Knees Are A Huge Wake-Up Call, What’s the Mystery?

I was having coffee with a friend on Whidbey Island and up came the subject of knees. She suggested that our culture is “down on its knees right now”.  I could get that and here’s why.  But first, a bit of background….

I saw on the news that there are more knee surgeries than ever before and alas, I even added to the numbers myself in November!  Something like “more than five and a half million people visit orthopedic surgeons each year because of knee problems. Over 600,000 arthroscopic surgeries are performed annually; 85% of them are for knee surgery and 676,00 of those are knee replacements!

OK, what’s going on?

Believing that any condition is never just a physical problem, what is the Universe trying to tell us with the knee thing?  Well, knees are about “support, holding us up”.  “Going down on our knees” is a universal  symbol for “giving over” and submitting to something besides our own mind that thinks it knows what is best.

Well, in many ways, we are being brought to our knees with the economic shifts and the more or less huge upheavals in all we have come to expect as humans.

 The equation has been:  I do this…. and then I can expect this… return.

 Not so my borderless broad wanna-bes!  The times are indeed a changin’ and we don’t even know how it will look tomorrow much less in a decade.  The home base we have relied on continues to quake, our knees are giving out as it becomes more difficult to hold ourselves up with the shifting times!

So,  perhaps the real treatment —  beyond the physical of knee replacements and scopes invading our knees to clean up the shredded debris from injuries —  is being willing to bend our precious knees, to take “the weight off” these overworked joints,  metaphorically, that is!

Down on bended knee means knowing we just cannot support ourselves alone or in the ones and twos of us.  Down on bended knee means acknowledging we do not have all the answers or know exactly what to do with the shifts we see everywhere.

This is a global phenomenon and a personal phenomenon!

Amma, a wise and generous mother- woman of India reminds us:  “Whatever you do and wherever you are, RELAX and you will see how powerful it is — then, everything happens spontaneously and effortlessly!”

Now that’s a real exercise in trust for many of us “can do” women of the West!  And yet, despite all our efforts and strategizing, the world is a changin’ and we just cannot control it all,  personally or globally!

Another wise and generous American woman, Byron Katie, suggests we practice bending our knees another way.  She suggests that you identify those things you resist at all costs like a dental drill without novocaine and say to yourself:  “I look forward to…………… and I am willing to…………….”  This is a real breath stopper and my example is perhaps extreme, but the point is to move off of rigid dead center and allow yourself to welcome in and look forward to your worst fears so that you can move on through whatever it is flexibly, that is,  “on bended knee”!  I call this resilience.

So this Borderless Broad says: Knees are blessings.  Protect them physically and also invite in a new relationship with how you are held up, how you are supported,  relax and let go!

Kiss those boo boos too!





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