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Coaching: NOT Quite 24/7, But CLOSE

Is Coaching for You?

Do  you have thoughts like these?

Why do I get up in the morning?
I have everything I ever wanted and yet, this isn’t it.
Is this all there is?
Why do I feel trapped?
I feel like I am suffocating.  What is my work?   Where can I give who I am?
I am tired of being the lone ranger.  I want support.  I want relationships that feel like my tribe.

What does Morgana do as a coach?

I work with the big life questions. I guide people, perhaps like you, to drop decades of pain, shed mental prisons, and clean up the muck. I encourage you to move, to create momentum and to act on decisions and choices that support a life plan that is of your own making.  I support your direction toward freedom; what feels free to you.

What are my specialty areas?

  • Chronic and Intermittent Depression resulting from beliefs and thoughts that de-press your natural guidance system.  Turning de-pression into ex-pression!
  • Meltdowns. Every life has periods of upheaval, sometimes cataclysmic. Jobs disappear. Partners leave or are left. Career choices seem like mistakes.  Age cycles bring specific challenges like launching self into the world or reaching midlife with the “who am I?” questions.  Illness happens and changes life’s course.
  • Unraveling the Serious Gene. Laughter and Play are essentials for making an adventure out of life choices rather than a blueprint of should’s and have to’s.   Every circumstance in our lives has the potential for humor.  I teach this. I live this. Besides, it is written in Cormythians (2:36)! :0)

Who are the people I coach?

People I coach tend to be seekers, questioners, and easily dissatisfied with a life marginally lived. They love freedom, BUT they feel stuck.  They often do not trust their own inner guidance AND they are undisciplined in living in the here and now.   Midlife women are particularly drawn to my practice because they feel restless, rebellious, and chafe against living the same life designed for their earlier years. They do ask “is this all there is?”  They yearn to live true to their nature. They yearn to create successful lifestyles for who they are now, economically, socially, and spiritually.

How do I get coached?

We talk weekly by phone for sixty minutes. Coaching by phone is focused on you. Your surroundings fade into the background. You will find the mobility and flexibility of telephone coaching an asset to a life on the move!  If we are not geographically challenged, in person sessions are an option.

So, ask the big question.  “What is my high frequency life?” Not your mother’s or brother’s or your social network’s best guess, but a life shaped into one juicy, exciting and depth-filled experience made from the stuff of your deepest self!

People say:  “I need a wife.”
No.  You don’t.
You need a Coach.

Life is on the move, are YOU?

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