The Crucified Venus…The Shot Ignored Around the World…


Lindsay Norman, Australian Artist, 1912

Raise Windhorse! Prep the Path 2014


Celia Jackson, Artist


Just ordered a print of Windhorse from California artist, Celia Jackson, whimsical, colorful, and most importantly, it symbolizes the energetic footprint I choose for 2014!

December is an inner prep month for me.  It is a month where the waves of goodwill tend to increase due to many more humans focusing on spiritual matters of one kind or another as the month progresses. You could call it “waves of windhorse”, actually, freely available to support whatever part of your life journey you are attending to.  It’s a free perk from this time of year! Don’t miss it!

  So, let me introduce you to “Windhorse“, a Tibetan symbol of well being and good fortune, and more than that, an opportunity to ride the energy of your life.

The Tibetans speak of “raising windhorse”, raising the positive divine wind that comes from being completely and powerfully present (well, taking into account human mis-steps, that is). And the horse? It represents the stability and balance of a sure-footed, thigh hugging exhilarating ride on the back of this divine wind and being able to stay on course!

You cultivate windhorse. You evoke it within yourself.

Because it is not an aspect of the willy nilly ego, windhorse can carry you without distractions, without doubts, without second guessing–on a clean clear trajectory to your polestar , your north star, your high dream! Your present moment life.

How do you raise windhorse?  

  • Like most soulful practices, first, you empty!
  • This month, drop all unwanted, useless stories about present circumstances and past events in your life. Turn “it” all over to some greater flow of wisdom. Hold out for a better story, in other words! Then leave it alone to incubate!
  • Take a personal inventory like a 12 stepper and dump the dense and the negative.

As Walt Whitman counseled: “ditch what insults your soul”.


Now, here’s the gold:

Replace all this with one singular practice intended to light the light:  

Pineal/Third Eye Visualization


  • Pay attention to the light in your brain (pineal gland) and raise windhorse by activating that light ( click blog posts I wrote giving you lots of inspiration  and direction for changing your experience in 2014!)

That’s it!

Windhorse Awaits YOU,  

An Invitation to turn it all over to some greater wisdom in 2014 and thrive!  



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As a MYSTIC…  you aspire to celebrate direct connection, the essence of things, and the wonder of being.


As a MAVERICK…  you aspire to relish the unbranded and untamed. You are borderless broads, feeling no distinction between the nature around you and that within you. You speak through your deepest wildest self.


As a MAVEN…  you value experience and aspire to carry the legacy of wily wisdom which teaches:


Coaching Contemporary Mystics: “You Wake You Up, So Turn on the Light, 2014 Requires It!

lighthouse 2Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save;

they just stand there shining!”

(Anne Lamott)


In a previous blog, I wrote about the pineal gland, the light center within your brain. 

This post is a follow-up practice to learn to light the light!

All the time we hear about the need for humanity to awaken, to ascend to a higher frequency life.

It is helpful to know that you are a co-creator in this process and that  your body functions as a transmitter and receiver of energy, the light!

You can change from a dim, foggy and directionless “beam” to one of high intensity illumination and focus.

You can use this awakened capacity to assist others to wake up, to leave the numbed out habitualness many experience and clearly sense the vibrancy of life.

 Here is the practice I do daily (usually in the wee hours of the morning, a rarified time) to stimulate the light within, to awaken to new dimensions.

The intent is to activate this small yet mighty pineal gland/third eye;  the bridge between the physical and the spiritual.  (The image that accompanies this post is a powerful visualization for what you are intending and I suggest taping a copy of the image to the 4 walls of your bedroom or meditation room as a “remembrance” of what you are intending.)

What I experience using this practice of sound, breath, and image is a heightened sense of the “happies”, call it levity, call it giddiness, it is a  higher vibratory rate creating a more awake/alert feeling much like an animal “on alert” in the wild.

I enter a deep calm, a still-point that takes me into a different experience of meditation.  My mind is much more present to the stillness. (You will find your own experience, of course.)

