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Police report that Patriarchy was found dead this morning in numerous locations throughout the world. The body was discovered by the group known as “Hundredth Monkey” and its associate group, “Tipping Point”.


Initial reports described the body as markedly decomposed, lying in its own refuse, and suffering from ‘naked’ exposure.

A spokesperson for Hospice, who had been attending to the Patriarchy in its endless last days, stated that He, grudgingly known as “Mr. P”, had been suffering for some time from chronic systems’ disease. ”

His passing was quite laborious and intensely painful for all those involved”, said she. She subscribed this to Mr. P’s continuing inability to accept His prognosis despite a rapidly accelerating course of bodily corruption described as “polarity paralysis”,  leading to impotence and a decimating inertia.

Experts were shocked by subsequent autopsy findings which revealed the magnitude of the ravages of His disease. Widespread rumors concerning Patriarchy’s growing internal disintegration and over-all dementia were unequivocally confirmed.

During a news conference, the Medical Examiner described the autopsy results in detail. Stomach contents contained 80% of our country’s optimism, energetic spirit and forward thinking economic programs in the interest of all (both national and global, we are told).Death of earth

Efforts to offer the American people a life affirming alternative were found in a largely unrecognizable and partially digested state. Specifically, attempts to move government to a people responsive agenda had been quickly undermined by forces described by the Medical Examiner as Congressional viruses masquerading as helpful enzymes.

On closer examination, these forces were identified as fueled by self-serving aspirations for power, dominance and personal aggrandizement; the same forces found in systemic cancers, the Examiner hastened to add.

The Gonads were significantly disfigured, reportedly caused by years of incestuous strip mining of the young and undeveloped natural resources making up the social fabric of our country. Congenital misconduct by the Patriarchal Fathers, from all walks of life, was listed as a probable cause.

Examination of the Heart revealed an unexplained absence of soul, further confirmed by microscopic analysis which concluded “no traces of light anywhere in the body”.

Medical experts postulated that the years of moral shock waves surrounding preachers of the “religious road show genre” compounded by the ongoing indictment of Catholic clerics has left soul devastating cracks in the Patriarchy’s spiritual mirror.

Patriarchy crushed

Identification of the Brain and Nervous System was reportedly difficult due to the signs of telltale circuitry overload and repetitive episodes of opioid induced blackouts.

According to professional sources, these findings explained the circular thinking so characteristic of impending obsolescence as well as the lack of any real visionary potential.

Blackout was cited as a last ditch effort by Patriarchy to cope with an inability to adapt to needed changes in the systemic landscape.

The unrelenting stress created by an obsessive need to control and to view all reality as essentially competitive and adversarial directly resulted in the final “official” cause of death: Polarity Paralysis. One official described it as an ebola-like assault.

Sources close to the Patriarchy reacted to the autopsy results in disbelief. One junior partner of the Patriarchy, in charge of the “Department of Business as Usual”, is reported to have said:

“How could this have happened? Dad always believed that there was one MAN- one CEO who could “make a deal” and turn the company around. We believed Him. How did this happen, he repeated, sobbing into the cameras.

Another source, not wishing to be identified, countered by describing Patriarchy as “consumed by a gnawing despair at the growing deficit in HIS power and influence; for these reasons, we should not rule out suicide,” she said.death by euthanasia

death mourner not expected


A memorial service is pending and expected to draw few mourners….poor Mr. P!

Knees Are A Huge Wake-Up Call, What’s the Mystery?

I was having coffee with a friend on Whidbey Island and up came the subject of knees. She suggested that our culture is “down on its knees right now”.  I could get that and here’s why.  But first, a bit of background….

I saw on the news that there are more knee surgeries than ever before and alas, I even added to the numbers myself in November!  Something like “more than five and a half million people visit orthopedic surgeons each year because of knee problems. Over 600,000 arthroscopic surgeries are performed annually; 85% of them are for knee surgery and 676,00 of those are knee replacements!

OK, what’s going on?

Believing that any condition is never just a physical problem, what is the Universe trying to tell us with the knee thing?  Well, knees are about “support, holding us up”.  “Going down on our knees” is a universal  symbol for “giving over” and submitting to something besides our own mind that thinks it knows what is best.

