urban shootings!  Why am I not hearing men talk about this?  I hear talk of a violent society and violent video games and movies, but never do I see a focused campaign initiated by men looking for a new vision of what it is to be male in the 21st century and beyond.

Whose job is it to expand male consciousness and to realize that violence, guns and war is an old dinosaurean concept of manhood.

Take care of your own testosterone, men, and use your intelligence and talents and heart to inspire each other and for godsake offer your sons a new vision of themselves with support and praise and love and hugs from birth and throughout their lives!

This is your work, not mine and not other women’s!

How much louder can the cries for help get?  How much more evidence do we need of lost souls gone amok?

Yes, control guns if you will, but “they”, the ties to money and armaments, will not do it !  Restore mental health care availability and skilled treatment, if you will, but “they” won’t because we must feed the bloated military budget that trumps any new world vision that inspires young men with new sensibilities of their personal worth and  positive contributions to this planet!

Who speaks for all these young men?  Today, I do, but that is not enough.  There is such great promise for where humanity is going, but it takes adults to open up possibilities and options for the young.  It takes adults to dream big for their children so children can catch the dream and believe they can really make a new, productive, and life-affirming world.

Someone said…. ”  Given the present circumstances, not to dream more boldly, is simply irresponsible!”

Knees Are A Huge Wake-Up Call, What’s the Mystery?

I was having coffee with a friend on Whidbey Island and up came the subject of knees. She suggested that our culture is “down on its knees right now”.  I could get that and here’s why.  But first, a bit of background….

I saw on the news that there are more knee surgeries than ever before and alas, I even added to the numbers myself in November!  Something like “more than five and a half million people visit orthopedic surgeons each year because of knee problems. Over 600,000 arthroscopic surgeries are performed annually; 85% of them are for knee surgery and 676,00 of those are knee replacements!

OK, what’s going on?

Believing that any condition is never just a physical problem, what is the Universe trying to tell us with the knee thing?  Well, knees are about “support, holding us up”.  “Going down on our knees” is a universal  symbol for “giving over” and submitting to something besides our own mind that thinks it knows what is best.

Well, in many ways, we are being brought to our knees with the economic shifts and the more or less huge upheavals in all we have come to expect as humans.

 The equation has been:  I do this…. and then I can expect this…..in return.

 Not so my borderless broad wanna-bes!  The times are indeed a changin’ and we don’t even know how it will look tomorrow much less in a decade.  The home base we have relied on continues to quake, our knees are giving out as it becomes more difficult to hold ourselves up with the shifting times!

So,  perhaps the real treatment —  beyond the physical of knee replacements and scopes invading our knees to clean up the shredded debris from injuries —  is being willing to bend our precious knees, to take “the weight off” these overworked joints,  metaphorically, that is!

Down on bended knee means knowing we just cannot support ourselves alone or in the ones and twos of us.  Down on bended knee means acknowledging we do not have all the answers or know exactly what to do with the shifts we see everywhere.

This is a global phenomenon and a personal phenomenon!

Amma, a wise and generous mother- woman of India reminds us:  “Whatever you do and wherever you are, RELAX and you will see how powerful it is — then, everything happens spontaneously and effortlessly!”

Now that’s a real exercise in trust for many of us “can do” women of the West!  And yet, despite all our efforts and strategizing, the world is a changin’ and we just cannot control it all,  personally or globally!

Another wise and generous American woman, Byron Katie, suggests we practice bending our knees another way.  She suggests that you identify those things you resist at all costs like a dental drill without novocaine and say to yourself:  “I look forward to…………… and I am willing to…………….”  This is a real breath stopper and my example is perhaps extreme, but the point is to move off of rigid dead center and allow yourself to welcome in and look forward to your worst fears so that you can move on through whatever it is flexibly, that is,  “on bended knee”!  I call this resilience.

So this Borderless Broad says: Knees are blessings.  Protect them physically and also invite in a new relationship with how you are held up, how you are supported,  relax and let go!

Kiss those boo boos too!





Word count: 0 Dr


Nix the Language of Starvation and Spread Good JUJU Instead!

Fatten Up on Praise and Adulation


How many ways do I starve me and thee?–Let me count the ways.  Well, this isn’t about starvation diets of any kind — and it’s not about food, well, food food anyway!

