Wordlessly Whirling into the Borderless Broad 2013

Wordlessly Whirling in 2013  precedes this post.  You might read it first for continuity…….

These 2013 posts are a way of “fleshing out” in practical terms the practice of a borderless state of mind and a means to embody the “Borderless Broad” in your life……

It is all about connection, a hook up within yourself and with other humans  in ways that form an energetic web…far  stronger, more helpful, and more sustaining than those we make with words, words and more words.  It is quite revolutionary and evolutionary to awaken to this next step.

When you rely only on words to bond or “do business” or convey love or reveal who you are,  there are always spaces for  interpretation and separation.  There is always that place of  “mind noise” that distracts, taking you “away from yourself”.

What says the world right now?  Are more words clearing things up, taking us to brilliant solutions….. or does reliance on language send us all into mindless fugs, tuning out, nodding off,  because it has all been said before and usually with much boundary-making and belief- defending?

Once again, Rumi to the rescue to advise us to go beyond “where few humans have gone before”!

“Beyond all right doing and wrong doing, there is a field.

I will meet you there!”

  Imagine this field of being, this space for solidly bonding, wordlessly.  It takes some imagining for our brain weary habits!

First steps. Here is a simple practice to begin “the art of connection”  helping you to consciously weave threads toward the oneness you hear so much about.  Oneness means little as a concept, but as a wordless practice, it has great power to shift divisiveness, isolation, and loneliness.

Notice when you are experiencing some occurrence in your life.  Of course this happens non-stop each day.

Perhaps you are laughing, over-the -top breathless gasping sillies overtake you.  Pause and see if you can expand to an awareness of all the people laughing in the world  in this very same moment as your own.  Join with them.  Feel the laughing bond connecting you.  You are setting the planet alive with laughter in that joining.

Perhaps you have recently given birth to a first child.  Psychically find all the other new mothers on the planet, feel into your common experience and join with them in that profound mothering you yourself are feeling.

Perhaps you have just experienced a soul leaving the planet, death, up close and personal. Radiate your field out to all those who are experiencing this same event in these same moments.  Join the rhythm of these “comings and goings” that never stops.

Perhaps you have just experienced the thrill of getting that job you have been chasing for months. Go to that same moment with all the others on the planet experiencing  this same moment of relief and gratitude.

Your focus is to join up with the shared  “feeling sense” that accompany all events we humans share and expand into experience beyond yourself.

So, my joy and my personal learning is to begin to speak in the more primal tongue, the tongue of energy transmission because this is where our species is going.

 Our reliance on words and concepts to run our lives is shifting to something higher, a more rarefied expression…..

We can “talk” about oneness.  We can “talk” about the present moment, but……it is the real  felt sense of presence that shifts us, one and all; weaving the new world in every present moment,  moving from individual experience to a felt sense of a shared humanity, a shared experience with plant, animal, the elements, all life, really.   You are growing a “seed bed” for feeling into and feeling with…..!





 It is just possible that the only real work now is in other dimensions of our being.

It is just possible that this is a crucial focus in 2013.

Go beyond.  Go borderless…..





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