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The most detailed map ever made of the oldest light to shine through the universe has been released by scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA).

I write this post because I am filled with “something” that I can barely contain or articulate!  I call it a quickening that has me restless, impatient, expectant, and bravely declarative!

I begin with the tired wornout Western notion that has had us denying, jeering, scoffing and eye rolling at the presence of other worlds, locally and cosmically. Presences we call “aliens”.  Could there be a more objectifying term to separate ourselves from the space, outer and inner?!

We laugh at the idea of the elemental realms, the fairies, air spirits, water spirits.  We scorn the idea of planetary beings from distant stars and galaxies….and….as a result keep our experience very very small and very very dependent on the human mind to provide comfort, safety, ideas of reality, and possible futures for ourselves.

Why should we care?  Because it is damn limiting and arid as a dust-bowl to live in a world that is so dependent on the present capacities of the human mind for answers to well, everything.

Perhaps so-called existential angst is more a product of us believing we are here “alone”, shutting out the greater cosmic neighborhood to which we belong, believing, “if you cannot see it, it does not exist”.

Give fairies, star people and galactic civilizations there due; it is only lonely here if we truly believe we are “it” and ultimately responsible for everything that happens.

Right now, we could use some help, some new input, some “there there”  energy while we “intend ourselves into waking up”  to the fact that there is tremendous help, support, and relationship available to us on the outer borders of our oh, too limited human minds.

Imagine.  Yes, the key word is imagine…not prove, not analyze statistically, not write a dissertation on…., but imagine accepting that the presence of unseen beings is vast, that the Universe is teeming with life (unseen and seeable) and that all we have to do is acknowledge and welcome, act as if….until relationship seems attractive to other beings who have been mostly met with skepticism and derision!

Imagine Genesis anew as the coming into being of something that we just have not been able to comprehend until now.

Forget doomsdays and armageddons and enemies at every turn;  products of old fears and wonky belief systems!

Something is quickening all around us, in me and in you.  Are you awake to it?  If not, dare to slow down and feel!

Be willing to take your human seeing to a higher octave, the octave of imagination.  This is not some fantasy activity, it is the art of conceiving something beyond and then living “as if” until the actual “something” shows up and reveals itself to you…. because you have opened to its possibility!

This is the stuff of mystics.  This is the stuff of borderless broads radiating a borderless state of mind.

Great riches reside here and for all of you who sometimes wonder where the wonder has gone, know that it is just an eye blink away when you dare to feel the quickening …dare to  clap … and …dare to welcome!

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

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