Rather, this is my quest to inspire all of us to nurture the beejeezus out of one another and to realize how little it takes to do just that.

Here’s what I’ve noticed.  I love to be seen, to be heard, and to be praised (authentically).  I love to be cherished, enjoyed, and celebrated!

 How about you?

Maybe because I wrote the book,” Borderless Broads, New Adventures for the Midlife Woman” and I experienced  how wonderful it is when readers take the time to write me about their experience of the book and to thank me that I began to really understand how day changing, life changing, mood changing receiving (more consistent) good juju from people really is!

Oh, it’s not about needing to be propped up by other people’s opinion of me, it is about basking in good humor and good wishes and generous support and feeling what a difference it makes — sort of like being watered and put in the sun more consistently.

 I personally think the language of starvation that values criticism and pointing out short-comings, and needed areas of improvement has had enough play.  Even self development needs a rest as the hallmark of growth and maturity.

 Instead we might just overload each other with much needed praise and adulation for just being us!  There is no scarcity or legal limit for doing so.

I’m pretty good at doing this for others because I so appreciate when humans do their best to shine and to offer substantive food that inspires and delights me.  It might be a laugh.  It might be an incredibly articulate  analysis of some topic.  It might be brilliance in telling a story that captivates me. It might just be sporting a new zany hair color that makes my head swivel for a second look!

Most recently, I have been totally taken with Joy Reid, a Florida journalist and contributor to MSNBC.  She is one smart woman and incredibly forthright and articulate when “telling it how she sees it”.  I did my best to find an accurate email address for her (never could) so I could tell her that her skill and brighness- of- being was noticed by me and I wanted her to know it!

 Noticing each other is a big deal!  Being specific about what we see and value in each other is over the top good for health and the happies!

Therapists and coaches understand that “being seen and heard” is the highest need of humans after bread and water!  Our dearly beloved Puritan heritage has done a real number on us around this.  Isn’t this  where all the hogwash comes from about “praise gives you a swelled head”,  “loving yourself is selfish” and  “too much attention is a child spoiler” ?

Here’s the thing.  Noticing each other and actually letting words fly out of your mouths with praise and appreciation is a really cheap high you can  manage — often.  I think we are all just waiting to give recognition and often swallow it because of shyness or fear of rebuff…Enough already!  Do it!


Let’s bust the bubble on all the ways we practice a starvation diet with ourselves and others.  Forget money,  give appreciation and praise philanthropically.

If you’re sitting on the bench wearing your best bones, waiting,  having practiced the language of starvation for most of your life, then “belly up to bar”, women, and drink in a good dose of appreciation and adulation and give the same (authentically, that is) to whomever crosses your path.


I always stop and tell  little girls I meet  (3,4,5 years old) something wonderful about themselves. Walking through a parking lot the other day, I saw a 4 year old obviously dressed up for one of those all important birthday parties. I stopped in my tracks and told her exactly what I liked about her  and just  how dazzling she was.  I also stop when I see very young boys who have not yet been trained out of their innocence and loving selves.  I let them know that “I see them”.  It is so important, isn’t it, to be positive mirrors for “wee ones”.  

But let’s not forget that grownups are just as hungry to be appreciated and told exactly what we see in each other.   It’s not an age thing, it’s a generous heart thing that believes that thriving is the ONLY worthwhile pursuit and it requires all of us!










Remember in the movie Avatar when the female avatar says:  “I see you!  I see you!” ?

Dry Eye? You Probably Need to Cry!

Cry for Happy, Cry for Sad, Either Way It Isn't Bad!

Are you in the habit of  going beyond physical explanations when pesky “conditions” show up in your remarkable body?  Consider this a reminder to do just that!  Be curious and find the metaphor for what ails you.  Great insights come!

There I was putting in eye drops this morning and in popped the words “dry eye” .

I am suspect of all these medical conditions that show up in ads giving a name to anything that is the least bit uncomfortable and then recommending some pharmaceutical remedy that will fix you right up.

And then there are the side effects that the announcer rushes through at top speed in case you might actually listen to what is said.

You know, things like never sleeping again, or wandering the streets in your nightgown, totally amnesic,  doing things you would never do in the light of day  or those suicidal thoughts that MIGHT result in, well, death.  The suicide and death “remarks” always make me laugh because I know most of us are rushing to our pharmacies eager to have such a “near death experience”!

