Pitching the Power of the Pod — A No-Brainer Economics for Women!

Pods = Prosperity


Here are some stats that won’t shock anyone, but will hopefully get your knickers in a twist. 

  • 50% of women are now living alone
  • One in five of us is taking a happy pill to feel…well, “better”, less anxious.
  • 75% of us feel “at war with food” and how we look.
  • Six out of ten of us don’t sleep (much) & stress over money money money.
  • Many of us define economic success as a 6 figure income and…well, it ain’t happening and just may be a “false refuge” in defining success and well-being  anyway (as the Buddhists say)…just sayin…
So, what do we do with this?
 We become borderless broads.  We cultivate a borderless state of mind which means we expand our options beyond the well worn predictable lifestyle options that the culture reinforces every time we check the boxes on some form:  single, married, (partnered if your state has a heart), divorced, widowed, dead.
We do this because a borderless broad can do no less.
So, who is this borderless broad I am now doing my best to inspire you to own within yourself?  
She is and many of you are   —  one who sees the trap in becoming “too mainstream”, too tame, so that you forget that your basic nature is feral, reliant on an instinct and intuition based guidance system; a guidance system that is  always on the lookout for  new and more effective options for living life full out.
Just like an animal who takes in the whole of  its surroundings before making a move, a borderless broad remains alert, awake, and wily before she accepts the dictates of the social training she received as female.
  You ask why the stats I posted above are true for women at this time and past times as well?
  Because we do not rely enough on our femaleness which is our innate primal strength.  Our femaleness knows certain things and operates best honoring those traits. Women thrive in collaboration and cooperation.  We are relational.  We value comfort and care for humans and other beings.  We like everyone to have the basics and “do well”.  We are not fond of killing.  We do not like to see road kill and do our best not to contribute.  We tend to be bored or enraged by power plays, bullying, and tedious displays of testosterone by either sex!  — and for the purpose of this blog, we see the wisdom of working and/or living and playing in pods.
Economics for a borderless broad is based on the power of the pod.  Women learning the skills to create groups where everyone thrives.  We have largely lost these skills given the mainstream iconic devotion to the “solopreneur”, the rugged individualist stories of success and marriage as the most secure  choice for a woman.
 Given the economic realities for most women, it is ludicrous to pursue these models as the best and only ways to success and survival.
In my book, ” Borderless Broads”,  I talk about pods and  non-blood kinship groups as the new normal in lifestyles for people who choose to thrive! It is my personal belief that blood families are no longer sufficient to provide for all of us and may be dysfunctional enough to hinder our path to well-being.
Women in particular have a much better opportunity for a life that offers comfort, a degree of financial security and prosperity, and great joy by living together. It is not for everyone, I know, but let’s enlarge our options, add a box to all those bureaucratic forms:  single, married,  partnered, divorced, widowed, and happily podded!
Figure out how you can pool monies for the basics and free up other personal monies for what delights you, nourishes you.  Buy a house together. Remodel an existing building together into private and shared vibrant spaces.   Design  and implement business projects together in shared ownership.  We know how to do “village economics”, we have just forgotten!  It doesn’t just take a village to raise a child, it takes a village of bonded people for all to do well.  It’s a no-brainer.
Even if you are making that 6 figures on your own steam, I would bet you are running out of steam trying to “make it” according to a model of success that is not remotely comfortable for your females sensibilities and values.  Don’t take my word for it, just look around at the high management level women who eventually leave all those perks or women lawyers ( I have known a several) who jump ship and do something more relational and less confrontational.  The soul knows when it is being injured and it will jump ship or give you hemorrhoids (at the very least).  It is not women’s way!

A borderless state of mind demands options and thrives on shared creativity and success.

Ask yourself  in what ways you can begin to use community to leverage your  lifestyle so you will  prosper, thrive, and feel a vibrancy for  living.
 Make the five stats I posted a jumping off place for “doing it differently”.  In the long run, you will sleep better and more often, have the monies you need for a comfortable life where wealth is not the goal, but a very fine full life is….where food becomes just one source of nourishment because the focus is now on your female values of intimacy, belonging, and relationship. Solo is good, some of the time, but as a steady diet it makes life quite anorexic!
Forget the happy pills in favor of happy pods and put your creative soul to work on more economic models that help you and others to thrive–that goes for the married or partnered as well.
 As the young boy in the movie, “About the Boy”, said:  ” I don’t think couples are the future, you need more backup!”

The Road to Money: Change the Map, Change the Result.

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