I invite you to try this.  Initially I did it for the 3 consecutive days  and 24 hours apart as suggested. You might do it for the 3 days and then choose to continue as I have, finding it a great preparation for silent meditation.

The mystic within you is recessive and shy. You are inviting her  to take over your perception, to take over your life, to be the lens through which you see and feel experience.

This practice is one way in!

Click HERE to access the source article for this excerpt explaining the practice (below).


The Third Eye is closely associated with the “pineal” gland. The pineal gland is dormant in most people, as is the true Third Eye.

In the average person, the pineal gland is atrophied, [calcified] and dormant. The following exercise will change that.

 Opening the Pineal Gland/Third Eye:

This is done with a specific tone and chant. You only need to do this exercise for 3 days, afterwards, it is permanent.

The mantra to be used is “Thoh,” pronounced “TOE.”

It must be within the correct vibration.

Not deep, not high pitched, in between, like alto range.

You will feel it when you hit the correct tone. So play around and don’t second guess yourself. When you think you’ve got it, you probably do.


1. Sit with your back straight.

2. Breathe in through your nose and hold your breath as long as is comfortable.

Open your jaws so there is a small space between your top and bottom teeth.
Place the tip of your tongue between the space of your slightly parted teeth.

3. Put a very light pressure onto the tongue with your teeth.

This is like the same process of saying the “TH” part of the English word “the.”

Once your tongue is in position, release your breath slowly through your mouth, saying T-H-H-O-H-H in one long exhale.

Say the word one time per exhale. Your tongue will be vibrating between your teeth.

You should feel the air moving past your tongue and teeth.

If this technique is done properly, you will feel a pressure or sensation in your jaw and cheeks. The tone will also vibrate in your third eye.

It may take a few seconds to adjust this, don’t worry, just keep going.

4. Do the above 5 times in a row.

5. It is very important the above exercise be done for 3 consecutive days, 24 hours apart. Then it is a done deal.

Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save;

they just stand there shining!”

(Anne Lamott)

This is your “prep” and your intention for 2014 if you choose to light the light!




Mystic Matters: Reclaiming Foreplay, Why Short-Circuit Your Bliss?

Foreplay for the Rest of Us

Foreplay for the Rest of Us

I was doing a “let’s raise the god-stuff within” practice with friends and I said: “you know, I need more foreplay before we do this!  I need to prime the pump before I can go deeper with this.”  We laughed and then agreed to “take time” before going into the experience that brought us together; to prime the pump so that we could experience more deeply!  Voila, that’s fore-play!

What did that look like?  Well, I played the didgeridoo for some minutes, then  we read a Rumi piece which always moistens the heart, then we were silent for ten minutes and then….we began.

Foreplay is a practice and an art and although we associate it mostly with sex, it is essential for any creative/soulful/meaningful undertaking;  It is the “art of readiness”.

For example, say you are going to begin a creative project.  You must do something to start the juices flowing.  You might do a free association “anything goes” brainstorming session with others or you might use improv scenarios to explore how this creative something might come about, “the acting as if” until new ideas bubble up and the same ole same ole mind is out-witted!

Improv is a great form of foreplay because it  quickens brain activity,  stokes imagination, and hurls you over and over into present moment rapid response time sweeping away your ability to be distracted, a major downer for any successful foreplay in or out of bed!

G-Spot gives Way to Still-Point...

G-Spot Yields to Still-Point!

If you want to meditate, you know that achieving some stillness in your body before you begin is helpful to the experience, so, you might chant sounds that vibrate through your nervous system or sing  (row row row your boat is a great one–slow it down and really listen to the lyrics, profound, eh?) or move wildly about the room breathing fully, arms extended, repeating yes, yes, yes with gusto, laughing until you feel spent…voila, foreplay to still-point.