Anyway, I digress.  It occurs to me that the epidemic of  “dry eye” is nature’s way of telling us that we just don’t cry nearly enough.  Instead of putting drops “in”, it might be a better choice to let those tears “out” and all that lies behind them.


 Crying is healthy.  It cleans the system/s.  Eyes are washed clean, you snort and snuffle as you sob and then blow out all the stuff-i-ness (there’s another metaphor to explore), your chest heaves and lungs expand and oh, the oxygen your much starved muscles drink up like rainwater.  Afterwards, you feel renewed, calm, and a deep muscle tiredness from the release of it ALL.

In contrast, when you hold the tears in for today or for years, it takes a huge upheaval of some kind for your body to remember how to cry.  You just go from experiencing an event worth crying about — to numb — to well trained emotional messages to “carry on” as if nothing happened and never mind the headaches that  you blame on some planetary shift in the stars…..


No Feel No Heal That's the Deal!

Where did you ever get the message that crying is the last thing you should ever do (probably on the same parental knee or teacher’s knee that I did)? 

You learned very early that if you do succumb to a good weeping,  for god sake, bury your face or leave the room or run for the bathroom or plead a  seasonal pollen invasion even if it is the dead of winter?

I could probably count on my fingers and toes the number of times I have seen someone cry in public including myself.

Babies are very fortunate although a bit noisy with it and that sends some into annoyance, but at least they let it all go, big time!  Great teachers are they!

I probably cry most at movies.  Not really sad ones, more like movies where I well up with the beauty of  things like elephants and baby anythings, or people having really honest connections.

I cry for joy a lot and less for the sad things unless they are happening to someone else, BUT…

I am ready to enlarge my repertoire and invite you to do the same. Cry more and do it with a flourish of feeling, a bit of drama even–really let it rip!

Let’s all cry more and in public and about anything that is meaningful and matters to us.  Let’s make a pact to stop turning away or running for cover.  Let’s allow each other to SEE when we are “moved” by life events and by each other! Let’s pass tissues around and applaud each other for developing a moist heart.

In fact, let’s have “Crowd Cries” when we witness bullying or mean-spirited politics or middle east wars or brutality towards a woman or child or one of our neighbors dies or we lose our favorite animal pal or ………….?  

Flash mobs are great fun, now let’s stretch it and create awareness  about the power and OKness of tears (in public)!

Forget the eye drops and do what it takes to find the tear drops.  It’s cheaper and way more effective.


Cry for Happy.  Cry for Sad.  No Feel = No Heal.  That’s the deal!

Cultivate a  borderless broad state of mind…


Just sayin’….


Got Sacred Cows? Just How Many Teats Are You Milking?

One Can Never Be Too Irreverent About Reverence!



I just watched Sarah Silverman at her most irreverent.  Being a one-time Catholic amplified my laughter!

She is incredibly skilled at poking about in thoughts and beliefs that are considered “sacred cows” to someone or some group somewhere.  I like that.  She is not “choosy”.   She is a true descendant of the court jester/holy fool mucking around with what constitutes truth and what constitutes power and just what some people think “should never be said in public”!  Yes, I like that!

 I say embrace it because it keeps you from growing barnacles on your joints and brain parts!


Offended Sacred Cow

I too suffer (off and on) from a fair number of sacred cows in my own thinking.  I have thought them necessary to make sense of the world. They have also been a great way to deal with fears. There’s nothing like “absolutes” and unshakable dogma to provide temporary feelings of safety and security.
I no longer find this to be true.  It’s a bit too limiting and time consuming, really, to keep my focus there.   So, I applaud those who “laugh me down a notch” when I get too self righteous and too serious.
 This is not to say I always like it, but I do realize that the more time I spend  “milking” my own sacred cows, the less time I spend in the present where everything is changing in every moment at warp speed and requires a new me to show up and work with it.
How much time do you spend “at the teats”, so to speak?  Do you find yourself obsessively massaging thoughts and beliefs that you may have found useful at one time, but are now just so much, well, sour milk!
 I think it is fair to say that most of your inner movies are filled with sacred cows that you would prefer to keep alive and well.  It feels good to feel sure, to feel right, to feel in control.    The joke is that these inner movies rarely match  another persons and so it is hardly a sure fire way to connection!
Well, at some point, I chose to update my world in a much more original way,  I chose irreverence for its stuck-in-the-muck blasting power!  I now find it a useful way to shatter “mental mountains” that get in the way of my living fully and presently!

