Campaigns and Koshares — How to Maintain Your Sanity Until the Election is a Done Deal!

Lighten Up! It’s Theater of the Absurd!


I’m in the Southwest at the moment.  This is the land of the Koshare, the Clown of the Pueblo peoples akin to the Medieval court jester who “told truth to power” and usually got away with it.

We are not having much success with truth-telling at the moment on the national scene so I called up the power of the  Koshare for a dose of truth and personal therapy.  This is not so unusual since my passion is cultivating a borderless state of mind and that allows me to seek help from other worlds when my own world seems to have “lost the thread”!

The Koshare is a playful being who delights in pointing out the pompous, the arrogant, and the terminal seriousness of we humans.  He romps about mimicking the absurd  behavior of those that believe they ” know best” for everyone else, for all life, really, and for the planet.

 You may see him fart in the middle of someone’s self important speech making, providing comic relief.  He may run around contorting his face, shaking all over, mumbling nonsense,  faking total insanity,so as to rattle the minds of people caught in the “trance of mindless belief” in all they hear or are told.  A common human foible, it seems.

 He cares nothing for the realm of ideas that have no relation to what he sees happening around him to real people in real time.  He doubles over in laughter knowing that so much of politics  is a mask for doing nothing and caring very little.

Koshare teaches that laughter and playful mimicry wake us up!   It  breaks the trance.  The “all too serious gene” suffocates our ability to listen to our own truths and sends us running to join the alpha herd that claims to have all the answers!

What does the Koshare do?  He jumps on his horse and rides backwards in the opposite direction!  

Can you find the  Koshare within you?

 This seems like the time to wake up, jump on your horse and ride in the opposite direction from all that is mean-spirited, divisive and greedy.

You might just be able to maintain your sanity until the election is a done deal.   You might even change the results, one “trance-breaker” at a time, but hurry……

Susan Mrosek, Artist






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