Practice ‘Remote Viewing’ the Very Best of Who We Are!

“In the starry expanse that has no dwellings: forces of the universe, interior virtues, harmonious union of earth and heaven that delights the mind and the ear and the eye, that offers an attainable ideal to all wise men and a visible splendor to the beauty of the soul.”
(From a dramatic work by Leconte de Lisle, 1857)

I wake up at 2AM, often, with a thought, an image or a gut squeeze of some sort related usually to some insane world (read American) event. 

This past week, it was a haunting image from the movie Agora the film detailing the life of Hypatia, scientist, teacher and astronomer in the late 4th century.  This was the time of the great library in Alexandria and the time when Jew, Pagan, and Christian were frantically trying to redefine the world “in their own image”, violently, little different from today.  Now that’s a chilling observation!

In the movie, an image is repeated over and over until its significance begins to sink in.  The Earth is  suspended in the vastness of space and we the observers, looking from afar, clearly hear only the voices of anger, screams of war and the agonizing torture preceding death; sounds resounding throughout the Universe.  Nothing else emanates from our home,  just vibrational waves of war, hatred and chaos.

The rest of the Universe is remarkably silent, reverential, in contrast.

Needless to say, this is an extraordinary way to get something across that we never think about or imagine; this disruptive signature of who we seem to be.


 Now, the good news is that a wonderful “what if” pops up as an option for changing our signature in the cosmic neighborhood. 

What if…. you, I, all beings devoted to living a higher frequency life, imagine only sounds of laughter radiating from our Earth. 

Imagine yourself “remote viewing” our planet in your meditations or night-time contemplations and hearing only the sounds of laughter mixed with joy, perhaps singing, perhaps dance, perhaps absolute glee…and nothing else.

Our major spiritual traditions teach much about silence and solemnity, but what if the absolute power is in laughter.  What if it actually is the “language of the gods”?

Call it the hundreth monkey banana moment or the tipping point, or an orgasmic shift!  Imagine what might happen. 

Imagine flipping the dominant energies we have come to expect by saturating cosmic sound waves with laughter!

Now, that’s a borderless state mind.

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