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Whirling Wordlessly   
Whirling Wordlessly Like the Dervish  


 I have been musing for days about what to write that might inspire you in this new 2013.


I have been musing for days as to why the words have not come easily given that I am definitely a wordsmith, relishing words and ideas.


Then…I found this wonderful image of a Whirling Dervish from the Sufi tradition and I got it!  I knew what was bubbling up … and it’s a bit scary (for me).


When the dervish whirls she or he is in wordless experience, a silent communication with the mystery, the source, the great hoo-hah. Words would separate her from this experience. Words would take him into thought and out of connection.


Similarly, I seem to be entering such a period of less talk and more listen, of less thinking and more experiencing, of more electromagnetic heart sensing and less mind.


 The feral elemental world of nature so “in my face” on Whidbey Island is, no doubt, a huge influence! 


So, “Yikes”, I say.  How do I connect with you wordlessly when blogging is such a big part of my reaching out to kindred spirits?  What happens if I am now more about star gazing and less about personal coaching and self development?


Here is what I want to say to you.  Until telepathy of the heart becomes a reliable option, I will use words.  However …  I am taking literally the research from HeartMaththat says that the electromagnetic field of the heart supersedes that of the brain and we can summon each other wordlessly by energetically “docking” like two craft approaching a cosmic space station.

So, here is what I want to say to you.  Honor your whole brain reverently this year, but give a special wink and a cuddle to your right brain that loves images and story and the big picture of events both personal and cosmic. Honor too your heart and its mysterious power that we are only now awakening to in a mainstream kinda way.


Perhaps lean toward less efforts to “improve” yourself and more toward rediscovering the experience of living the holy moments that come your way.


A bible person I am not, but, I am always moved by these words: “Take off your shoes, you are standing on holy ground”.


Allow 2013 to be holy ground for you.  When you awaken each morning, you might remember to remove your shoes multiple times during your day, enter your life with intention, using the power of your incredible heart to guide every business deal, every encounter, every playful moment  … then go to bed …. and rest, really rest!


Take Off Your Shoes On Holy Ground

Go Borderless, It Becomes You!

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