Good Stuff from Huff Post –Brilliant Ways to Reframe Change!

Check out this article from Huffington Post and Ronald Alexander. Consider it an elegantly doable brain reframe!

Personal power comes from treating mind as a fluid, constantly morphing, entity that moves in and out of  “states of consciousness” like ocean waves or weather patterns.  The more you allow these fluctuations without getting stuck in obsessive mind stories,  the more borderless you become; suffering is minimized, defused!

Why is this desirable? Because we all experience habitual numb-dumb thought patterns, what I call “habits of harm”.  

When you get stuck, you suffer, your mind plays the “mouse running the wheel” thing….



But it is stoppable.  Alexander shows us 5 ways to remedy resistance to change.  You have it in your power then to “captain your own destiny”!


Definitely good stuff for borderless broads in training!

Go Borderless.  It is a state of mind…..


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