Well, in many ways, we are being brought to our knees with the economic shifts and the more or less huge upheavals in all we have come to expect as humans.

 The equation has been:  I do this…. and then I can expect this…..in return.

 Not so my borderless broad wanna-bes!  The times are indeed a changin’ and we don’t even know how it will look tomorrow much less in a decade.  The home base we have relied on continues to quake, our knees are giving out as it becomes more difficult to hold ourselves up with the shifting times!

So,  perhaps the real treatment —  beyond the physical of knee replacements and scopes invading our knees to clean up the shredded debris from injuries —  is being willing to bend our precious knees, to take “the weight off” these overworked joints,  metaphorically, that is!

Down on bended knee means knowing we just cannot support ourselves alone or in the ones and twos of us.  Down on bended knee means acknowledging we do not have all the answers or know exactly what to do with the shifts we see everywhere.

This is a global phenomenon and a personal phenomenon!

Amma, a wise and generous mother- woman of India reminds us:  “Whatever you do and wherever you are, RELAX and you will see how powerful it is — then, everything happens spontaneously and effortlessly!”

Now that’s a real exercise in trust for many of us “can do” women of the West!  And yet, despite all our efforts and strategizing, the world is a changin’ and we just cannot control it all,  personally or globally!

Another wise and generous American woman, Byron Katie, suggests we practice bending our knees another way.  She suggests that you identify those things you resist at all costs like a dental drill without novocaine and say to yourself:  “I look forward to…………… and I am willing to…………….”  This is a real breath stopper and my example is perhaps extreme, but the point is to move off of rigid dead center and allow yourself to welcome in and look forward to your worst fears so that you can move on through whatever it is flexibly, that is,  “on bended knee”!  I call this resilience.

So this Borderless Broad says: Knees are blessings.  Protect them physically and also invite in a new relationship with how you are held up, how you are supported,  relax and let go!

Kiss those boo boos too!





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Mid-Term Election, Leave the Coliseum!

Sooooo, I am lying face down on the table relishing my weekly scenar treatment where my body talks to my body and sorts itself out.  Penny, the practitioner, says:  “So what do you think about the election?”

I immediately do the “blowfish puff up thing”, ready to give my best pontification on the latest, and then, sanity prevails.  I hear myself say: “Well, I have decided to leave the coliseum.” My body immediately  relaxes and I laugh, as so often happens when a truth falls from my lips.  So, I rewind and muse about what I just said:


I have this stunning picture of Congress as opposing teams of gladiators running around screaming at each other, whacking away with swords, blood flying and when enough of that has gone on to please the crowd, they march off. Steeped in self satisfaction, they revel in a job well done, backslapping team members, relishing the good pay a gladiator gets, and believing that opposition has once again saved the day.

Well, NO, opposition does not save the day! Opposition gets stuck in opposites, and opposites get stuck in polarities and polarities cause paralysis.  Nothing really changes because everyone continues in the same loop of illusion that truly believes that two parties in opposition can accomplish anything.  The truth is that two parties in opposition just stay stuck in opposition. Politics in a nutshell….

The absolute beauty of lying on a table in a half sleep is that my civilized mind was more or less off duty allowing the sanest solution to this very tiresome political masquerade to pop out, so simply and so brilliantly.  I can choose to leave the coliseum.  We can all choose to leave the coliseum!

Now as a coach I am compelled to milk this metaphor for all it’s worth.

Where  in your life are you convinced that opposition is necessary or the norm and so you suit up as a gladiator? Is it in your job? Your primary relationship?  At bored meetings?  Is it when involved in legal stuff or health care stuff or religious stuff?   Might you think that a contentious atmosphere, a good skirmish frought with antagonism and opposition is really proof that you are doing something.  Proof that you are a professional?  Proof that you are doing your job?  Proof that you have power?  Proof that you are right?

So, what if opposition, debate, and party politics are dinosaurs–so tired, so weary, so dead that there is nothing to be done but pull the plug. What if that same opposition and debate and politics goes on inside of each of us and depletes us and makes us weary, literally gives us chronic fatigue.

