Somebody Tell Me Why Killing Is So Easy! I’ll Tell You…



Chapter 1:

The ink is barely dry on my last blog,  “Trump On, Trump, Trump On!”,  and I continue to remain glued to world events, a temporary departure from my preferred “humor is healthier” personal signature.

But, NOW,  being psychically awash in shootings, killings, murders tied to movie theaters, traffic stops, road rage, and slaughter as a trophy sport (Cecil the Lion) in Africa (and in the USA), I am exhuming the seemingly eternal question of why?

Let it be said that looking for the why of events can be an insane exercise, nevertheless, the deeper relationship of killer to killing and the seeming lack of emotional connection to the act itself is so in our faces that I cannot leave it alone.

Let’s call it the intense global warming of humanity. No, more accurately, the intense global boiling point of humanity! 

I confess, I have not found the higher frequency message in all this… yet.

“Will I find it”, I ask? ‘It just may not be gettable,’ I reply.

Currently, I walk around saying to friends: “people are snapping, more reactive than ever with very little provocation”.

But a high frequency flip is possible, it is innate to our potential…and… part of that flip is up to us and the rest is up to the forces a-brew in the entire cosmic soup, of which we are a part.

Ok, so that is what I have been thinking, most often at 2AM when the quiet gives up its daytime denial.




Chapter 2:

As the Universe is want to do, I ask a mind bending question like why do most segments of humanity seem to have an obsession with killing (just about everything)….. and….. sooner or later answers come in image and story.

In this case, I flashed almost immediately on a poster from a rather obscure movie seen several years ago. Then, google magic served up the exact scene in that movie which captures, I believe, what is the potential for our continued quest to become human and which is so completely lacking in our present primitive state of  the bully boy pandemic.

Do I believe it was an inspiration sent? YES!

Movies often carry bits of futuristic truths not yet perceived by the majority of us or else we would not be able to imagine these so-called science fiction stories so beyond our present reality.

After all, film is story telling and story telling (in my world) comes from the collective mind/ heart that can be tapped into by persons open enough to receive (both muck and brilliance, that is.)

Chapter 3:

POWDER, 1995 Movie

POWDER, 1995 Movie Poster

The movie: “Powder” , (1995) tells of an unusual boy, Jeremy, who gives us a glimpse into our future (I hope) and personifies the complex energy fields we are only beginning to understand (quantum everything!).   He is attuned to Life and he is attuned to quantums of light, (resulting from a lightning strike).

His male peers do not understand his exceptional gifts and so resort to bullying and abusing him (egged on by the adult males in the group).

The focal point of the story occurs on a hunting trip when one of the boys’ dads kills a deer and Jeremy, the group’s scapegoat, witnesses the deer’s agony.  Anguished by the animal’s dying, Jeremy touches the deer and, at the same time, grabs Harley, the hunter’s hand inducing in Harley what the boys assume is a seizure. However, Harley admits it was no seizure and that Jeremy had actually caused him to feel the pain and fear of the dying deer.



The Killing of the Deer

The Killing of the Deer

The script reads:

“That kid, he lays his hand on the deer while it’s still shaking, and then he touches me at the same time. Now, I can’t figure out why — till my heart starts pounding, and I’m shaking, and I’m feeling myself hurt and scared shitless, slipping away in the goddamn dark. That’s the worst thing I ever felt. Its like I could feel that animal dyingHell, it was like I was the goddamned thing!”

Here’s a teaser to what happens to Harley: He is so affected by actually feeling/ experiencing the deer’s agony as it dies that he can never CARRY A GUN OR HUNT AGAIN…..In fact, he is NEVER the same; some version of the macho male is knocked out of him.

Chapter 4:  I INVITE you (and I am attempting not to be bossy about this)  to watch this entire 4 minute segment.  Words just aren’t enough to communicate a passion about this and for you to experience it in image and story.

And yet, I use words because that’s what I’ve got to suggest that humans learn through EXPERIENCING, feeling, touching  and taking in, viscerally, the consequences of what WE DO!

Denial, rigid beliefs that only hide the fear, bullying that only hides the fear, separation that only hides the fear, unhealed personal abuses (woundings) that lead to the insanest of thoughts and beliefs remove us from emotional connection and prepare us to be able to kill LIFE.

Add to this the use of guns, bombs, drones and fighter jets and we are even more distanced from experiencing the kill.

Rape, fists, guns, bombs, arrows and war machinery beyond comprehension remove us from the human aversion to killing LIFE.

I do not think the film “Powder” is science fiction. I think it illustrates what we are capable of as energetic beings connected to the energy of all other expressions of life. Our work is to open to it..clear out the muck..become quiet enough to feel with higher level senses.

THAT’S WHAT THE FILM “POWDER” OFFERS–a way to imagine our next steps in becoming human and a clear intention to open to this realm of the energetics of light and connection; empathy more visceral, more intensely felt than we ever imagined.  It’s a way up and out!

Listen to the story told by the reed,
of being separated.

“Since I was cut from the reedbed,
I have made this crying sound.

Anyone apart from someone (she) loves
understands what I say.

Anyone pulled from a source
longs to go back.


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