Raise Windhorse! Prep the Path 2014


Celia Jackson, Artist


Just ordered a print of Windhorse from California artist, Celia Jackson, whimsical, colorful, and most importantly, it symbolizes the energetic footprint I choose for 2014!

December is an inner prep month for me.  It is a month where the waves of goodwill tend to increase due to many more humans focusing on spiritual matters of one kind or another as the month progresses. You could call it “waves of windhorse”, actually, freely available to support whatever part of your life journey you are attending to.  It’s a free perk from this time of year! Don’t miss it!

  So, let me introduce you to “Windhorse“, a Tibetan symbol of well being and good fortune, and more than that, an opportunity to ride the energy of your life.

The Tibetans speak of “raising windhorse”, raising the positive divine wind that comes from being completely and powerfully present (well, taking into account human mis-steps, that is). And the horse? It represents the stability and balance of a sure-footed, thigh hugging exhilarating ride on the back of this divine wind and being able to stay on course!

You cultivate windhorse. You evoke it within yourself.

Because it is not an aspect of the willy nilly ego, windhorse can carry you without distractions, without doubts, without second guessing–on a clean clear trajectory to your polestar , your north star, your high dream! Your present moment life.

How do you raise windhorse?  

  • Like most soulful practices, first, you empty!
  • This month, drop all unwanted, useless stories about present circumstances and past events in your life. Turn “it” all over to some greater flow of wisdom. Hold out for a better story, in other words! Then leave it alone to incubate!
  • Take a personal inventory like a 12 stepper and dump the dense and the negative.

As Walt Whitman counseled: “ditch what insults your soul”.


Now, here’s the gold:

Replace all this with one singular practice intended to light the light:  

Pineal/Third Eye Visualization


  • Pay attention to the light in your brain (pineal gland) and raise windhorse by activating that light ( click blog posts I wrote giving you lots of inspiration  and direction for changing your experience in 2014!)

That’s it!

Windhorse Awaits YOU,  

An Invitation to turn it all over to some greater wisdom in 2014 and thrive!  



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