Well,  your coach says “enough is enough”!  If you’re tired or disillusioned or checking out, then leave the coliseum. The game is over when the gladiators walk.  Suit up for a latte,  sit down and try silence.  Who says conflict, opposition, and two of anything with opposing views is the way to any sort of truth for yourself or for the country.

Morgana Leaves the Coliseum!

Leave the coliseum wherever you’ve got one going in your life and give your armor to Good-will!

Now, there’s a concept.

OH, and bless Rumi who said:

“Beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field.  I will meet you there.”

(“no armor allowed”)  Well, I said that actually!

Travel Keeps Me “Macro”!

From Depression to Expression or Are you enjoying a midlife meltdown?

“Travel Keeps Me Macro”. A friend once said this to me in a starbuck moment. More precisely, she said that travel was  food to her and that she had to allow herself one international trip a year.

As Americans, we do not live in “a Europe” where other cultures are often a train ride away. We have to exert a bit more effort to “see the world” and yet the nourishment that comes from conversations and shared laughter with other peoples is beyond words, literally.

Without even knowing the resident language, I have had more “heart” encounters with people in other countries precisely because we did not have words.  We had shared moments moved by music or good food or yes, a good laugh!

Homogeneity is boring and limiting. If you are feeling the squeeze of depression or the roller coaster ride of midlife changes, this coach recommends a journey.

Small life equals small dreams. Macro means big dreams, “living big”.

Edge women, women willing to bust through what is deadening their life experience, welcome difference, the eclectic (what a great word), and the unexpected, all of which travel abides.

If you are living single,  it’s time to mingle. And if you are partnered, it’s time to fly solo and stretch into the new. If going international is not an option today then go find a wide open landscape in which to dwell for a time;  a grand canyon or an ocean somewhere to love up on (at this time of stress for our oceans).

Make choices and decisions from the life you want to live and not from the circumstances of your life right now.

If you do not know what that life looks like then all the more reason to take a journey and dream it up in your journal as you go.  You will then have the blueprint and can get busy on bringing it into form, one choice and one decision at a time.  This is the way out of depression and the way to turn midlife into an adventure!

Trust me.  I’m a coach and I know.

Ready for a guide and navigator to help you “get going”?   I’m an email away! Morgana@MorganaMorgaine.com

Overcoming Depression: Get Out the Weed Eater!



When our minds experience depression, it is like a garden that has been taken over by weeds. To heal, each weed must be up-rooted, examined and tossed. Brain weeds, as I have come to think of them, are as tenacious and intertwined as what we find in our yard.

There is no quick fix like a drug or an admonition to “just be positive” that works for the long haul because the root of each brain weed is a thought or belief that chokes our life force, snuffs our “muchness” as the Mad Hatter teaches in the new Johnny Depp film, Alice in Wonderland.

 I walked around for years telling myself: “Well, this is just the way it is, so live with it.” I was convinced that it was a “chemical thing” or an genetic mole on my DNA.  Now, I know better and I work the weeds before they takeover.

One way I do this is using “thought work”,  a  method developed by Byron Katie. Having consistently used this method,  one day I looked around and I couldn’t find my depression.  Oh, I looked all over for it, believe me, skeptical that this life long companion would actually leave me. It was gone.

Next, I began turning that energy, once so consumed in depression, into expression. What you see here is one outcome of that!  A result of the magic of cleaning out, clearing up and tending my garden.  Weed eating always comes before the new stuff, the new dreams, the new plans,  the new ways of walking in the world.  Now, this is how I coach.  Are you ready to take back your garden?

When things go terribly wrong

Meltdowns are part of the cycle of living. Unavoidable. The quality of the story we choose to tell ourselves around a meltdown, however, can be small and pain-filled or big and inspiring to our own life’s journey.  Here is an example.  “My Mother dies.  I feel incredible grief and pain at the loss.  AT THE SAME TIME, I put this event into the context of a larger story:  My mother is gone.  I am now more than daughter.  I am a woman standing with myself. I am growing into a whole new experience of mothering.  Perhaps it will teach me how to tend life on this planet as a part of who I am.   What an adventure!”

Coaching assists you to rewrite your stories so you can grow, move forward, and live the positive purpose and meaning that is your birthright.