 The clown is the master of foreplay!  When I teach a class and people have no idea how to get out of their serious suit and find the inner heretic, I have them exaggerate their movements, throw arms overhead and say things like:  “I am so depressed!” or I have absolutely NO complaints!” or Everything is going my way!” until they dissolve in laughter.  Or…read “The Jumblies & and Other Nonsense Verses by Edward Lear.  Then….the clown begins to peak out, lost in the willy nilly! 

Lost in the Willy Nilly

Lost in the Willy Nilly

I invite you to become aware that the mystic in you loves foreplay because she is attracted to the essence of things and the essence is not the first to be seen, it must be charmed and cajoled to show itself because it is ephemeral.  It is shy!  Learn to milk experience until you find the joy in it, the humor in it, the light of it…there is a kind of nourishment here that you may not find when you just try to finish your list or get the job done!

Understand that foreplay readies you for the essence of what we often think of as just everyday stuff!

A silly song, a hearty laugh, a mind moment with the whales or the spinning earth or the sunflower fields of Tuscany readies you, “receptives” you!


I am learning that what we do is not as important as how we do it. Everything requires an entrance “into it”.  If you just barge in “to get things done”, you lose; the essence never has a chance to show up.

If you make love sloppily and mindlessly to anything, you lose.  You short-circuit your life. You dull the moments.



The Magic of 40 Days, What’s Up With That?

 Coaching Contemporary Mystics is a series of blogs I am writing as an invitation to you:  be my “companion on the  journey”, the journey of living in a new skin for these times, the skin of your own mystical nature.  It starts here with myself and with you!

40 days

“What nine months does for the embryo

Forty early mornings

Will do for your growing awareness.”  (Rumi)

40 days is a span of time that runs through many traditions.  It is seen as having a power that helps us change during transition times; a useful tool to support our efforts. You don’t need to believe it, just use it!

“In mystic thought, forty symbolizes the ascent from one level to a higher one, a spiritual awakening.”

It is also said that setting an intention and actively doing it for 40 days is what the subconscious requires to create a new behavior, a new practice in one’s life.

“Everything will be different at the end of 40 days, because you will be different inside.” (Elif Shafak)

In my research, I found countless references to 40 days as an important marking of time, no matter the culture. For those who pay attention and integrate mystical knowledge into their lives, we find certain practices:  it is important to mourn for 40 days, when a baby is born, it takes 40 days to ready itself for life on earth, when in love, we wait 40 days to be sure of our feelings. Biblical references abound: Jesus fasted for 40 days in the desert, Moses hung out on Mt. Sinai for 40 days, Buddha meditated under the linden/ bodhi tree for 40 days, and Muhammed was 40 years of age when he received the call to become a prophet. Egyptian alchemy believed it takes 40 days for the soul to be free of the physical body.  Such references go on and on…( befriend google to investigate further if you are a number junkie!)

Suffice it to say that so many diverse traditions must be on to something and… the intuitive in you senses there is power and shift in this “vow of 40 days”.

So, I have taken the 40 day challenge.  I am treating it as an experiment; curiosity and letting go of expectations are great helps!  Of course, this requires nearly moment by moment practice.

For 40 days, I am turning my life over to a wisdom and guidance greater than myself and believe me, this is giving my everyday ego a real workout as I continuously side step its advice and frantic warnings that such a lack of  “me-directed” control can only end in mayhem or worse!

 I mark each day in my journal:  “Day 5 of my 40 day vow” and so on.  I reiterate what my vow is and I go over the stickiest most difficult events or feelings that I wanted to side step, pole vault over, actually, or fix with a story that would make me feel better.

Case in point:  I submitted a children’s story to a competition (hate the word, but……).  My story was not picked.  I felt sad, disappointed, and poised to tell myself all the self-defeating stories that live in my repertoire of “let’s get Morgana” mind!

My 40 day vow, however, had created enough awareness that I could not allow myself to go there.  I had to shift to trust, I had to shift to turning it over, I had to shift to making up no stories to soothe my disappointment.

