Borderless Broads Now Available

“Borderless Broads

New Adventures for the Midlife Woman”

Get Yourself An Outrageously Innovative, Hugely Satisfying, Remarkable Life!

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You too can become a Borderless Broad and…..

Claim a new vision of yourself as borderless, an edge woman.

Explore how to make midlife — age 50 to infinity — spacious, resilient and option-filled.

Be inspired by uncommon stories, luscious quotes, a dashing splash of humor, and Morgana’s “take” on things that matter.

• Discover why Midlife is a Striptease •

Consider “Pod Living” as the New Normal in Lifestyles •

Explore the Healing Power of Harems •

Come Home to Yourself •

Reclaim Your Wildness •

Live Life Full Out!


Order from today.

For orders greater than 10 copies, please Email Me.

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