 Here’s a circumstance where irreverence saved me.  Once upon a time, I decided to become ordained as an “interfaith minister” (well, that’s another story), but I was so resistant to all the language like “reverend”,  “minister” and “god”, that the only way I could make peace with it was to become ordained as “The Reverend Holy Fool”.
This gave me wiggle room, you see, so I could blast through all the historical and bizarre connotations  linked with “minister of anything” or “one true god of anything”.  Both  ferocious  mental mountains, to be sure.
 I even had a name plate that said:  “The Holy Nose Knows” (a reference to the power of the red nose of courage worn by every clown-being  dedicated to mystical mayhem).  Now, I had the freedom to make it up as I went  along, relying on real people and real circumstances to keep me somewhat humble and “in touch”.
Irreverence is a magic wand” to turn everything upside down and backwards, to keep your life fresh with one foot in the air ready to leap to some new place when frozen thoughts and beliefs threaten!
I heartily recommend it.  Being offended is such a silly waste of time.
 Even the Mona Lisa from her place in the Paris Museum has been heard to say:  “just laugh and move on, please!”
I wonder where in your life a good dose of irreverence might “freshen the air” and create some much needed mystical mayhem?  
It is definitely a “mainstay” for Borderless Broads in the making!


Humbling Insights from Last Night’s Election. I Confess!


Humble Pie

I was so emotionally “glued” and intellectually passionate about this election that I could not even watch the returns last night.  I went to bed, tossed and turned, and watched my mind conjure  frightful scenarios about what would happen if my candidate did not prevail!

I saw that I have a part of me (one of the many multiple people living in my skin) who dives for cover, ostrich-like at some things that are just too uncomfortable to deal with head-on, in certain moments.  Well, that person showed up full blown last night and so I did not watch the drama on the TV.  I entered my own drama lying on my mattress.

It took me until 4AM to finally zero in on a “Buddha-like insight”:  “Morgana, you are so attached to the result of this election that your sense of well being is going down the toilet! You are turning your power and your joy over to the “variables” of a human event, an election, and to the prevailing “story” that says my country will sink or swim based on a few people’s notions about what is going on at this finite time in our history.

A Buddha Bubble Moment

Then I progressed to asking myself:  “Morgana, if you believed yourself to be a “great soul”, a “big soul”, what the Hindus call a “mahatma” just how would you respond to the fickle events of the human condition, like politics!  How would you act?  What would you do?

This is not to say that I believe myself to have attained such a level of clarity and wisdom, it is simply that such a question catapulted me to a higher perspective, a higher frequency response to human events since I am, after all, one of these humans.

 This kind of questioning helps.  It can help  you too to move out of well-worn ruts of thinking and rigid identities such as democrat, republican, christian, magician, soccer mom, or swedish patriot! 

Next, who shows up in my bed?  Viktor Frankel.  He was a man who survived a concentration camp experience during World War II by refusing to sacrifice his well being to the conditions surrounding him and refusing to identify himself as a victim caught in someone else’s nightmare.

Now, my topsy turvy night-time reaction to the campaign and election was nowhere near his circumstance, of course, but — that is not the point.

The point for me is that I am  reminded that my internal emotional and intellectual climate is my own responsibility!   I am truly the creator and manager of my own internal weather patterns, showing up as thoughts and emotions.  The stories I tell myself about events are completely my own and can be changed and  uplevelled to a higher sense of things, at any time.

Whatever is going on “out there” is most often someone else’s story of what is going on “out there” and more than that, when a story of what is going on out there  is fear-based,  it seems to have great power to cast a wide net of pessimism and divisiveness over an entire country.

 This is nuts!

All in all, the sleepless night turned out to be a gift of grace.  I am bigger this morning.  I experienced the true freedom of a “borderless state of mind”.   Borderless Broads  get this!

I hope it helps you deal with whatever your position on the election.