Next, I would make note in my journal of  the many times during the day that I would need to just breathe and exhale imperfect trust and the times I would rant out loud only to remember that here was yet another opportunity to “turn it over to a wisdom and guidance greater than my ego self.”

I cannot offer you any forgone conclusions about this practice, but I can say I feel more engaged and present in my day doing this.

I feel that I have tapped into a “current” that directs my willy nilly mind into something more in tune with well being.  My body likes the feelings of relief,  not needing to be the manager and ultimate knower of everything and my curious nature likes the “what next” of the 40 day adventure.

I encourage you to find your first 40 day vow and use it as a way of deepening your relationship with intentionality,  learning to shape your own intentional life.

The new normal is about flow and ease, so perfection has no place here.  This is not about doing 40 days perfectly–you fall off and then you continue, you fall off and then continue!

You are building muscle. I think you will notice that one 40 day vow will lead to another as you experience the purposeful feeling such a practice provides.

Join me?  The lights on for you!

the Lights On for You!

Coaching Contemporary Mystics In the Making!

“There is an invitation to do things differently than before; an invitation to something deeper.

 Invite yourself to the last unexplored wilderness which is the body,

Knowing it is the site of profound wisdom for us and the world.

Hear the whispered call to dwell on the wild edges within yourself for awhile.

Deepen into the undoing of your expectations of things;

Surrender a little further into the unexpected and the unknown;

Open to the surprises of the mysteries all around you

and the messages larger than anything you have heard before.”

(Christine Valters Paintner)

PinealGland woman Being  a woman of a certain age (in my 60th decade, that is) coming out boldly and with purpose becomes the primary task for those of us who choose to live in the skin of our essential nature.

Is this not what many of us want? Is this not what keeps us peeling away at the false skins so that we become what the Italians call senza trucco, women without makeup?

If it is, then the mystic is not far behind, goosing us towards our bare-assed selves! (This goosing has been happening to me for some time now and the bare-assed part has finally arrived!)

I am embarking on the journey of sharing with you “all things mystic” in the hopes of  reminding you that you are “tethered” to something so much greater than the every day walkabout you do in life as a gender, a profession, a nationality or even as a human species!

THUS, I have pared down my coaching practice and now willingly and joyfully coach mystics and mystics in the making.

So, how did this come about?

It started with a sentence that floated to the top of a recent dream.   I heard:  “We’ll leave the light on for you.”

Well, first I laughed  because I’m sure you recognize where this comes from; Motel 6’s comforting words to the weary road traveler in search of a bed for the night.

Here’s where I went in my efforts to unravel the dream message….

The mystic is all about light, an avid seeker of the light that imbues all things,  yearning to connect deeply with illumination/en-light-enment

We ourselves are made of light and intriguingly we carry a pea-shaped gland in our head called the pineal gland which resides deep within and between the hemispheres of the brain.

pineal gland

It is all about light.  The gland is activated by light and it controls the various biorhythms of the body, sleep and wake cycles, and seasonal light changes dancing with our circadian rhythms!

BUT…on a deeper less obvious level, the pineal gland is the connection between the physical and the spiritual, the seen and unseen! 

It secretes dimethyltryptamine, DMT,  the so-called spirit molecule which evokes dreams, near-death experiences, meditation, and visions.  Amazingly, tiny pieces of crystal (calcite) within the gland generate electrical currents and when exposed to an electromagnetic field such as the humungous EMF of the earth, the gland vibrates!

It is as if each of us has an inner porch light that continuously burns, vibrates, and radiates.  “We’ll leave the light on for you” is indeed a cosmic message!

The mystic knows that each day has an every day meaning attached to its experience, and then….. there are deeper levels to that experience.

The everyday self sees the pineal gland as a physiological organ for a physical purpose. 

The mystic sees its light-filled cosmic or spiritual purpose and seeks to connect with these higher frequencies of light deriving great delight from knowing there is more going on here than we can possibly understand or perhaps imagine!

