Dry Eye? You Probably Need to Cry!

Cry for Happy, Cry for Sad, Either Way It Isn't Bad!

Are you in the habit of  going beyond physical explanations when pesky “conditions” show up in your remarkable body?  Consider this a reminder to do just that!  Be curious and find the metaphor for what ails you.  Great insights come!

There I was putting in eye drops this morning and in popped the words “dry eye” .

I am suspect of all these medical conditions that show up in ads giving a name to anything that is the least bit uncomfortable and then recommending some pharmaceutical remedy that will fix you right up.

And then there are the side effects that the announcer rushes through at top speed in case you might actually listen to what is said.

You know, things like never sleeping again, or wandering the streets in your nightgown, totally amnesic,  doing things you would never do in the light of day  or those suicidal thoughts that MIGHT result in, well, death.  The suicide and death “remarks” always make me laugh because I know most of us are rushing to our pharmacies eager to have such a “near death experience”!

Anyway, I digress.  It occurs to me that the epidemic of  “dry eye” is nature’s way of telling us that we just don’t cry nearly enough.  Instead of putting drops “in”, it might be a better choice to let those tears “out” and all that lies behind them.


 Crying is healthy.  It cleans the system/s.  Eyes are washed clean, you snort and snuffle as you sob and then blow out all the stuff-i-ness (there’s another metaphor to explore), your chest heaves and lungs expand and oh, the oxygen your much starved muscles drink up like rainwater.  Afterwards, you feel renewed, calm, and a deep muscle tiredness from the release of it ALL.

In contrast, when you hold the tears in for today or for years, it takes a huge upheaval of some kind for your body to remember how to cry.  You just go from experiencing an event worth crying about — to numb — to well trained emotional messages to “carry on” as if nothing happened and never mind the headaches that  you blame on some planetary shift in the stars…..


No Feel No Heal That's the Deal!

Where did you ever get the message that crying is the last thing you should ever do (probably on the same parental knee or teacher’s knee that I did)? 

You learned very early that if you do succumb to a good weeping,  for god sake, bury your face or leave the room or run for the bathroom or plead a  seasonal pollen invasion even if it is the dead of winter?

I could probably count on my fingers and toes the number of times I have seen someone cry in public including myself.

Babies are very fortunate although a bit noisy with it and that sends some into annoyance, but at least they let it all go, big time!  Great teachers are they!

I probably cry most at movies.  Not really sad ones, more like movies where I well up with the beauty of  things like elephants and baby anythings, or people having really honest connections.

I cry for joy a lot and less for the sad things unless they are happening to someone else, BUT…

I am ready to enlarge my repertoire and invite you to do the same. Cry more and do it with a flourish of feeling, a bit of drama even–really let it rip!

Let’s all cry more and in public and about anything that is meaningful and matters to us.  Let’s make a pact to stop turning away or running for cover.  Let’s allow each other to SEE when we are “moved” by life events and by each other! Let’s pass tissues around and applaud each other for developing a moist heart.

In fact, let’s have “Crowd Cries” when we witness bullying or mean-spirited politics or middle east wars or brutality towards a woman or child or one of our neighbors dies or we lose our favorite animal pal or ………….?  

Flash mobs are great fun, now let’s stretch it and create awareness  about the power and OKness of tears (in public)!

Forget the eye drops and do what it takes to find the tear drops.  It’s cheaper and way more effective.


Cry for Happy.  Cry for Sad.  No Feel = No Heal.  That’s the deal!

Cultivate a  borderless broad state of mind…


Just sayin’….


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