Just sayin’…




A Zippity Doo Dah Day — Feel Immensely Full — Expect the Best — Become A Source of Delight!



A Zippity Doo Dah Day…. It’s not rocket science.  It is a practice.   Focus on the funny.  Let whimsy lighten you up.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to become a total source of delight. I say be bold and do nothing less!

I may sound like a broken record, but I am so passionate about you feeling alive and so full of  yourself that you can do nothing less than break out as “totally you” in every aspect of your life.

I do not know why some of us are more recessive and introverted and why some of us are more “out there” and extroverted, but I do know that whichever dominates in you, you still have a self expression that is dying to get out –sort of like a good orgasm!  

I also know that the world needs it!  Any expression of  joy is power in the world.  Any time you feel filled up, you change everything around you.–it’s a no-brainer!

Even though we all have our own temperaments, there is a huge difference between what feels like the “core” you and what has been socialized into “keeping the lid on”, like  never daring to break out in the “futterwaken”, Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter dance in Alice in Wonderland!

So, this blog is short and sweet.  Do things that fill you up, feel good and expect the best as often as you can, even if you have to squeeze your brain cells into submission which will change your brain which then changes your experience.

  • I suggest singing “zippity doo dah”as your morning mantra.  It’s not an age-thing, it’s just works! Get your household totally into it before you all go breezing out the door in different directions.

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
My, oh my, what a wonderful day
Plenty of sunshine headin’ my way
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay

Mister Bluebird’s on my shoulder
It’s the truth, it’s actual
Ev’rything is satisfactual
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
Wonderful feeling, wonderful day, yes sir!

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
My, oh my, what a wonderful day
Plenty of sunshine headin’ my way
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay

Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
Put ’em together and what have you got

Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
It’ll do magic believe it or not

Salagadoola means mechicka booleroo
But the thingmabob that does the job is

Salagadoola menchicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
Put ’em together and what have you got
bippity-boppity bippity-boppity bippity-boppity-boo

  • Then make sure your kids, grandkids, team mates at work,  everyone you “touch” and most especially you, recite with gusto, 3 truths that will change everyone’s experience of “today”…

I have absolutely no complaints!

Everything is going my way!

I expect the best !

Just  the act of  searching for  these lyrics or any lyrics to crazy songs on youtube or googling comedic images  –clipart — (like I use for most of my blogs), or memorizing the words to funny poems like those of  Ed Lear, the wandering nonsense minstrel,  puts you in a different zone!  You absolutely become more playful.

So forget all those images that you see in most blogs, you know, the ones with real people looking like executives or the “barbie” doll woman of success.  Go for the fun—make people smile, at the least, and laugh at the most.

“They dined on mince, and slices of quince,

Which they ate with a runcible spoon;

And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,

They danced by the light of the moon.”

( Ed Lear, a most delightful and quixotic man–find his poems (free on line)  and recite them to friends, to work colleagues, to your lover and definitely on the bus!)

It is totally up to you to become a source of delight!

 You will change.  Your life will change.  It’s a no-brainer!


PS: Hurricane Sandy has raged through the East Coast as I publish this.  Now, more than ever, “becoming a source of delight”  for yourself and others is crucial.  The rest of us physically unaffected by the storms can send focused intention  to “expect the best” and “feel immensely full of life”.  We can “hold this” for the people so greatly affected. Rather than feeling devastated with the devastation, is it not better to lift us all up by you, all of us, holding feelings of overwhelming good cheer for all affected?

Just sayin!

Is Anyone Else Spending Sleepless Nights Scaring Themselves?

A Chicken's Worst Nightmare!


Remember the adage: “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”?   I really believe this and yet……. I have been scaring myself silly for weeks over this election.

Watching the debates, I was ranting and raving at the TV, irreverently screaming expletives at the hype I was hearing.  Then…I stopped and said to a friend who was watching with me:

 “I need to own something here.  I am screaming and name calling because I am afraid.  I am afraid of what “might” happen with this election!”

I had created my own horror movie with all the scenarios that “might” happen as a result of what I believe “might” be the result…maybe you have been doing the same!

 Here I am a life coach, a savvy woman over 50, and someone who can usually use the power of laughter to slay most dragons, and yet….here I was in my own horror movie conjuring up my own worst nightmare!