OK, this is foundational stuff for understanding the deep hunger you may feel  for ” the more” beyond every day experience.

This is where I hope to engage you as a companion for the journey of living in a new skin for these times, the skin of your own mystical nature.

I start here with myself and with you!

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to…  imagine, visualize and hold your focus on the porch light in your brain!  Visualize going behind your eyes and IN to the region of 3rd eye located  mid- forehead)– then visualize also going in from the top of your skull (where the baby’s soft spot is) straight down and allow the two points to meet  at the circle (black) below–then imagine this circle not as black but illuminated with a constant light.  Use the labyrinthine image (below and left) that offers the quality of that illumination to help you strengthen the visualization.

pineal gland 2

This is your point of intimacy, your point of deep belonging.  Your light is “sourced” from “the” LIGHT reminding you that you are of infinite value to the entire womb of creation which says to you in every moment:

  “We have left the light on for you!”

Light Meditation Emily Carding, Artist

Light Meditation
Emily Carding, Artist










A Yearning to Reenchant the World — Randy, Horny, and Saps A-Risin!

We’re not quite at Spring yet in the Western Hemisphere, but I can smell it.  I can feel it. The winds are driving thoughts of  frantic pollination!

Wonderful words come to mind that express this quickening, like feeling randy or horny and most delicious of all, that Southern turn of phrase: my saps a-risin’ !

Too, my thoughts and reading have turned to a spiritual curiosity with sacred plants that “break open the head”, to quote Daniel Pinchbeck.  Plants like Amazonian ayahuasca, cactus-bearing peyote, mushrooms and the iboga mysticism of West African Gabon.

It is more than a yearning or fascination that draws me to this.  It is some deep knowing that there is so much more all around and within me and I am caught, unable to bust through.  Pinchbeck speaks to this restless state:

“Beyond early childhood, most of us learn to keep our minds shut to the possibility that other worlds exist beyond this seemingly solid, deterministic one that we accept as reality.

We are trained, indoctrinated, to avoid those aspects of our being that belong to the realms of insight, intuition, spiritual manifestation and dream.

The narrowed consciousness of “adulthood” is a kind of rigidly defined trance, continually re-imprinted on us by the world we have created.”

I personally wonder if everyday life has become more of a museum, a one dimensional flat-line event that we walk through in our urban walmart landscapes.

Claire Bell, writer for www.midlifexpress asks in her blog: “where have all the mystics gone?” and Graham Hancock also provokes us in his TED talk on this subject of unseen worlds and lost arts of connection, wonder, and amazement.

What I know is that there is this yearning in myself these days to  “re-enchant my world and “the” world!

It is a musing that has grown out of winter, but now has an obsessive quality that comes with Spring, to mate with something so much greater than myself !

  “For there is in consciousness, a Magic, with which one can go beyond things”, says Antonin Artaud.

All in all, I think our culture has demonized sacred plants used for spiritual “ET phone home” expansion because……..”how are you gonna keep ’em down on the farm after they’ve seen Paree?”

It’s a borderless broad state of mind!



Good Stuff from Huff Post –Brilliant Ways to Reframe Change!

Check out this article from Huffington Post and Ronald Alexander. Consider it an elegantly doable brain reframe!

Personal power comes from treating mind as a fluid, constantly morphing, entity that moves in and out of  “states of consciousness” like ocean waves or weather patterns.  The more you allow these fluctuations without getting stuck in obsessive mind stories,  the more borderless you become; suffering is minimized, defused!

Why is this desirable? Because we all experience habitual numb-dumb thought patterns, what I call “habits of harm”.  

When you get stuck, you suffer, your mind plays the “mouse running the wheel” thing….



But it is stoppable.  Alexander shows us 5 ways to remedy resistance to change.  You have it in your power then to “captain your own destiny”!


Definitely good stuff for borderless broads in training!

