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Package #1:  “Turning Depression Into Expression”

An 8 week program designed to clean up and clear out  lifelong “habits of harm” which includes becoming aware of your domesticated mind and learning to use tools that liberate and activate “habits of self care”.   This coaching program is designed to get you sober which means helping you realize that living a life of harmful thoughts and beliefs is like having one foot on the gas pedal and one foot simultaneously on the brake.  You go nowhere.  The work is in learning to believe that you can create a life of  healthy expression and let go of a life of damaging depression.  There are tools to guide this process.  You just have to show up and be willing. It is possible. I did it!

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Package #2:  “Making the Most of Midlife Meltdowns”

An 8 week program focusing on midlife’s inevitable meltdowns. Midlife is a huge time of change. The changes are neither mistakes nor accidents.  Upheavals occur in relationships,  jobs,  and self identity.  You can fight them or use them.  You can choose to grieve the losses and at the same time move toward creating a more authentic life current with  who you are now and letting go of who you have been in the past.  This is a structured program designed to update you to you.  The result is learning to thrive in midlife!

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Package #3:  “Are You Eating Your Wildness?   Getting to the Root of FOOD Issues”

An 8 week program exploring what aspect of yourself you are really eating that shows up as a weight issue. Classically, women stuck in weight wars are eating their wildness, the undomesticated joyful self that they believe is not OK to express for a variety of reasons.  Feeling trapped often feeds on addiction whereas freedom thrives on options; a multitude of ways to receive real nourishment and give the same.  Hoarding emotions, love, money, your talents and gifts weighs you down, literally.  Learning to make your life bigger has a good chance of making your body smaller and teaching you to live life full out!

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Package #4:  “From Purpose to Destiny, Are you Ready to Create Your Act of Power? “

An 8 week program for women who feel they have a mission to fulfill in this world.

Women who realize that “an act of power” is required of them in order to proceed in their lives.  This coaching package is designed to guide you to question long held beliefs and challenge your fears.  It is structured as a catalyst to get you where you know you need to be in order to do your best work. As your Coach, I hold that dream with you until you are able to carry it yourself using your own inner resolve.  It is from here that you embrace your destiny.

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Other Coaching Services

Coach on Call

A per session option following the 8 week programs. When you need a tune-up, coaching for a new life circumstance, or a sounding board in order to springboard to your next step.


$85  per 60 minute session
$99  per 90 minute session

Session Time

Teleclass and Workshops

We  hold numerous telecourses and workshops throughout the year.  Visit our Telecourses and Workshops page to find a time/location near you.

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