It’s the “Time of the Fall-Aways”, Have You Noticed?

Bak2moi's Falling Apart

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SCENE ONE:  I am in it! Months of  watching friendships die away, certainties vaporize about future plans, and passions that kept the fire going in my belly disappear.

I am not alone.  I observe the disassembling of the worlds many have built, anemic now, from lack of enthusiasm and care.  Some leave households; some leave the skin of themselves that they are most familiar with on the trunk of a tree, like the locust or katydid, not knowing quite what this will mean or bring.

Call it ennui, a malaise, that has descended and put many of us in a holding pattern, waiting for a runway on which to land and feel rooted again. This too may be a wishful fiction.

I myself waver between periods of surrender and periods of combat with it all.

SCENE TWO:  One day a visitation, quite clearly from another dimension pops through.

I am staring into the face of an ancestral being engaging with me from some imaginal realm. It might be an aboriginal from downunder or a north american plains dweller or a Salish tribal member from the Pacific Northwest where I am presently living and feel most attuned.

At any rate, this being looks straight into me and wordlessly imprints the message:

This is the Time of the Fall-Aways”.  (That’s it!  That’s what I heard, nothing more.)

 SCENE THREE: An ocean of understanding opens up.

First, I see the great human comedy we live most every day whose plot varies little. It goes like this.

Something happens in our personal space, or we see a trend or we compare notes among ourselves on shared feelings or fears and then we go nuts!  

“What’s happening, we say?” What does it mean, we say? What shall we DO, we say?  We need a strategy, a plan, a vaccine against unexpected change”, we say. And while we dither about seeking meanings and remedies, those “things” continue to collapse or change or drift away, leaving us exhausted from our incessant need to have a say; an impact on our carefully cultured world.

The second, and most important realization implied that when ancestral spirits bleed through with bits of wisdom, they speak from the Big Story, like an eagle’s sky-heaven vantage point, rarely thinking through the lens of the Western eye with  “it’s all happening to ME preoccupation.  Big Story names what is, no frills, no speeches, no fabricated stories.

It ‘s that simple and I find it immensely calming. 

What a relief to be in the presence of a quiet sanity asking questions that are helpful: “why on earth do you question what is so evidently going on (like fall- away times, for example)  and make it more complicated, more contentious, more adversarial?  It is not the real way of things, you know, although Westerners have tried to make it so for- oh- so-long in your oh- so -complicated and convoluted history.  “We hope for your recovery!”

SCENE FOUR: The visitation changes me.

I decide to join up, letting fall aways be fall aways. The only requirements are two:

Adopt the practice of time-taking-and-noticing, naming what is really going on under the floor boards of everyday perceptions/assumptions.

And then… find the cracks where more light, more care, and more laughter can come into and through what is.


If I tell you it is the time of the fall-aways and I suggest you make relationship with it, create a ritual or an art piece, some deep sharing with another to honor this space and your bravery in naming it for what it is- head on- without falling into complexities and drama, would you understand that this is one way we transcend a consciousness of fear and begin to live by the heart’s far superior intelligence?

SCENE SIX: The Denouement.

“Take heart”, said  my messenger:  “It is the Time of the Fall-Aways”. Nothing is to be done. Just support what’s happening. Know that renewal of some kind always shows up.

When? Who knows.

Does the Earth require that we know in order to proceed? No.

Do we need to know in order to proceed? No.

The Ancestral Being smiles. “You  just might wake up to the light beings you are, if you keep it this simple.

Belly of Light








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