Senza Trucco, It Says It All, Italian Style!

Senza Trucco!
(without makeup)
 So, here I am writing the most unlikely blog about makeup?  Well, not exactly!


 I am writing about a giddy love affair I am having with the Italian words “senza trucco” (pronouced trucho).


I met this woman at the MUK, a shortened version for Mukilteo, the local coffeehouse and my designated office, actually, on Whidbey Island. She was working away on her laptop investigating a website called Senza Trucco.


She tells me it is about 4 women alchemists, wine makers, in Italy who have excelled at the art of organic biodynamic wines. They are referred to as the women “without makeup”, senza trucco, which just may be the most refreshingly right on description of women who are without pretense, bold women who are “what you see is what you get” dynamos. They make natural wines from their own intuitive blendings and they exude the naturalness of authenticity as women, women without makeup!


I was so inspired and delighted by the phrase that I dove headlong into improv fantasizing myself  a full bodied, over the top, Italian woman gesticulating wildly, exclaiming to any and all women who would be my audience:  senza trucco, senza trucco, senza trucco –with all the gusto of an Italian opera diva!

Senza Trucco - No Makeup!  


Now, before you write me off as nuts, just imagine adding this phrase to your every day vocabulary, twitter it, make it the new catchword for, well, all women of substance.


“She is definitely senza trucco!”

 Then….Imagine you have a friend that is practically doubled over from being “nice”, never saying what she means; someone you love, but drives you to distraction with her doubts and fears and habitual who am I’s. (maybe it’s even you)


Look her in the eyes and in your best “midlife mama” Italian impersonation, arms conducting the air, eyes blazing, bosom shaking, ring out with:  “getta grip, be you, find that woman inside senza trucco!”


Isn’t it wonderful to find words that universally say it all, you know like: “I get it, no explanation necessary.”




What say you?


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