The chickens are not alone!

So, here I am sharing with you what I have come to.

Fear must have stories to feed on and the mind is happy to oblige.

I can blame the media or the candidates or the people I hear talking over their lattes, but the thing is, its ALL about the mind, minds gone epidemic with fear.  It’s all about recognizing that fear remains the dominant  attention-getter and mainstream tool for bending the will of people and yet……

Fear as “the” motivator is totally changeable …and…we need each other to change the stories, to change what we expect.  If not now, when?  

There will always be economic shifts, always!  There will always be changes in weather patterns with droughts or floods and changes to what foods are available.   There will always be jobs, no jobs, and big changes in industries as we all evolve and change our cultures.  There will always be changes in everything, absolutely everything!

We can spin our wheels and wring our hands conjuring up the worst case scenarios about, well, everything or……..we can learn to read the winds of change and anticipate events as best we can–not control events-but anticipate that everything will eventually change and move from reaction to preparation for change.

We might save a bit of our money.  We might keep more “staples” in the cupboard.  We might live less “hand to mouth”.  We might buy a scooter or a bike or a bus pass anticipating the inevitable rise in gas prices.   We might wake up!  We might pool and share our resources and think beyond blood relations to do so.  (what a concept) You get the picture.

We seem to be a culture incessantly looking at the highs and lows of things and then reacting either by  relaxing or tightening our anatomical sphincters!    Oh, god, stock market is down. Oh, god, oil prices are up! Oh, god, rainfall is up, down, or not at all….oh, god, things are not happening fast enough so…. oh god, get a NEW president to fix it!  Fear rules…and what a waste it is.  

The kicker here is that money is usually the reason that change is not too popular with those making a bundle from most of the resources.

I haven’t a clue what to do about that, but I do know that change starts with each of us.  We have total control over whether fear is what motivates our choices and decisions or not.  It’s not easy to be courageous alone and hold steady with change so I say don’t do it alone, getta group!

 At the moment you and I  have total power over whether we vote out of fear and put more than half of the electorate on the rotisserie or vote for  long term choices that help everyone to thrive.

This is “borderless thinking”.  JUST SAYIN’ ……..

Campaigns and Koshares — How to Maintain Your Sanity Until the Election is a Done Deal!

Lighten Up! It’s Theater of the Absurd!


I’m in the Southwest at the moment.  This is the land of the Koshare, the Clown of the Pueblo peoples akin to the Medieval court jester who “told truth to power” and usually got away with it.

We are not having much success with truth-telling at the moment on the national scene so I called up the power of the  Koshare for a dose of truth and personal therapy.  This is not so unusual since my passion is cultivating a borderless state of mind and that allows me to seek help from other worlds when my own world seems to have “lost the thread”!

The Koshare is a playful being who delights in pointing out the pompous, the arrogant, and the terminal seriousness of we humans.  He romps about mimicking the absurd  behavior of those that believe they ” know best” for everyone else, for all life, really, and for the planet.

 You may see him fart in the middle of someone’s self important speech making, providing comic relief.  He may run around contorting his face, shaking all over, mumbling nonsense,  faking total insanity,so as to rattle the minds of people caught in the “trance of mindless belief” in all they hear or are told.  A common human foible, it seems.

 He cares nothing for the realm of ideas that have no relation to what he sees happening around him to real people in real time.  He doubles over in laughter knowing that so much of politics  is a mask for doing nothing and caring very little.

Koshare teaches that laughter and playful mimicry wake us up!   It  breaks the trance.  The “all too serious gene” suffocates our ability to listen to our own truths and sends us running to join the alpha herd that claims to have all the answers!

What does the Koshare do?  He jumps on his horse and rides backwards in the opposite direction!  

Can you find the  Koshare within you?

 This seems like the time to wake up, jump on your horse and ride in the opposite direction from all that is mean-spirited, divisive and greedy.

You might just be able to maintain your sanity until the election is a done deal.   You might even change the results, one “trance-breaker” at a time, but hurry……

Susan Mrosek, Artist






Pitching the Power of the Pod — A No-Brainer Economics for Women!

Pods = Prosperity


Here are some stats that won’t shock anyone, but will hopefully get your knickers in a twist. 

