There Is A Softness in the World that I Am Seeking

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The Perspective of

An Uncommon Mystic


There is a softness in the world that I am seeking,

Being weary of hardened faces and harsh tones, my own and that of others.

I no longer seek to “earn” anything, trust, friendship, gentleness, a place at the table.

I no longer seek to explain myself or ask the same of you.

I am simply seeking a softness in the world, a gentleness of spirit, my own and yours.

 I am weary of stories about how I got to be the way I am or you got to be the way you are; all a fiction anyway.

What I am eager to experience is soft eyes looking through me and into me;

 Occasional adoration, even, like we most often reserve for young babes and lovers.

 A carefulness not to wound would also sit well with me.

I am increasingly weary of my intellect and yours.

I am much more curious about the intelligence of your heart and mine.

Intelligence of the heart comes in a variety of costumes. I find.

A Sufi engages an audience of strangers with an offer to listen.

“Tell me of your sadness”, he says—and then pauses.

Tears well up; a great hunger ripples through the group.

 The Grail King languishes in a barren land in a barren castle.

 Dry, brittle, hardened by inertia.

 Parsifal, Knight of the Round, arrives.

Approaching the king, he leans in, whispering in his ear:

“Tell me… what ails thee?”

The king stirs, comes alive. The lands green.  All is restored.

 Priestess costumed as cleric motions to an unhappy child, pats the seat next to her in invitation:

“Come, sit here, and tell me what hurts. I have all afternoon.”

There is a softness in the world that I am seeking.

I can barely breathe sometimes for the want of it.

Authored by Morgana Morgaine/February 2015 with a lot of help from the divine muse who is always seeking out scribes for cosmic memos that need to be shared!!!

And….inspired by encounters with a Sufi, a Global Activist, and a Mystic.



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