Morgana’s Riff, Rant and High Dream

Morgana’s Riff…Rant…High Dream !

OK, first let’s soar….

I am seriously looking for playmates, a team of wizards, more playful project partners eager to enter undiscovered zones of play, fun, move the world to laughter/tears, inspired by “the where no one has gone before” factor!
It all started with a “kids-stuff” cartooning class for ages 9-16 yr. olds that I signed up for (the only adult to do so, sadly) at the local community college. Why? Because all the adult so-called summer fun classes offered boredom, or business or how to join the exercise grind, promising a new you in a new size 6 swimsuit (ok, a moderate exaggeration); however, fun and laughs were not high value for whomever wrote the class descriptions.
So, I went to the kids section where words like imagination and creativity and ‘find your inner cartoon self ‘ offered life, zest, dazzle.
Little did I know that Eric Teitelbaum, Pink Panther creator-cartoonist and frequent cartoon master for the New Yorker was teaching the all day “how to wake up” your cartoon alter-ego and see life with a pinkish pantherish tint.
It was fun. I enjoyed a man who said things like: “first, look at the real life situation, any real life situation such as looking at two gas pumps. One pump says Regular and the other says Super. Now change something to make it funny. Well, we came up with Regular and Diet or Regular and Vegan and the laughter started.
The shared pearl was that one does not have to be a cartoonist to begin looking for the humor ‘change’ in the every day. (A “pink-tinted attitude that has served the Panther well!)
Perhaps there’s a cartoon lurking for boring summer class catalogues. What humorous change could I make? hmmm…
Eyeglasses for the Odd and Unusual
Eric Teitelbaum works with his brother Bill.  They are a creative duo going off to their own studio at MGM or wherever each day to kick ideas around, look at world events, sketch a thousand drafts while asking themselves how Pink Panther might see the situation or some gal in a New Yorker cartoon.  They work together and this makes for a sustainable fresh creativity using the power of two or more; voila, genius has a foothold.
I was jealous, forlorn, envious just listening to this. I thought of other creative duos like Julie Andrews and her daughter writing children’s books, or comedy teams coming up with skits and improv ideas to make the rest of us laugh or Joan Rivers even, teaming up with her daughter. (well, not so much, but still……)
I thought of feisty, charmingly controlling, wired Elly, in the animated movie “UP” who at about age 4 imagined an entire life of creative adventure and then set off to find one kindred spirit, Carl, to round out this dynamic duo. I’d like a few more kin, but one is also good!!
Elly in all her Glory!

Elly in all her Glory!

Bottomline:  I am so over the solo creative act and… I decided to tell all of you this in case others are having similar yearnings and bottomless burnout looking for kindred upbeat souls with whom to share life, eager to find the play in whatever shows up and the humor in what is not so playful.
My high dream?
 To discover, invent, stage a coup or co-establish a women’s home-place; call it a House of Women, a Femyard, a pod or a brood, whatever… all deliciously diverse, mostly over 50 yrs of age, who want to experience a shared story where we write, produce, and direct a life of creative energy.  Some live there full time and others travel from far and wee as itinerant members of the community bringing fresh perspectives and loads of affectionate sharing.
All creativity is welcome in our Femyard and we are so dazzled by all the experiences we are envisioning and creating that there is just no time for anything but “seeking a softness in the world” *** in our own backyard.
And…just like in the rules that govern improv theater, all residential players lead with a “yes, and…..” meaning we buoy one another up, we keep the action of our lives going by always adding to the scene and never allowing the ‘no’/negative to take over or stop the action!
Our mantra: THRIVE, Women, THRIVE!
*** The poem about ‘softness in the world’ is  here .  It had such an incredible response that it ended up in a magazine for writer’s/artists and even found its way to people internationally…..why? because it touched a nerve of truth and yearning for infusing life with life; a ‘miracle gro’ for the creative spirit!
My next step in this quest?
 I am going to Europe in the Fall to visit the homeplaces of the Beguines, communities of women who thrived predominantly in the 12th-16th centuries. They were writers, weavers, artists, healers and spiritual mystics with an entrepreneurial spirit that helped them care for one another and co-create an artful engaging life for their time.
 “Listen up and be inspired by their legacy”, the muses whisper to me.
 Perhaps seeds will be sown on my journey, calling kindred spirits to join me in “living in the spirit of the Beguines”, a seriously humorous contemporary sisterhood!
Now, there’s an idea for a cartoon strip!
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