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“Myth-Busting Intimate Relationships:  For Brave Hearts and Dissatisfied Minds”
(Dates/location TBA)

  • We desperately need new paradigms for intimacy and what we call union.”
  • The present ones seem to make unhappiness a virtue and freedom a vice.

“Women Living Outrageously:  The Antidote to Midlife Meltdown”
(Dates/location TBA)

  • Five Touchstones for Creating a Life of Substance While You Tango to Your Own Tune!

“It’s A Heady Concept, but Depression IS The Product of A Domesticated Mind”
(Dates/location TBA)

  • Women reportedly endure depression more often.  What’s that about?  Can it be changed?  YES!

What people are saying….

“I have been meaning to jot a note to say thank you again for guiding us all in the Vision Board workshop.  It was such a meaningful practice and a growth and clearing process that seemed to bring us all together.”  Susan P. RN (workshop participant)

Life is on the move, are YOU?

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