  • 50% of women are now living alone
  • One in five of us is taking a happy pill to feel…well, “better”, less anxious.
  • 75% of us feel “at war with food” and how we look.
  • Six out of ten of us don’t sleep (much) & stress over money money money.
  • Many of us define economic success as a 6 figure income and…well, it ain’t happening and just may be a “false refuge” in defining success and well-being  anyway (as the Buddhists say)…just sayin…
So, what do we do with this?
 We become borderless broads.  We cultivate a borderless state of mind which means we expand our options beyond the well worn predictable lifestyle options that the culture reinforces every time we check the boxes on some form:  single, married, (partnered if your state has a heart), divorced, widowed, dead.
We do this because a borderless broad can do no less.
So, who is this borderless broad I am now doing my best to inspire you to own within yourself?  
She is and many of you are   —  one who sees the trap in becoming “too mainstream”, too tame, so that you forget that your basic nature is feral, reliant on an instinct and intuition based guidance system; a guidance system that is  always on the lookout for  new and more effective options for living life full out.
Just like an animal who takes in the whole of  its surroundings before making a move, a borderless broad remains alert, awake, and wily before she accepts the dictates of the social training she received as female.
  You ask why the stats I posted above are true for women at this time and past times as well?
  Because we do not rely enough on our femaleness which is our innate primal strength.  Our femaleness knows certain things and operates best honoring those traits. Women thrive in collaboration and cooperation.  We are relational.  We value comfort and care for humans and other beings.  We like everyone to have the basics and “do well”.  We are not fond of killing.  We do not like to see road kill and do our best not to contribute.  We tend to be bored or enraged by power plays, bullying, and tedious displays of testosterone by either sex!  — and for the purpose of this blog, we see the wisdom of working and/or living and playing in pods.
Economics for a borderless broad is based on the power of the pod.  Women learning the skills to create groups where everyone thrives.  We have largely lost these skills given the mainstream iconic devotion to the “solopreneur”, the rugged individualist stories of success and marriage as the most secure  choice for a woman.
 Given the economic realities for most women, it is ludicrous to pursue these models as the best and only ways to success and survival.
In my book, ” Borderless Broads”,  I talk about pods and  non-blood kinship groups as the new normal in lifestyles for people who choose to thrive! It is my personal belief that blood families are no longer sufficient to provide for all of us and may be dysfunctional enough to hinder our path to well-being.
Women in particular have a much better opportunity for a life that offers comfort, a degree of financial security and prosperity, and great joy by living together. It is not for everyone, I know, but let’s enlarge our options, add a box to all those bureaucratic forms:  single, married,  partnered, divorced, widowed, and happily podded!
Figure out how you can pool monies for the basics and free up other personal monies for what delights you, nourishes you.  Buy a house together. Remodel an existing building together into private and shared vibrant spaces.   Design  and implement business projects together in shared ownership.  We know how to do “village economics”, we have just forgotten!  It doesn’t just take a village to raise a child, it takes a village of bonded people for all to do well.  It’s a no-brainer.
Even if you are making that 6 figures on your own steam, I would bet you are running out of steam trying to “make it” according to a model of success that is not remotely comfortable for your females sensibilities and values.  Don’t take my word for it, just look around at the high management level women who eventually leave all those perks or women lawyers ( I have known a several) who jump ship and do something more relational and less confrontational.  The soul knows when it is being injured and it will jump ship or give you hemorrhoids (at the very least).  It is not women’s way!

A borderless state of mind demands options and thrives on shared creativity and success.

Ask yourself  in what ways you can begin to use community to leverage your  lifestyle so you will  prosper, thrive, and feel a vibrancy for  living.
 Make the five stats I posted a jumping off place for “doing it differently”.  In the long run, you will sleep better and more often, have the monies you need for a comfortable life where wealth is not the goal, but a very fine full life is….where food becomes just one source of nourishment because the focus is now on your female values of intimacy, belonging, and relationship. Solo is good, some of the time, but as a steady diet it makes life quite anorexic!
Forget the happy pills in favor of happy pods and put your creative soul to work on more economic models that help you and others to thrive–that goes for the married or partnered as well.
 As the young boy in the movie, “About the Boy”, said:  ” I don’t think couples are the future, you need more backup!”

The Road to Money: Change the Map, Change the Result.