Frack & Distract…or…See With Spirit Eyes

Spirit Eyes

Spirit Eyes

It’s not news to say that one of your greatest tasks is to learn to “see” with  spiritual perception. This enables you to see your actions, behaviors and choices from a higher frequency perspective.

It is often called “taking the high road”, seeing beyond the obvious to an expanded sense of what is really going on.

It takes practice and a desire to support the spiritual evolution of all life, all beings.

It is also true that to “see” world events through “spirit eyes” can awaken fresh hope and optimism as you choose to “see” beyond the obvious in this dimensional reality that many of us try to keep small, homogeneous, and fearful.

One of the most effective tools that I have found for practicing spiritual perception is to ask: “just what is the bigger metaphor in this situation/circumstance?”  In doing this, you have let in spacious new possibilities and options for working with a situation, whatever it is.

A helpful key is to know that solutions that arise from looking through spirit eyes always involve a healing or mending of some sort which by its nature implies that you must dissolve something, release something; useless thought forms, behaviors and actions that get in the way of the mending/healing.

Spiritual perception turns you from victim or bystander to a full force light being seeking higher ways of working with destructive material in your own life and in the world.

So let’s talk fracking and distracting.   Like you, I have read headlines about fracking the earth and the process being used to  suck up the last drops of energy (a metaphor in itself!), what we reduce to calling oil & gas.

Earth fracking involves mega-businesses that willy nilly go about the earth drilling thousands (literally) of holes, running pipe deep into the earth, and then under intense pressure forcing water, sand, toxic and flammable chemicals into the earth so as to fracture, split, undermine, and generally disrupt the integrity of the earth, our very ground and our foundation!

I call this the gang rape of the 21st century. It tends to cause tremors, quakes, and flammable benzene ridden drinking water possibly breathing fire from your backyard garden hose!

 Take a moment to really “take in” these words describing the fracking  process: fracture, split, undermine, disrupt, separate. Now take the metaphor into your everyday life.

We frack everything. We frack each other, we frack whole groups of people, we frack animals and waters and air and hearts and minds.  We frack through wars and corruption and…… most of all, we frack ourselves.   We split, divide, force, undermine and disrupt relationships,  work environments, boundaries (personal and national) and we frack by gender, race and who’s got the power and the resources we want (personal and global); we force feed toxic training using education and social values to frack life into submission.


Most of all, you frack you!  I frack me.  We all frack each other.  You doubt, you diminish and you undermine your sense of self and split-off from the inherent light source that you are.

And what about this training? … It’s cultural and religious …. not innate! It’s not fate nor an unchangeable human destiny!


Far from being despondent about this or drowning in the catch-all phrase: “well, it’s just the way it is!”, I asked a higher frequency question: “how do I shift from a fracking consciousness to mending/unifying these habitual rifts inside and out?” And then, of course, the web of synchronicity provided answers…..

  • Shifting to spiritual perception is to take an internal vow to see with a higher octave sight.
  • It is to wake up to understanding that spirit eyes never accept as “normal or acceptable” the annihilation, subversion, undermining and fracturing of our human experience. Spirit eyes always moves us towards mending and healing the tears in the shared fabric of life.
  • It belongs to a new dimension of existence, a unifying dimension propelling our evolution.
  • I met Tsultrim Allione, a Tibetan Buddhist Lama, a North American Woman by birth and a mender of torn fractured energies (which in her work with western psyches, she personifies as our demons).  Tsultrim’s path is to bring forward the work of an 11th century Tibetan woman, Machig Labdron who essentially counseled humans to cease our knee jerk reaction to do combat, to slay, deny, obliterate, and separate from our internalized fracking (my words) demons that run rampant spewing habits of harm in any and all forms. Instead, her teaching invites us into a transformative conversation with these personal and collective frackers called: “feeding your demons“.

You learn this conversation through a practice and this practice facilitates a shift in your consciousness. It goes something like this:

In meditation, you find a particular demon energy that is fracking you right left and center; some nagging niggling destructive judgment, criticism, loveless message  or behavior that keeps you from your spirit eyes. You then imagine it in material form with characteristics that arise as you allow it to appear in your visualization.  It may have foul breath, big head, flashy sinister eyes, wicked nails….or not.  Next, in conversation  you ask: “What do you want from me (fill in your demon word: jealousy, hate, anger, loveless, cancer/illness etc.), ___________demon?  What do you need from me, _________demon?  And most crucially, you ask: how will you feel if you receive what you need from me, __________demon?  You then become the demon (helps to shift to a second chair so you totally leave your human self) and listen for the answer/s and most especially for how the demon will feel if it gets what it needs.

The demon will tell you (you simply listen with no agenda until the answer comes in words or an image or feeling).  The real psychic alchemical juice of this practice and what differentiates it from a western therapeutic technique is that after you hear what the demon says it will feel, you then visualize the dissolution of  your body into a nectar filled with the feelings the demon needs and “feed the demon” that nectar until it is completely full.

The absolute shamanic holiness and humility of dissolving your own body (your ego self) into food and feeding this rich nectar to what fracks you personally or fracks all life on a global scale can liberate you (overtime) from the consciousness that teaches us “to do constant and ineffective battle” with unwanted and fearful emotions and thought forms, obsessive divisions that distract and enslave us into reacting with an adversarial consciousness, always at war with everything!

Instead, in this practice, you have chosen to listen, to see and hear these split off fractured parts of yourself with spirit eyes and transform and mend the insatiable compulsion to frack: kill, judge, separate, demean, undermine, and overpower. (I enthusiastically recommend the book and audio practice) as there is added depth in Tsultrim’s teaching.

Whether on not you are inspired to try this practice, the essence of the thing is to become aware of fracking, to look for the larger fracking metaphor in world events and use this awareness to shift your own life from fracker to mender/healer  “conversing with” what you view as sources of division for yourself, your family, your workplace, your religion, your country, our world and beyond!

And… you need help to “see” differently, so……

I invite you to discover an ally who alerts you to fracking behaviors in your personal life, work life, life’s endless meetings, your kinship groups, politics/government on and on….  Your awareness creates shifts just because you are no longer in a “fog”, asleep to fracking energies!

Who is this ally? Ask for it to come to you as you do the “feeding your demons” practice. 

My allies are Raven and sometimes Quacking Fracking Duck; both have a keen frack-o-meter!

Quack Frack Duck

Quack Frack Duck

Frack Duck shouts at the top of its beaky lungs: Frack! Frack! Frack! sounding the alarm in the presence of any and all energies that insult my soul, your soul, and the soul of your HOME, first Earth and then the whole Cosmic neighborhood.

What a relief to dissolve your ego self into a precious nectar and feed that which has hammered you your whole life!


This is the stuff of mystics……

This is the stuff of a borderless state of mind!






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