Humbling Insights from Last Night’s Election. I Confess!


Humble Pie

I was so emotionally “glued” and intellectually passionate about this election that I could not even watch the returns last night.  I went to bed, tossed and turned, and watched my mind conjure  frightful scenarios about what would happen if my candidate did not prevail!

I saw that I have a part of me (one of the many multiple people living in my skin) who dives for cover, ostrich-like at some things that are just too uncomfortable to deal with head-on, in certain moments.  Well, that person showed up full blown last night and so I did not watch the drama on the TV.  I entered my own drama lying on my mattress.

It took me until 4AM to finally zero in on a “Buddha-like insight”:  “Morgana, you are so attached to the result of this election that your sense of well being is going down the toilet! You are turning your power and your joy over to the “variables” of a human event, an election, and to the prevailing “story” that says my country will sink or swim based on a few people’s notions about what is going on at this finite time in our history.

A Buddha Bubble Moment

Then I progressed to asking myself:  “Morgana, if you believed yourself to be a “great soul”, a “big soul”, what the Hindus call a “mahatma” just how would you respond to the fickle events of the human condition, like politics!  How would you act?  What would you do?

This is not to say that I believe myself to have attained such a level of clarity and wisdom, it is simply that such a question catapulted me to a higher perspective, a higher frequency response to human events since I am, after all, one of these humans.

 This kind of questioning helps.  It can help  you too to move out of well-worn ruts of thinking and rigid identities such as democrat, republican, christian, magician, soccer mom, or swedish patriot! 

Next, who shows up in my bed?  Viktor Frankel.  He was a man who survived a concentration camp experience during World War II by refusing to sacrifice his well being to the conditions surrounding him and refusing to identify himself as a victim caught in someone else’s nightmare.

Now, my topsy turvy night-time reaction to the campaign and election was nowhere near his circumstance, of course, but — that is not the point.

The point for me is that I am  reminded that my internal emotional and intellectual climate is my own responsibility!   I am truly the creator and manager of my own internal weather patterns, showing up as thoughts and emotions.  The stories I tell myself about events are completely my own and can be changed and  uplevelled to a higher sense of things, at any time.

Whatever is going on “out there” is most often someone else’s story of what is going on “out there” and more than that, when a story of what is going on out there  is fear-based,  it seems to have great power to cast a wide net of pessimism and divisiveness over an entire country.

 This is nuts!

All in all, the sleepless night turned out to be a gift of grace.  I am bigger this morning.  I experienced the true freedom of a “borderless state of mind”.   Borderless Broads  get this!

I hope it helps you deal with whatever your position on the election.

Just sayin’…




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  1. bonnie engelhardt says:

    Thanks Morgana for quoting Viktor Frankl–he always reminds me that we need to ‘get over ourselves’ and get on with our lives–LIVING and LOVING LIFE!! don’t waste your time with the ‘politics’ of elections–they count on the electorate being so consumed with CRAP that we fail to see that our ‘Emperors’ have No Clothes!! and no good sense either!! Bonnie