The Oracle Speaks Even at Book Clubs!

I recently attended a book club for the first time.  The topic was Journey of Souls from the book of the same name. I listened. I agreed with the book.  I disagreed with the book. I was present, but the wandering mind took over throughout the evening.

And then… of the participants said something that felt like a cosmic kick to the heart. It was one of those moments we have all experienced when goose bumples crawl up the back of your neck and send shivers up your arms.  One of those moments when the drone of normal conversation ceases and you say: “wait a minute, what did you say?”

This book club participant was telling a story surrounding his own birth and “early times”.  He described that “back then” his mother had been anesthetized to such a degree that she did not know what was happening, essentially dead to the whole birthing process.  The medical personnel were in full out biz mode doing “what had to be done” as well, and clearly not focused on this wee being who just entered planet earth.

At the end of his story, suddenly, as if channeling an oracle, he opened wide his eyes and clearly and with great authority said:  “it is very important that souls be welcomed into this world when they arrive” and then he cried!

I felt it. I felt the complete truth of it,  It was a message way beyond welcoming a baby with flowers and ‘isn’t she cute’ comments.  It was a “knowing” from a deeper dimension revealing more about who we are as humans.

It was like a Delphic revelation about the alchemy of “human falls to earth”.

We earth beings essentially get the road map for how to navigate “life in a body” and life on this planet in the very first years and it begins with the quality of the welcoming that we receive from the  (hopefully) wiser beings relegated to ensure our protection, care, and education.

Our soul job is not to just drop a human in a field like a foal or calf,  then wean it and walk away.

Our job is to tether this soul to the earth reality and the human experience here.

Our job is to be a tracker showing young ones how to belong, how to understand the emotional and physical landscape of their lives and how to be OK with who they are.  Most of all, to point out the gifts we see,  to be a mirror for all that is blooming:  their skills, talent, unique expression, their essential nature.

Our job is to comment on their laughter and moments of delight, their moments of generosity and bravery, their willingness to experiment and discover.

It is not our job to rein them in, assume we already know who they are or assume it is our right to choose their path according to our own history.

This is truly a job for the wise soul and less for the mortal human who relies often on the rough and tumble experience of their own upbringing to show the way.

   It is all part of the welcoming and tethering of a young soul, the “I see you”  from the spiritual bloodlines to which we all belong!




How do we know we have welcomed souls well and consciously?

We  no longer have kids that feel they don’t belong or kids that are homeless because they haven’t a clue how to find their home within themselves or without.

We do not have kids who bully or are bullied out of fear and their own despair at feeling lost.  We do not have kids who haven’t a clue how to thrive, but only survive …  poorly.

A young soul who is truly welcomed grows into a strong and self directed being who can afford to be generous and loving because its young world was filled with generosity and loving.

We have been quite slipshod in our dedication to the young in my culture. I share in that.

Many are not welcomed and many are turned into frenetic beings forced into lives of “how to be a successful toddler 101” pushed to early learning of  everything, yet deeply stressed and confused.

I suggest we pay more attention to the real journey of our souls, slow down, and offer a thorough welcoming as the hallmark of our first encounter with the new ones among us.

I suggest we take parenting to a higher octave and adopt an “it takes a village” perspective soul to soul and forget our more primitive allegiance only to bloodlines or family constellations.

  It is a new world acomin’ and this is such a pivotal piece of the transformation underway!



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