Is Anyone Else Spending Sleepless Nights Scaring Themselves?

A Chicken's Worst Nightmare!


Remember the adage: “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”?   I really believe this and yet……. I have been scaring myself silly for weeks over this election.

Watching the debates, I was ranting and raving at the TV, irreverently screaming expletives at the hype I was hearing.  Then…I stopped and said to a friend who was watching with me:

 “I need to own something here.  I am screaming and name calling because I am afraid.  I am afraid of what “might” happen with this election!”

I had created my own horror movie with all the scenarios that “might” happen as a result of what I believe “might” be the result…maybe you have been doing the same!

 Here I am a life coach, a savvy woman over 50, and someone who can usually use the power of laughter to slay most dragons, and yet….here I was in my own horror movie conjuring up my own worst nightmare!

The chickens are not alone!

So, here I am sharing with you what I have come to.

Fear must have stories to feed on and the mind is happy to oblige.

I can blame the media or the candidates or the people I hear talking over their lattes, but the thing is, its ALL about the mind, minds gone epidemic with fear.  It’s all about recognizing that fear remains the dominant  attention-getter and mainstream tool for bending the will of people and yet……

Fear as “the” motivator is totally changeable …and…we need each other to change the stories, to change what we expect.  If not now, when?  

There will always be economic shifts, always!  There will always be changes in weather patterns with droughts or floods and changes to what foods are available.   There will always be jobs, no jobs, and big changes in industries as we all evolve and change our cultures.  There will always be changes in everything, absolutely everything!

We can spin our wheels and wring our hands conjuring up the worst case scenarios about, well, everything or……..we can learn to read the winds of change and anticipate events as best we can–not control events-but anticipate that everything will eventually change and move from reaction to preparation for change.

We might save a bit of our money.  We might keep more “staples” in the cupboard.  We might live less “hand to mouth”.  We might buy a scooter or a bike or a bus pass anticipating the inevitable rise in gas prices.   We might wake up!  We might pool and share our resources and think beyond blood relations to do so.  (what a concept) You get the picture.

We seem to be a culture incessantly looking at the highs and lows of things and then reacting either by  relaxing or tightening our anatomical sphincters!    Oh, god, stock market is down. Oh, god, oil prices are up! Oh, god, rainfall is up, down, or not at all….oh, god, things are not happening fast enough so…. oh god, get a NEW president to fix it!  Fear rules…and what a waste it is.  

The kicker here is that money is usually the reason that change is not too popular with those making a bundle from most of the resources.

I haven’t a clue what to do about that, but I do know that change starts with each of us.  We have total control over whether fear is what motivates our choices and decisions or not.  It’s not easy to be courageous alone and hold steady with change so I say don’t do it alone, getta group!

 At the moment you and I  have total power over whether we vote out of fear and put more than half of the electorate on the rotisserie or vote for  long term choices that help everyone to thrive.

This is “borderless thinking”.  JUST SAYIN’ ……..

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