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Police report that Patriarchy was found dead this morning in numerous locations throughout the world. The body was discovered by the group known as “Hundredth Monkey” and its associate group, “Tipping Point”.


Initial reports described the body as markedly decomposed, lying in its own refuse, and suffering from ‘naked’ exposure.

A spokesperson for Hospice, who had been attending to the Patriarchy in its endless last days, stated that He, grudgingly known as “Mr. P”, had been suffering for some time from chronic systems’ disease. ”

His passing was quite laborious and intensely painful for all those involved”, said she. She subscribed this to Mr. P’s continuing inability to accept His prognosis despite a rapidly accelerating course of bodily corruption described as “polarity paralysis”,  leading to impotence and a decimating inertia.

Experts were shocked by subsequent autopsy findings which revealed the magnitude of the ravages of His disease. Widespread rumors concerning Patriarchy’s growing internal disintegration and over-all dementia were unequivocally confirmed.

During a news conference, the Medical Examiner described the autopsy results in detail. Stomach contents contained 80% of our country’s optimism, energetic spirit and forward thinking economic programs in the interest of all (both national and global, we are told).Death of earth

Efforts to offer the American people a life affirming alternative were found in a largely unrecognizable and partially digested state. Specifically, attempts to move government to a people responsive agenda had been quickly undermined by forces described by the Medical Examiner as Congressional viruses masquerading as helpful enzymes.

On closer examination, these forces were identified as fueled by self-serving aspirations for power, dominance and personal aggrandizement; the same forces found in systemic cancers, the Examiner hastened to add.

The Gonads were significantly disfigured, reportedly caused by years of incestuous strip mining of the young and undeveloped natural resources making up the social fabric of our country. Congenital misconduct by the Patriarchal Fathers, from all walks of life, was listed as a probable cause.

Examination of the Heart revealed an unexplained absence of soul, further confirmed by microscopic analysis which concluded “no traces of light anywhere in the body”.

Medical experts postulated that the years of moral shock waves surrounding preachers of the “religious road show genre” compounded by the ongoing indictment of Catholic clerics has left soul devastating cracks in the Patriarchy’s spiritual mirror.

Patriarchy crushed

Identification of the Brain and Nervous System was reportedly difficult due to the signs of telltale circuitry overload and repetitive episodes of opioid induced blackouts.

According to professional sources, these findings explained the circular thinking so characteristic of impending obsolescence as well as the lack of any real visionary potential.

Blackout was cited as a last ditch effort by Patriarchy to cope with an inability to adapt to needed changes in the systemic landscape.

The unrelenting stress created by an obsessive need to control and to view all reality as essentially competitive and adversarial directly resulted in the final “official” cause of death: Polarity Paralysis. One official described it as an ebola-like assault.

Sources close to the Patriarchy reacted to the autopsy results in disbelief. One junior partner of the Patriarchy, in charge of the “Department of Business as Usual”, is reported to have said:

“How could this have happened? Dad always believed that there was one MAN- one CEO who could “make a deal” and turn the company around. We believed Him. How did this happen, he repeated, sobbing into the cameras.

Another source, not wishing to be identified, countered by describing Patriarchy as “consumed by a gnawing despair at the growing deficit in HIS power and influence; for these reasons, we should not rule out suicide,” she said.death by euthanasia

death mourner not expected


A memorial service is pending and expected to draw few mourners….poor Mr. P!

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