Trump On! — Donald Trump — Trump On!

Trump On, Donald Trump!OK OK….first, my disclaimer: Donald is not the President for me, BUT…..oh, what a delicious town crier he makes!  Oh, what a delicious court jester blowing the cover off seats of power, he is,  and…..oh, what a delicious “party” pooper calling out to many of the presidential wanna-bes that they have the Emperor syndrome: NO clothes and just don’t know it!

Anyone who knows me or reads my take on ‘all things human’ knows that I look for the high frequency message in most everything…even when it takes me awhile to find it… which it often does.

By high frequency message, I mean the bigger story in events, the grand metaphor that may teach, inspire and guide our direction…if we are awake enough to “get it”.

Take Donald, for example. Over the years I have railed against his pomposity and general buffoonery cloaked in his ‘rich man is king’ rhetoric; a master at picking barroom brawls with the likes of Rosie O’Donnell (who please understand I am NOT incuding in the same gang of political pugilists with whom he loves to spar )… most recently Lindsey Graham and Texas light weight, Rick Perry.Barroom Brawls


But now…Donald has caught my attention.

He has been selected by the Universe to perform a much needed task: to be the perfect “man about town” to upset, defrock, and  generally emasculate all the sacred cows that America worships, the first holy cow being: “avoid plain talk at all costs and insulate every speech in a jumbled haze of mendacity!  Mendacity?  Well, that’s what Burl Ives’ character Big Daddy nearly burst an aneurysm over in his 50’s role in the film: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  There was Big Daddy surrounded by people-pleasing greed grasping relatives trying to curry his favor before he dies and he yells at the top of his lungs: “I am surrounded by mendacity!” (translation: lies and deceit).

So here comes Trump, richer than Croesus, and proceeds to unhinge the “people-pleasing grasping politicians trying to curry favor (translation: power) with anyone who will make them king”.  Now, Trump doesn’t need to be made king because he already thinks he is king (translation: Croesus the Contemporary) and therefore operates on the premise that “it is open season on all sacred cows”. Translation: “let’s get on with it and blow the walls of Jericho down”.

His strategy?  Two potent tactics carry his signature theme: irreverence about pretty much everything and plain uncensored opinion with just enough truth in each statement to make eyelids flutter. All of a sudden folk are coming out of the death trance of politics-masquerading- as- government and queueing up in huge numbers to hear the town crier say things they have been thinking for…well, years.

By the way, as an Astrology buff, let’s give the planetary energies their due as equal collaborators with Trump. Uranus who represents the energy of unheaval, ‘take no prisoners’ and a change NOW attitude is in full swing for months to come.  Add to this, Mars representing the energies of forward thrust and warriorship (not always expressed from the highest octave of the spiritual warrior, however.) careening through the human psyche this summer season.

These are just the planetary buddies a Trump personality needs to  thrive! “What luck, Donald, to be caught in such an intense astrological thermal!”

Now don’t mistake my analysis of Trump as endorsement or admiration for a new bully boy icon to set us all free….but do know that he is a welcome pawn on the chessboard of events that the Universe is orchestrating; a giant wind to blow the falsities out of our House and unhinge the pillars that collect like barnacles on what was meant to be a vibrant and open society.

So, in his bluster-full fashion, Trump takes on some of these pillars and busts the “common agreed upon stories” (I am sure there are more to come…)





Political Pillars are like red flags to a bull…, Trump On, Trump:

Pillar #1:  Patriotism looks like one man in Vietnam who happened to be captured and tortured like many many other soldiers, but somehow managed to ride his story all the way to Washington couched in an aura of what it is to be a hero and what it is to be a leader. Translation: hero/leader = a true son of the military might machine and and a steadfast carrier of pre-fabricated stories we have endured for years.

Pillar #2:  Immigration is indeed an unsolvable problem and the most creative solution we can come up with is to revert once again to the brilliance of the military might machine. Translation: think medieval times and build a wall. (remember moats?)



Don’t forget that Trump has no better solutions to the “wall-em-out” strategy and the bully boy model of just about everything, but he is opening his mouth and scattering the sacred cows of  lock step agreements; the sacred commandments holding up the current political strategies of many of the presidential wanna-bes: know nothing, do nothing and for godsake be incoherent about whatever it is you think you know!  True leadership and governance at its best.

Pillar #3: I repeat.  Mendacity, half-truths and ‘give the people what you think they want to hear or are dumb enough to swallow” is a mighty pillar of our politics; the way to maintain a top down culture and a nation of sleep walkers who will never guess at your true motives (except we do and Trump is appealing to our imploded anger with great success).

After all, people are simple folk and must be saved from the  truth, we are told, without actually being told, and politicians and so-called world leaders know best, we are told, without actually being told.  The inference is that skillful mendacity (lies and deceit) will keep “things” culturally catatonic and that’s good for all…well, for some.

And…guess what? Trump is appealing to our imploded anger about this too…also with great successs.

This is just a bit of what Donald has offered up in the last couple of weeks; enough to get me, liberal progressive maverick me, (omg!) more interested in the hazy lazy crazy days of politics than I have been for years.

I just want to say: Trump on, Donald Trump, Trump On!

Make us laugh and make us cheer.  It isn’t what you say, Donald, it is your carnival style barker bites that are blowing the lid off everything even while many of us see straight through your own arrogance and wrong-headed thinking.

We need a bulldozer right now and you are it!  You are good at it.

So, Donald, thanks.

You went to Oz and pulled back the curtain, it’s messy, but someone had to take on the roll of plumber and town crier.

It’s even possible that “tolerating the intolerable” may lose its holy commandment status and we will find sacred cows lying about like empty sacks in the halls of Congress, banks, churches, schools, and gun shops, just to name a few of the many.

Plumb with VigorAnd then, Donald, we will ask you to sit down.

Who knows, we might use the whirlwind you have created with your bombastic skill to actually throw the bums out of Congress and state governments and call a Cosmic Convention of regular folk who never dreamed of being politicians because they can do better.

We might even become heart-headed enough to ponder “just what model of true goverance might we design for the 21st century and beyond that benefits ALL LIFE, not just rich two leggeds or two leggeds with bully boy military might.  

Let’s hope, however, that we will have developed an alzheimer-like amnesia for the bully boy military model that has run the show since god showed up in our ‘sacred cow’ literature.

mad sacred cow


We might also want to fire all the Oz-like wizards who spend their precious talents behind curtains all over the world spinning realities for the rest of us to choke on as we attempt to maneuver around obstacles, complexities and confusion.

It is possible that Trump will be one of these casualties after his road show runs its course.


But for now…let’s celebrate Trump’s ‘rubble rousing’ and then folks, don’t panic, the best could just be yet to come!



Morgana Morgaine, RN MA Certified Coach

Author of “Borderless Broads, New Adventures for the Midlife Woman”

Cheers to all those Dreaming the BIG Dream!

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