Got Sacred Cows? Just How Many Teats Are You Milking?

One Can Never Be Too Irreverent About Reverence!



I just watched Sarah Silverman at her most irreverent.  Being a one-time Catholic amplified my laughter!

She is incredibly skilled at poking about in thoughts and beliefs that are considered “sacred cows” to someone or some group somewhere.  I like that.  She is not “choosy”.   She is a true descendant of the court jester/holy fool mucking around with what constitutes truth and what constitutes power and just what some people think “should never be said in public”!  Yes, I like that!

 I say embrace it because it keeps you from growing barnacles on your joints and brain parts!


Offended Sacred Cow

I too suffer (off and on) from a fair number of sacred cows in my own thinking.  I have thought them necessary to make sense of the world. They have also been a great way to deal with fears. There’s nothing like “absolutes” and unshakable dogma to provide temporary feelings of safety and security.
I no longer find this to be true.  It’s a bit too limiting and time consuming, really, to keep my focus there.   So, I applaud those who “laugh me down a notch” when I get too self righteous and too serious.
 This is not to say I always like it, but I do realize that the more time I spend  “milking” my own sacred cows, the less time I spend in the present where everything is changing in every moment at warp speed and requires a new me to show up and work with it.
How much time do you spend “at the teats”, so to speak?  Do you find yourself obsessively massaging thoughts and beliefs that you may have found useful at one time, but are now just so much, well, sour milk!
 I think it is fair to say that most of your inner movies are filled with sacred cows that you would prefer to keep alive and well.  It feels good to feel sure, to feel right, to feel in control.    The joke is that these inner movies rarely match  another persons and so it is hardly a sure fire way to connection!
Well, at some point, I chose to update my world in a much more original way,  I chose irreverence for its stuck-in-the-muck blasting power!  I now find it a useful way to shatter “mental mountains” that get in the way of my living fully and presently!

 Here’s a circumstance where irreverence saved me.  Once upon a time, I decided to become ordained as an “interfaith minister” (well, that’s another story), but I was so resistant to all the language like “reverend”,  “minister” and “god”, that the only way I could make peace with it was to become ordained as “The Reverend Holy Fool”.
This gave me wiggle room, you see, so I could blast through all the historical and bizarre connotations  linked with “minister of anything” or “one true god of anything”.  Both  ferocious  mental mountains, to be sure.
 I even had a name plate that said:  “The Holy Nose Knows” (a reference to the power of the red nose of courage worn by every clown-being  dedicated to mystical mayhem).  Now, I had the freedom to make it up as I went  along, relying on real people and real circumstances to keep me somewhat humble and “in touch”.
Irreverence is a magic wand” to turn everything upside down and backwards, to keep your life fresh with one foot in the air ready to leap to some new place when frozen thoughts and beliefs threaten!
I heartily recommend it.  Being offended is such a silly waste of time.
 Even the Mona Lisa from her place in the Paris Museum has been heard to say:  “just laugh and move on, please!”
I wonder where in your life a good dose of irreverence might “freshen the air” and create some much needed mystical mayhem?  
It is definitely a “mainstay” for Borderless Broads in the making!


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