When the Muse Bites, Don’t Miss It!



Every so often, when I least expect it, someone shows up in my life to open doors, to inspire and to show me the exquisiteness of the human soul.  It’s like a visitation from the muse.  It bites like a mosquito. I cannot not pay attention and follow its lead.

Recently, I met a young woman, quite by chance, who not only introduced me to the phrase, “senza trucco”  ( previous blog on my website),  but then led me on into the world of fado, a passionate vocal music of Portugal.  More precisely, she introduced  me to Mariza, the undisputed diva of fado.

What happens when the muse bites like this?   If you are awake and in the habit of saying “yes to life”, you jump at the chance for a new adventure, yet another opportunity to make life bigger, sweeter, inflamed in the best possible sense!

If you are feeling bored or ho hum, symptoms of a  mid-winter contagion, I invite you to listen to Mariza over and over again.  Be transported!  Then….. look out and within for the muse to show up in your own life and follow her lead without question.

You are cultivating a borderless broad state of mind!


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