Go Borderless.  It is a state of mind…..


When the Muse Bites, Don’t Miss It!

Every so often, when I least expect it, someone shows up in my life to open doors, to inspire and to show me the exquisiteness of the human soul.  It’s like a visitation from the muse.  It bites like a mosquito. I cannot not pay attention and follow its lead.

Recently, I met a young woman, quite by chance, who not only introduced me to the phrase, “senza trucco”  ( previous blog on my website),  but then led me on into the world of fado, a passionate vocal music of Portugal.  More precisely, she introduced  me to Mariza, the undisputed diva of fado.

What happens when the muse bites like this?   If you are awake and in the habit of saying “yes to life”, you jump at the chance for a new adventure, yet another opportunity to make life bigger, sweeter, inflamed in the best possible sense!

If you are feeling bored or ho hum, symptoms of a  mid-winter contagion, I invite you to listen to Mariza over and over again.  Be transported!  Then….. look out and within for the muse to show up in your own life and follow her lead without question.

You are cultivating a borderless broad state of mind!


Wintering on Whidbey — The Sound of Deep Calling to Deep

Aboriginal Way  (Edited version adapted from the writings of Miriam Rose Ungenmerr)

Dadirri.   A special quality, a unique gift of the Aboriginal people, is inner deep
listening and quiet still awareness.

Dadirri recognises the deep spring that is inside us. It is something like what you call contemplation.

The contemplative way of Dadirri spreads over our whole life. It renews us
and brings us peace. It makes us feel whole again. In our Aboriginal way we
learnt to listen from our earliest times. We could not live good and useful lives
unless we listened.

We are not threatened by silence.
We are completely at home in it. Our
Aboriginal way has taught us to be still and wait. We do not try to hurry things
up. We let them follow their natural course – like the seasons.

We watch the moon in each of its phases. We wait for the rain to fill our rivers and
water the thirsty earth. When twilight comes we prepare for the night. At dawn we rise
with the sun. We watch the bush foods and wait for them to open before we gather them. We wait for our young people as they grow; stage by stage, through their initiation ceremonies. When a relation dies we wait for a long time with the sorrow. We own our grief and allow it to heal slowly. We wait for the right time for our ceremonies and meetings. The right people must be present. Careful preparations must be made. We don’t mind waiting because we want things to be done with care. Sometimes many hours will be spent on painting the body before an important ceremony.

We don’t worry. We know that in time and in the spirit of Dadirri (that deep
listening and quite stillness) the way will be made clear.

We are like the tree standing in the middle of a bushfire sweeping through
the timber. The leaves are scorched and the tough bark is scarred and
burnt, but inside the tree the sap is still flowing and under the ground the
roots are still strong. Like that tree we have endured the flames and we still
have the power to be re-born.

Our people are used to the struggle and the long waiting.
We still wait for the white people to understand us better. We ourselves have
spent many years learning about the white man’s ways; we have learnt to speak
the white man’s language; we have listened to what he had to say. This learning and listening should go both ways. We would like people to take time and listen
to us. We are hoping people will come closer. We keep on longing for the
things that we have always hoped for, respect and understanding.

We know that our white brothers and sisters carry their own particular burdens.
We believe that if they let us come to them, if they open up their minds and
hearts to us, we may lighten their burdens. There is a struggle for us, but we
have not lost our spirit of Dadirri.

There are deep springs within each of us. Within this deep spring, which is the
very spirit, is a sound. The sound of Deep calling to Deep.

The time for rebirth is now. If our culture is alive and strong and respected it will grow. It will not die and our spirit will not die.

I believe the spirit of Dadirri that we have to offer will blossom and grow, not just within ourselves but in all.

Go Beyond.  Go Borderless.

Borderless Broads is not just a book, it is a state of mind!

(The book cover for Borderless Broads, New Adventures for the Midlife Woman is an aboriginal image gifted to me by Bev Grant of the Wiradjuri Nation, New South Wales)